19 minutes | Mar 5th 2020

#30: Different SEO techniques to get your website found easily even if you're unknown with Joshua Maddux Pt 2/3

Joshua is a CEO of 95Visual, a company that helps businesses build a profitable website. People thought that website is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it plays a big role. If people cannot find your website, how else they are going to know about you? Or your product? How can you make sales? Well.. what if I told you, there are many other ways to get your website found easily. Top 3 BIG TAKEAWAYS:

1) How to get penalized by Google.

2) How consistent you have to be in order to get engagement.

3) Two types of SEO that website owner must know. 

And so much more !

Connect with Joshua at 95visual.com. His Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/joshuakmaddux. Get an ebook about 10 easy steps to build a money machine website at 95visual.com/plan. Connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/muhammad.asyraaf.520 Instagram: instagram.com/asyraaf_mn