66 minutes | May 20, 2021

87: Sphincter Hall of Fame

Al and James are joined by Princeton historian Julian Zelizer to look at the evolution of the Republican Party from a party of issues to a party of disinformation and division.  Then Al and James announce the first inductees for a very special honor...EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO JAMES AND AL AT POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM OR TWEET THEM TO @POLITICON.  MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CITY, WE LOVE TO HEAR WHERE YOU’RE FROM!Get More From This Week’s Guest:Julian Zelizer Princeton | CNN |Twitter | Author of “Burning Down The House” | & Many Other Books... PLEASE SUPPORT THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR:BLINKISTGO TO WWW.BLINKIST.COM/WARROOM TO TRY IT FREE FOR 7 DAYS AND SAVE 25% OFF YOUR NEW SUBSCRIPTION. HELLOFRESH GO TO WWW.HELLOFRESH.COM/WARROOM12 AND USE CODE WARROOM ONE TWO FOR 12 FREE MEALS, INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING!
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