62 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

78: Dr Sean Carroll

With our future seeming more unpredictable by the year, James and Al invite theoretical physicist and host of the Mindscape Podcast, Dr Sean Carroll to the show to gain insight into the secrets of existence-- that is, if anything exists outside of politics... In their wide ranging conversation we find out whether anyone really understands quantum physics, the fate of Iran and Schrödinger's cat, along with much more.  You might even want to check your bracket.   Get More From This Week’s Guest: Sean Carrol Twitter|Caltech| YouTube | Website | Mindscape Podcast | @SFIscience | TED  | Edge | Preposterous Universe | Author of: Something Deeply Hidden| And Many Other Books  EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO JAMES AND AL AT  POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM OR TWEET THEM TO @POLITICON.   MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CITY, WE LOVE TO HEAR WHERE YOU’RE FROM! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR RECENT SPONSORS: MAGIC SPOON  GET YOUR NEXT DELICIOUS BOWL OF GUILT-FREE CEREAL AT WWW.MAGICSPOON.COM/WARROOM AND USE THE CODE WARROOM TO SAVE FIVE DOLLARS OFF.  LISTEN TO OTHER PODCASTS FROM POLITICON:  #SistersInLaw- Featuring Jill Wine-Banks, Joyce Vance, Kimberly Atkins & Barb McQuade How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along!- Featuring Clay Aiken
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