63 minutes | May 13, 2021

86: David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt of the New York Times sits down with James and Al to discuss how we can start moving our country forward after the Covid Pandemic and Trump era.  Is it time to start lifting the lockdown orders and focusing on the working people who keep the country running?  Or will Democrats keep the House competitive in 2022? EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO JAMES AND AL AT POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM OR TWEET THEM TO @POLITICON.   MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CITY, WE LOVE TO HEAR WHERE YOU’RE FROM ! Get More From This Week’s Guest: David Leonhardt Twitter | New York Times  PLEASE SUPPORT THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR: MAGIC SPOON GET YOUR NEXT DELICIOUS BOWL OF GUILT-FREE CEREAL AT WWW.MAGICSPOON.COM/WARROOM AND USE THE CODE WARROOM TO SAVE FIVE DOLLARS OFF. 
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