40 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

021: The Value Of Travel, Culture And Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Ft. Michelle Lo Piccolo

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In episode 021, I sit down with Michelle from The Mosaic Way to discuss how her study abroad trip changed her outlook on life, her faith, and the way she does business. We talk about her cultured background, the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, how to let go of negative thoughts (basically fear) + so much more!

πŸ”₯ Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode πŸ”₯

  1. How Michelle got into traveling (4:01)
  2. Experiences she had studying abroad that helped her find herself (12:13)
  3. Valuable lessons she learned by getting out of her comfort zone (15:27)
  4. What travel has taught her about her personal and professional life (19:30)
  5. Understanding the negativity bias in your brain (27:46)
  6. The power of volunteering for mindset & depression/anxiety (32:51)
  7. #1 piece of advice for someone wanting to travel more (36:21)

Quotes from Michelle ✨

  • " Me being out of my comfort zone is not going out and doing something crazy, it's me sitting still. "
  • " Instead of carrying stereotypes with me I now carry their stories"

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