35 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

BONUS: Moving Across The Country During A Pandemic To Pursue His Dreams (Male Perspective) | Ft. Mitch Dean

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In episode 024, I sit down with Mitch to find out why the hell he decided to move across the country DURING A PANDEMIC to pursue his dreams. Spoiler Alert-- It's because "The Mountains were calling", and honestly, that's good enough for me. We chat about his big move, the fears (or lack of fears) he had before, during, and after + some encouragement to others on how they can do it too! Mitch claims that we need to start making those positive connections in our brains (especially when it comes to fear) so that we can continue to pursue our own dreams!

I love hearing both perspectives on this topic, so hopefully you guys do too!

πŸ”₯ Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode πŸ”₯

  1. Why he decided to move across the country during a pandemic (3:09)
  2. His feelings after moving to Colorado during a pandemic (8:22)
  3. How travel helped him make the decision to move (15:02)
  4. How has the move to Denver changed him as a person (21:10)
  5. Advice to anyone out there looking to move to another state/country (24:32)
  6. What his life would look like if he hadn't made the move to Denver (26:21)
  7. What people can be doing now to get them out of their comfort zone (29:45)

Quotes from Mitch✨

  • " Fear a lot of times is just a false fear we tell ourselves"
  • " Exploring the mountains just leaves you with your thoughts"
  • " You build new skills by making new connections in your brain--overcoming fear IS a skill and we should work on making a stronger connection with it"

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