19 minutes | Mar 7th 2020

#31: Build a website that generate money with Joshua Maddux Pt 3/3

So far we've talked about how to create a website and SEO techniques to make a website get found easily. Now, we want to monetise it. We are a business owner, right? Of course we want some ROI from our website. But how do we really make money? Do we just sell something and hope people will buy it? Joshua and I will breakdown to you some of the ways to make money with a website. Top 3 BIG TAKEWAYS: 

1) Using press release to bring traffic to your website.

2) How to build email list.

3) What to send in your email to make people buy your offer.

And so much more ! 

Connect with Joshua at 95visual.com. His Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/joshuakmaddux. Get an ebook about 10 easy steps to build a money machine website at 95visual.com/plan. Connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/muhammad.asyraaf.520 Instagram: instagram.com/asyraaf_mn