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19 Nocturne Boulevard's THE THRICE TOLLED BELL - Reissue

Reissue of one of 19 Nocturne's earliest episodes (from October 2008). Includes notes from Julie about the history and making of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.  (transcript below cast list) THE THRICE TOLLED BELL (TW:  Insensitive archaic references and representations of people who might be in a "sanitarium".) An homage to classic Hammer films. Cast List Dracula - Bryan Hendrickson Van Helsing - Rick Lewis Wallace - Gene Thorkildsen Dr. Pettigrew - Michael Faigenblum Miranda Locksley - Rhys Torres-Miller Dr. Trevalian - Mathias Rebne-Morgan Mrs. Farge - Molly Tollefson Gorvi - Joel Harvey Britt - Julie Hoverson Nurse - Krystal Baker MUSIC All works composed by Harlan Glotzer (© 2008) [BMI] {harglo@gmail.com} Concertina - Harlan Glotzer Violoncello - Rachael Beaver & Tracy Hagen Toy Piano - Dana Wen & Roger Nelson Clavichord - Dana Wen     Toy-Box Trio (http://www.myspace.cpm/toyboxtrio) toyboxtrio@gmail.com Voices recorded with the assistance of Ryan Hirst of Neohoodoo Studio Editing and Sound:   Julie Hoverson Assistant Director:  Reynaud LeBoeuf 19 Nocturne Theme Music:  Kevin MacLeod     (Incompetech.com) Cover Photo:   Vickie Mathews              (courtesy of Stock Xchange.com) "What kind of a place is it? Why it's an Edwardian insane asylum, can't you tell?" __________________________________________________ THE THRICE TOLLED BELL intro   This was one of the first ten episodes of 19 Nocturne Boulevard that I made and put out, back in late 2008.  I can't recall, specifically, what order I made them in. I've mentioned previously that Brokensea audio hosted a new spooky episode every day in October for a big spooky month event, and several of my first batch of episodes debuted during that event. But this episode, in particular, is literally attributable to Bill Hollweg, the master of disaster of Brokensea, he who will ever be missed.  In the couple of months leading up to the October event, he posted a challenge to all comers, to write him a script with the following parameters: It must be in the style of a Hammer Studios Dracula film (the 1960s-70s classics that starred the mesmerizing Christopher Lee); It may only include Dracula and Van Helsing (no other Hammer standard characters or monsters); and It must include a broken bell, a wooden leg, and use the line "It's never done that before!" ...To the best of my memory, anyway. So I sat down and wrote The Thrice Tolled Bell, but then didn't want to give the script up to anyone else!  I don't recall if he had any other entries, but Bill took it all with a roaring laugh and loved what I made. I loved including the stock types of characters - the lunkheaded servant; the straight-laced housekeeper; and the sexy chick played by (in this case) my best Britt Eckland voice.  I even snuck in an obviously semi-nude scene, just because I could, and it fit the genre. This was also my first attempt at commissioning music, since for once I couldn't find *quite* what I wanted among the massive catalog (even back then) of Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com, who I can never thank enough for what he makes available for beginning and not for profit storytellers of all kinds.  I don't recall much of the process, but I got one piece of music that I used bits of throughout and it was quite effective. When I was casting this piece, I still had a limited pool to draw from, since I was trying to stay local and work mainly with people I could actually direct in the studio.  One of my actors, Beverly Poole, was still in high school, and the doctors in this piece were some of her classmates.  But I needed the right voice for Mrs. Farge, the irascible housekeeper. I was still seeking when I went to Beverly's school play Twelfth Night (which did a lot of gender cross casting, and Beverly played Malvolio to extreme hilarity), and the voice of Fabian (pretty sure that was the role) struck me and after the play I caught up with Beverly and shouted (well, not shouted, but it was excited and urgent) "Bring me that voice!" and Molly Tollefson was recruited, accent and all. I've never cared much for auditions.  Either doing them or holding them.  It's just me.  I'd always rather grab an actor I've heard, or recruit someone from a show I like than have to evaluate from a bunch of recorded voices.  Plus, I hate being "mean" and having to turn everyone else down. ____________________________________________________ SCRIPT THE THRICE TOLLED BELL (an homage to Hammer Studio horror films)   TW:  disrespectful references to sanitarium patients and a "halfwit" character, in keeping with the time the script is set as well as the general character types of the Hammer Films franchise.  ...also nudity.   Cast (All various British accents except Dracula): Dracula (M), immortal vampire Van Helsing (M), Vampire Hunter Dr. Michael Pettigrew (20s/M), new head of the asylum Miranda Locksley(20s/F), Pettigrew's nurse/fiancée Mrs. Farge (30s/F), housekeeper Gorvi (30s/M), trustee Wallace (40s/M), cheery orderly Dr. Trevalien (40s/M), rival Britt Mecklin (20s/F), hapless blonde Nurse (F any) OLIVIA      What do you mean, what kind of a place is it?  Why, it's an Edwardian asylum, can't you tell?  MUSIC SOUND      HEAVY DOOR CRASHES SHUT SOUND     FOOTSTEPS - ONE SET LIMPS ODDLY WALLACE     Right through here - sir, miss.  Now this is one of the saddest cases we have, sir, truth be told.  Once he was the finest psychiatric mind in Europe - perhaps even the world.  MICHAEL     Always tragic when a good mind snaps.  The same fire that feeds genius also devours and leaves madness in its wake. WALLACE     Yessir. MIRANDA     What sort of madness does he suffer from? WALLACE     Miss?  I dunno that I should-- MICHAEL     Go ahead, Wallace.  Miss Locksley is not merely my fiancée, but a very competent and highly trained psychiatric nurse.  We will be working in tandem to try and bring my late father's asylum into the 20th century. MIRANDA     [sadly] From what I've seen, it will take quite some doing. WALLACE     [stiff] Sir, I dunno 'bout that, but your father was a very good and brilliant man - though the last ten years or so, since your mother died, begging your pardon, sir, he seemed to lose interest in everything. MICHAEL     Did he - not even treat the patients? WALLACE      He left much of that in the hands of Dr. Trevalian.  MICHAEL     Why did he not send for me?  I could have spent my residency here instead of in Budapest.  I could certainly have learned as much from father as I did from Dr. Bulovic! WALLACE     Sir, if you don't mind me speaking above me place, I think your father - well, he didn't want you to see him... like that. MICHAEL     But I might have been able to help him! WALLACE     I don't think naught could have helped him - not at the end, there.  MICHAEL     [British agony] He should have sent for me. MIRANDA     Dearest.  He did what he thought was best.  I'm sure your father thought very highly of you - otherwise, why should he have left this institution under your care? MICHAEL     Of course, you're right.  [condescending] Always the practical one. MIRANDA     One of us needs to be, and you must save your energy for the needs of the patients. MICHAEL     Well, show us this paragon, Wallace. WALLACE     Sir? MICHAEL     The doctor you say was so sadly struck down. WALLACE     Oh, yes sir - sad it is to see great men crumble.  SOUND     KNOCK ON HUGE IRON BOUND DOOR WALLACE     Herr Doktor?  Young Doctor Pettigrew wishes to speak with you. VAN HELSING     [muffled, behind the door] Enter. WALLACE     Ah.  Here we go, then.  SOUND     OPENING LOCKS AND BARS ON DOOR WALLACE     Dr. Pettigrew, Miss Locksley--  [ta-da!] Doctor Van Helsing. MUSIC GORVI     Gorvi done mopping.  Gorvi eat now? MRS. FARGE     Tis not dinner time yet, ye pillock.  Yer s'posed to muck out the barn t'make room for that motorcar the new head brought wi' 'im. GORVI     Mo-to-cah?  What is mo-to-cah? MRS. FARGE     An engine of Satan.  If god had wanted us to speed about in great smoking heaps of metal, he wouldn'a made horses. GORVI     [wail] Gorvi hungry! MRS. FARGE     Off wi' ye!  I've no time for this today - must have everything ready for inspection by the new head.  And here's hoping he doesna choose to sack us all.  Shoo! SOUND     GORVI LEAVES - HEAVY FOOTSTEPS, RICKETY DOOR OPENS, CLOSES AMBIANCE     OUTSIDE BRITT     [off, barely audible, singing]  When that I was and a little tiny boy-- GORVI     [leering chuckle] SOUND     FOOTSTEPS ON GRASS SPEED UP GORVI     Pretty pretty britty.  Pretty... golden... BRITT     With a hey-ho, the wind and the rain-- SOUND     FINGERS SQUEAK ACROSS GLASS, TINY WINDOW SLIDES OPEN - SINGING IS NOW CLEAR, WITH SLOSHING OF WATER, BATHING GORVI     Oh-ho! BRITT     A foolish thing was but a toy, for the rain it raineth every day... GORVI     [smothering his delighted chuckles] SOUND     DRIPPING AS A LEG IS RAISED OUT THE WATER.  BRUSH SCRUBS BRITT     Hey-ho, the wind and the rain, for the rain it raineth every day... GORVI     [Bursts out with a shriek of delight] BRITT     What?  [gasps]  Oh no! SOUND     HEAVY FOOTSTEPS RUNNING ON GRAVEL GORVI     [breathing heavily]  No scream, no scream.  Gorvi not bad.  No scream, pretty Britty. SOUND     SHIFT TO INSIDE BRITT     [screams piercingly] SOUND     [INSIDE] DOOR OPENS, FEET RUSH IN NURSE     What is it miss? BRITT     Someone was looking at me!  A man! NURSE     [condescending, fading out]  Of course.  Don't you worry.  We'll sort it all out... SOUND     SHIFT TO OUTSIDE SOUND     GORVI RUNNING GORVI     [panting with exertion] SOUND     OPENS HUGE OLD DOOR, RUNS IN MUSIC MICHAEL     After Wallace's admonitions, this is hardly what I expected. VAN HELSING     I am quite aware of my condition, my dear doctor Pettigrew.  You're fortunate enough to catch me on a good day.  MICHAEL     Perhaps you would indulge me with your own diagnosis? VAN HELSING     Simple, really.  Bouts of severe depression, which, I am ashamed to admit, I... treat... unsuccessfully... with over-use of alcohol. MICHAEL     Dipsomania? VAN HELSING     I would consider it more a symptom than a core disease, but you understand how difficult it is to be objective. MICHAEL      I appreciate your frankness. MIRANDA     I trust you are comfortable here, doctor - this is hardly a typical cell.  More like a suite in an expensive hotel. VAN HELSING     Dr. Pettigrew - the elder - was very kind, and understood that reading... helps me to ...moderate... my humors. MICHAEL     If only more patients could respond to such simple, constructive therapies.  [chuckles] VAN HELSING     [slight chuckle, indulgent] MIRANDA     The human mind is a fabulous, complex organ.  VAN HELSING     It is amazing. MUSIC AMBIANCE     ECHOEY ROOM - ABANDONED CHURCH GORVI     [muttering] Pretty pretty.  Gorvi likes pretty golden Britt.  [heavy sigh]   Britty no like Gorvi.  Gorvi only look. DRACULA     [creepy echoey voice]  Do you want her? GORVI     Who... is there?  Please? DRACULA     [creepy echoey voice]  Help me, and I shall help you in return. GORVI     Where are you?  Gorvi is alone? DRACULA     [creepy echoey voice]  Return later and bring a shovel.  I shall show myself. GORVI     You - new doctor? DRACULA     [creepy echoey voice]  Do you want this pretty Britt you long for? GORVI     Oh, want!  [licks his lips]  Yes. MUSIC AMBIANCE     DINNER NOISES SOUND     LARGE PLATTER SET DOWN MIRANDA     [cold] Thank you, Mrs. Farge.  SOUND     FOOTSTEPS TAP AWAY MIRANDA     [anxious]  Are you certain you want to do this, Michael?   I realize your father-- TREVALIAN     They expect it, even look forward to it.  Besides, they should be given the chance to meet the two of you.  You needn't worry, it is only the most stable of the inmates. SOUND     FEET RETURN MRS. FARGE     [announcing] Miss Mecklin. TREVALIAN     Miss Locksley, Dr. Pettigrew, may I present Miss Britt Mecklin. BRITT     Pleased to meet you, Doctor.  Miss Locksley. MICHAEL     Charmed. MIRANDA     Lovely. TREVALIAN     Will you have a seat? SOUND     CHAIRS SHIFT AS HE SEATS HER, THEN THEY SIT MIRANDA     It would be somewhat indelicate to discuss cases during dinner.  There will be time tomorrow to familiarize ourselves-- MICHAEL     Of course. BRITT     I have nothing to hide.  I have come to realize that it is only in my subconscious that people watch me.  Understanding it is all in my head does not stop it from frightening me, but makes it more bearable. MICHAEL     [reassuring] We shall work on that. MUSIC AMBIANCE     STORMY NIGHT OUTSIDE ECHOEY STONE ROOM SOUND     SQUEAKY DOOR OPENS, GORVI'S FOOTSTEPS GORVI     Gorvi brings shovel! DRACULA     [creepy echoey voice]  Have you light? GORVI     Gorvi have a candle. DRACULA     Do you see the bell? GORVI     Bell?  DRACULA     The bell.  You must move the bell. GORVI     No bell.  Gorvi see no bell. DRACULA     It is metal.  It is large.  Move it, or I shall unleash the fires of hell upon you! GORVI     Ahhhhh! SOUND     SHOVEL CLATTERS TO FLOOR, FEET RUN, SLAM MUSIC SOUND     WATER INTO METAL TUB.  DISHES BEING WASHED SOUND     DOOR SLAMS OPEN MRS. FARGE     Don't you dare--! [surprised] Oh! Lucas! TREVALIAN     Lena.  I simply couldn't take it any more.  Having to kow-tow to that ... boy doctor and his miserable cold fiancée. MRS. FARGE     Lucas.  You shoulda been put in charge! TREVALIAN     I know.  [snarl] Blood runs thick.  MRS. FARGE     Dr. Pettigrew shouldna've looked over yuir years o'loyalty - Yuir unstinting devotion! TREVALIAN     There's no time for that now.  We must bide and see what they decide to alter -- SOUND     BACK DOOR SLAMS OPEN, GORVI RUNS IN MRS. FARGE     What the divvil is wrong with ye, y'idiot? Running about in the rain like a madman! TREVALIAN     Calm yourself, Lena. MRS. FARGE     Tis easy for ye to be charitable.  Ye dinna haveta squeeze work outta him like blood from a turnip.  Turnip!  That's what y'are! GORVI     Gorvi not turnip.  Gorvi scared. TREVALIAN     What frightened you? MRS. FARGE     [over her shoulder] Perhaps a slight breeze. TREVALIAN     Shh.  Gorvi, tell me everything. MUSIC SOUND     VAN HELSING'S DOOR UNLOCKS, OPENS VAN HELSING     Right on time. WALLACE     'Ave I ever missed?  SOUND     DOOR SHUTS, WOODEN LEG FOOTSTEPS WALLACE     Were it a good idea, d'yer think, to tell them you was an alcoholic?  VAN HELSING     I needed a reason for my presence here that wouldn't require overmuch explanation.  Speaking of spirits, have you--? WALLACE     [chuckling]  'Course.  Would I let yer down? SOUND     SITS.  ODD, HEAVY UNSCREWING NOISE VAN HELSING     Your thoughts on the new administrators? WALLACE     Well, 'e'll never 'ave an 'appy life, not wit' that one.  She's cold, and no mistake. VAN HELSING     Truer words were never said. WALLACE     'Ee seems... well-intentioned... but I don't see 'ow you'll be able to tell 'im much.  Not wi'out proof. SOUND     BOTTLE PULLED OUT OF WOODEN SHELL WALLACE     And there y'are.  Better use for me wooden leg, I'll never know.  [hinting] 'Cept the one... SOUND     BOTTLE OPENS VAN HELSING     Care to stay for a game of chess before you strap it back on? WALLACE     Don't mind if I do. MUSIC AMBIANCE     STORMY NIGHT GORVI     There door.  Gorvi no go in again. TREVALIAN     In the old chapel?  Dr. Pettigrew always insisted it was on the verge of falling in.  [sigh, to Gorvi]  Not safe.  No go in. GORVI     He say Gorvi move bell.  He yell at Gorvi. TREVALIAN     Poor halfwit.  TREVALIAN     Run along back to the kitchen, Gorvi.  No need to wait out here in the wet. GORVI     Doctor be careful! TREVALIAN     Of course.  Go on. SOUND     GORVI RUNS OFF SOUND     SQUEAKY OLD DOOR OPENS TENTATIVELY TREVALIAN     Hmm.  Sounder than I expected. SOUND     DOOR SHUTS, MUFFLES SOUND OF RAIN SOUND     TAP ON WALL TREVALIAN     Here's the shovel-- SOUND     PICKS UP SHOVEL TREVALIAN     And that must be the bell... SOUND     SLOW FOOTSTEPS TREVALIAN     That explains a lot - who's ever seen a huge bell sitting on the floor?  Hardly even recognizable under all those cobwebs.  Must have fallen... DRACULA     [creepy distant whisper, piteous]  Help me. TREVALIAN     Hello? DRACULA     Help.  Please.  The bell.  It came down and trapped me. TREVALIAN     I see.  Hmm.  [thinking]  Wait, the cracks in the flags below it are... covered in dust - that bell fell ages ago! DRACULA     Please.  Help. TREVALIAN     Where could that voice be coming from? DRACULA     [closer whisper, becomes command]  Move the bell.  Anything you want - it will be yours. TREVALIAN     I doubt you could give me what I truly want. DRACULA     Oh, yes.  I can give you such things....  Come, close to the crack in the bell, and tell me what it is you... crave. MUSIC MICHAEL     Darling? MIRANDA     Yes, Michael? MICHAEL     Do you think you can stick it here? MIRANDA     Of course.  You know I'm fully prepared to take on anything you need me to do. MICHAEL     I know, but - well, you won't hate it or anything, living in the country like this? MIRANDA     I shall immerse myself in work.  Just as you will.  Side by side. MICHAEL     Should I--  May I-- sit next to you there on the settee, then? MIRANDA     Michael!  We are to be wed in the spring.  I just want to make certain - living here without a proper chaperone, and all--  MICHAEL     Of course, darling.  I - I think I shall turn in.  Get an early start in the morning. MIRANDA     That sounds very wise. SOUND     TAP ON DOOR MIRANDA     Yes? SOUND     DOOR OPENS, MRS. FARGE ENTERS, PICKS UP TRAY MRS. FARGE     Did ye need anything further tonight? MIRANDA     No, we were--- SOUND     IN THE DISTANCE, A BELL TOLLS SOUND     TRAY CLATTERS TO FLOOR MRS. FARGE     [gasp!] MICHAEL     Why Mrs. Farge, whatever is the matter? MRS. FARGE     [haunted]  That be the bell up t'old kirk.  MICHAEL     Come, now, it's never done that before? MRS. FARGE     [ominous] Nay - I've been here nigh on 15 years, and that bell has nivver rung. SOUND     FOOTSTEPS AWAY MRS. FARGE     [slightly off] But I wouldna go seeking it - not even if m'very life depended on it. MUSIC VAN HELSING     [considering]  Mmm.  Check. SOUND     BELL TOLLS IN THE DISTANCE WALLACE     Wazzat? VAN HELSING     What? WALLACE     [worried] The bell - don't you hear it? VAN HELSING     Nonsense.  Hmm....  Go and check it.  If it is, we might have a problem on our hands. SOUND     BELL TOLLS IN THE DISTANCE WALLACE     I'll get going-- SOUND     QUICKLY STRAPPING LEG BACK ON VAN HELSING     Wait!  Just in case. SOUND     BOTTLE SLOSHES WALLACE     Is it--? VAN HELSING     It should help. WALLACE     Every bit does.  Leave the door open, shall I? MUSIC BRITT     [waking]  Eyes!  Someone at the window?  [muttered] I will not go look.  I will not-- SOUND     TAPPING AT THE WINDOW DRACULA     [creepy voice]  Open the window that I may bask in your radiance. BRITT     [breathing heavily, bosom heaving] It is not real.  I must take my solace in the lord. SOUND     OPENS DRAWER, TAKES OUT BIBLE BRITT     God, please give me strength! SOUND     SOMETHING FLAPS AWAY INTO THE NIGHT, ANNOYED MUSIC MICHAEL     Are you certain you'll be all right?  I could bring in a cot - there's a couch in my dressing room--? MIRANDA     No, Michael, I will be fine.  Kiss me quickly and go to bed. SOUND     QUICK KISS MIRANDA     Sleep well. SOUND     DOOR SHUTS MIRANDA     [sighs]   Men.  [chuckles]  SOUND     RAP AT THE WINDOW, BUT SHE DOESN'T NOTICE DRACULA     [distant, creepy, heavy breathing]  Yessss. SOUND     LETS HER HAIR DOWN, BEGINS TO REMOVE CLOTHES MIRANDA     [humming to herself] SOUND     HEAVY GOWN LAID ON THE BACK OF A CHAIR SOUND     STEPS APPROACH THE WINDOW SOUND     TAPPING SOUNDS ON THE GLASS DRACULA     [creepy whisper]  Open the window. MIRANDA     Hmm?  MIRANDA     How vexing.  Tree branch?  We'll see about that--! SOUND     LATCH TURNS MUSIC MIRANDA      [Off, scream!] MICHAEL     Good god! SOUND     FLINGS OFF BEDCLOTHES, FOOTSTEPS MICHAEL     [calling] Miranda!  Darling!  I'll be right there! SOUND     DOOR FLINGS OPEN, A FEW STEPS.  DOORKNOB RATTLES, POUNDING ON THE DOOR MICHAEL     [frantic]  Miranda!  Open the door! SOUND     KNOCKING MICHAEL     I'm coming in! SOUND     HEAVY THUMP MIRANDA     [calling from behind the door, spooky sounding]  Michael?  Whatever are you doing? MICHAEL     Are - are you - all right? SOUND     DOORKNOB RATTLES MIRANDA     [close now] Of course, darling.  I woke from a... strange dream.  Nothing to fret over. MICHAEL     [off] If... you're... quite certain. MIRANDA     When am I not? MICHAEL     [off] Well.  Sorry.  I-- MIRANDA     Go back to bed, dear.  We'll talk tomorrow. SOUND     [off] MICHAEL'S FOOTSTEPS RECEDE MIRANDA     [long sigh]  Well...? DRACULA     [husky] Very good, my most delectable one... SOUND     SEXY NECK NIBBLING MIRANDA     [ecstatic gasp] MUSIC SOUND     WOODEN LEG STEPS SOUND     BRISK KNOCK ON A DOOR WALLACE     Doctor, sir?  It's morning, it is. MICHAEL     Come on in, Wallace.  I'm up.  SOUND     DOOR OPENS, STEPS APPROACH MICHAEL     Is Miranda-- Miss Locksley up? WALLACE     Feeling poorly, she says.  Wooden even 'ave the drapes open.  Travel don't suit 'er? MICHAEL     Hmm.  I suppose I might breakfast with Dr. Trevalian, then. WALLACE     I ain't sure where 'e can be found, sir.  Went out last night and ain't come back.  MICHAEL     Does he do that often? WALLACE     Can't say, sir. MICHAEL     [sigh]  I hate to breakfast alone. WALLACE       Ahem, sir.  Doctor Van Helsing would be glad of your company. MUSIC MRS. FARGE     Gorvi!  Gorvi! Where is that bloody idiot? SOUND      DOOR OPENS GORVI     [whimper] MRS. FARGE     What the divvil is wrong wit' ye, ye mongrel?  Get out here! GORVI     [whimpering]  Gorvi no like! MRS. FARGE     Gorvi like breakfast? GORVI     Yes.  Please. MRS. FARGE     Gorvi will get up and work, then! GORVI     Aye, Mrs. Farge. MRS. FARGE     Go fetch some water from the well, ye brute - and while you're out, you might look where you last left Lucas-- Dr. Trevalien, that is - and see wha' he's been up to all night. GORVI     No!  No go to old door!  No! MRS. FARGE     I'll get the whip! GORVI     [whimper] SOUND     SCUTTLES OUT THE DOOR MUSIC SOUND     VAN HELSING'S DOOR OPENS VAN HELSING     Come in, dear fellow!  Wallace? WALLACE     [leans in] Yessir? VAN HELSING     [muttered] The chapel? WALLACE     [muttered] Never made it, sir, the inmates was restless last night. VAN HELSING     Today then? WALLACE     Better anyway.  [significant]  Better light. VAN HELSING     I hope so. SOUND     MICHAEL ENTERS MICHAEL     Sorry?  Do you mind if I sit down with you? VAN HELSING     Never meant to exclude you, dear boy.  Simply thought I'd heard something last night that couldn't have been. MICHAEL     The bell? VAN HELSING     You heard it as well? MICHAEL     Of course.  Why? VAN HELSING     Would you do me an enormous favor? MICHAEL     If I can - I have a busy day ahead of me, and Miranda's - a bit under the weather. VAN HELSING     Soon as we finish here, then, go along with Wallace to the old chapel.  Take a look at the bell.  Would you? MICHAEL     Why? VAN HELSING     [considers]  Hmm.  That's a tale for after you've looked.  [changing tone, chatty]  Do you, by any chance, play chess? MUSIC SOUND     KNOCK ON THE DOOR MIRANDA     [dead tired] Go away! MRS. FARGE     Dinna want to start organizing everything? MIRANDA     Oh, blast.  SOUND     STUMBLING FEET, DOOR OPENS MIRANDA     Can you help me?  I feel weak as a kitten. MRS. FARGE     You do look a wee bit pale.  I'll fetch something hearty to drink. MIRANDA     [shudder] I couldn't face anything heavy. MUSIC AMBIANCE     OUTSIDE SOUND     WALLACE AND MICHAEL WALKING OUT TO CHAPEL MICHAEL     Humoring a delusion is not the right answer - in most cases. WALLACE     You 'eard the bell, too, sir. MICHAEL     But why go look at a bloody bell? SOUND     DOOR CREAKS OPEN WALLACE     Come along, then. SOUND     FOOTSTEPS GO IN, SLOW, THEN STOP SOUND     DOOR SHUTS WALLACE     [quiet but fervent] Oh, my gracious lord. MICHAEL     What is it?  Oh!  That must have been-- SOUND     DASHING FORWARD MICHAEL     [urgent] Help me move it! WALLACE     I fear it's too late for Dr. Trevalian. MICHAEL     Help me! BOTH     [grunting and heaving] SOUND     BELL ROLLS, BUMPS, AND THUMPS INTO A WALL MICHAEL     Good god! WALLACE     Sir? MICHAEL     You're right.  He's gone.  That thing must have fallen and crushed him. WALLACE     Shouldn't there be more blood, sir? MICHAEL     Not necessarily.  We'll get him back to the infirmary and take a look. WALLACE     I'll go for a stretcher, then, shall I? MICHAEL     Just a moment!  Is this the bell we heard? WALLACE     Yes, sir. MICHAEL     [echoey - inside the bell] But there's not even a clapper! WALLACE     'asn't been rung in decades, sir. MICHAEL     What are all these markings on the inside? WALLACE     Wouldn't know, sir.  Though I don't doubt Doctor Van Helsing could 'elp you. MICHAEL     [coming out] Really - why would he--? WALLACE     I think 'e was 'ere when the bell fell, sir. MICHAEL     It must have been sitting here - the clear circle on the ground - but this is odd-- MUSIC SOUND     DOOR BURSTS OPEN, MICHAEL STORMS IN MICHAEL     I demand an explanation.  Who, precisely, was trapped under that bell? VAN HELSING     [calm] What? MICHAEL     I saw the marks of fingernails!  Trying to scratch a way out!  Wallace said you were there, along with my father.  I want to know what you did. VAN HELSING     Sit.  [up]  Wallace? WALLACE     Yes, Sir? VAN HELSING     Please check on the residents, particularly any comely females. SOUND     WALLACE GOES OUT, SHUTS DOOR CAREFULLY VAN HELSING     Now, my boy... MICHAEL     You're not "mad" at all, are you?  You've lived here all this time-- VAN HELSING     Shh. Shh.  You need to hear this.  15 years ago, your father called upon my services to help him with a rather difficult problem - a rash of unusual deaths and nightmares among the female inmates.  Having had a great deal of experience with such obsessions and delusions, I was able to spot the problem immediately - a vampire. MICHAEL     [incredulous] A vampire?  One who believes he must steal life from the living?  VAN HELSING     No delusion - a true creature of the night. MICHAEL     Preposterous! VAN HELSING     Humor an old man.  This was not just any vampire, but Dracula - the lord of all vampires, whom I have sworn to destroy.  MICHAEL     But the bell? VAN HELSING     We trapped him.  Blessings etched on the inside - some from when it called the faithful, others we added - kept him penned.  Simply putting a stake through his heart, as would do for most vampires, is not sufficient for Dracula.  Far too simple for those who follow the dark arts to summon him back across the dark divide! MICHAEL     But there must be a way-- VAN HELSING     What do you think I have been researching all these years?  I believe I have the answer, but first we must locate him. MICHAEL     Why should I believe any of this? VAN HELSING     Ask your fiancée. MUSIC MRS. FARGE     Let me fetch the doctor. BRITT     Yes.  You can't be too careful! MIRANDA     [trying to be strong] Nonsense.  I'm just tired.  I'm... not used to the country. BRITT     Someone was looking into my room last night. MRS. FARGE     Nonsense.  You know that's all in your mind. BRITT     No, it was real!  Eyes.  At the window. MIRANDA     Red eyes? BRITT     You saw them too? MIRANDA     [evasive] Don't be silly.  How could it be? SOUND     DOOR BURSTS OPEN, FEET DASH IN, THEN STOP MIRANDA     [gasp] MICHAEL     Oh, goodness.  I'm sorry, but darling, there's something I must ask-- VAN HELSING     [coming on, commanding]  Remove that scarf and show us your neck, if you please. MIRANDA     [gasps and faints noisily] SOUND     BODY DROP MUSIC VAN HELSING     --resting normally.  Despite the slight anemia, she should recover.  We must watch her very closely, though, my young friend. MICHAEL     How could this have happened?  Miranda is the most sensible of women-- VAN HELSING     Does it take a fanciful mind to be attacked by a rabid dog?  No!  In fact, a more fanciful mind is often better prepared to ward off such evil.  Witness Miss Mecklin. BRITT     Me? VAN HELSING     What did he say to you, at your window? BRITT     It was just noises - scratching. VAN HELSING     Come now, there were words - if not in your ears, then in your mind, were there not? BRITT     [sniffling] It's my subconscious.  Not real. VAN HELSING     This time, I'm afraid, is much different.  You must help us. BRITT     He just said "open the window".  VAN HELSING     But it was definitely a "he?" BRITT     It is always men who are watching me. VAN HELSING     Did he say where he might hide by day? BRITT     No.  I am so sorry! VAN HELSING     Never mind.  You did well.  Keep your bible close tonight. BRITT     Oh, yes! MUSIC GORVI     [muttering]  No more for Gorvi.  He will sleep now.  No more work.  Gorvi will-- SOUND     DOOR OPENS, QUICK STRUGGLE DRACULA     [hissing whisper]  Silence! GORVI     [hand over his mouth]  Mmm! DRACULA     Shut the door. SOUND     DOOR SHUTS DRACULA     You did not release me, but I can overlook that, if you will serve me now. GORVI     [muffled] Mm-hm! [yes] DRACULA     Good.  I still know what you want.  The oh-so-lovely miss Britt. GORVI     [muffled] Mm-hm! [eager yes] DRACULA     Then this is what you must do... MUSIC SOUND     DOORS BEING LOCKED, WINDOW SHUTTERS SECURED VAN HELSING     I appreciate your humoring me, Michael. MICHAEL     Of course. VAN HELSING     Bringing everyone here to my rooms. MICHAEL     I assume you think we may be safe here? VAN HELSING     As safe as anywhere else. MIRANDA     How can we all sleep? VAN HELSING     You may lie on the couch, if you need to.  Michael and I will remain awake.  On guard. BRITT     I can help guard as well. VAN HELSING     Did you bring your bible? BRITT     I could not find it! VAN HELSING     Never mind, I think we have whatever we may need.  Wallace? WALLACE     [grim] Absolutely, sir. MICHAEL     What if he doesn't come here? VAN HELSING     He must.  I circled the patient rooms and staff quarters with poppy seeds and salt.  He will never get across that.  MICHAEL     So he will have to come here, or--? VAN HELSING     --or starve. MUSIC     TIME PASSES VAN HELSING     We can slow him with spells, or stake him through his heart, but to truly banish his soul to the purgatory he so richly deserves, only holy water will suffice - and not a mere sprinkling, a veritable dousing. MUSIC     TIME PASSES VAN HELSING     Vampires are irredeemably evil.  The only way to save miss Locksley from this hellish fate is to destroy this monster before she loses the last spark of humanity.  As long as her soul does not depart her body, she can be saved. MUSIC     TIME PASSES SOUND     MOST ARE SLEEPING VAN HELSING     This will be it.  Are you ready? WALLACE     Can't wait to see how it turns out, sir.  VAN HELSING     Good man. SOUND     KNOCK AT THE DOOR VAN HELSING     Ah...  It begins. GORVI     [muffled] Gorvi is alone?  Let Gorvi in! WALLACE     Bloody idiot. VAN HELSING     You may be more correct than you know.  Wait for my signal.  Michael, wake up, get the ladies into the dressing room, back there.  Whatever you do, do not open the door until you are certain it is morning - you may have to restrain miss Locksley, if Dracula has enough of a hold over her.  Can you? MICHAEL      Yes, I think so. VAN HELSING     Move, then.  There's a good lad. VAN HELSING     Take this-- SOUND     RATTLE OF NECKLACE CHAIN VAN HELSING     It offers some protection. SOUND     CROWD GOES OUT, DOOR SHUTS VAN HELSING     Now. WALLACE     Right.  Gorvi?  Is there anyone with you? GORVI     [muffled, but clearly lying] No.  Who would be with Gorvi? VAN HELSING     [laugh] No one alive.  Throw open the gate. WALLACE     A'right.  Just a moment. SOUND     DOOR THUMPS VAN HELSING     [hissed] Stay back. SOUND     DOOR SLAMS OPEN, HITS WALLACE WALLACE     Uhh! SOUND      BODY DROPS AND SLIDES ACROSS FLOOR VAN HELSING     Wallace! WALLACE     uhh...[out cold] SOUND     HEAVY BOOTS STRIDE CONFIDENTLY INTO ROOM VAN HELSING     Dracula! DRACULA     You stand between me and destiny, old man.  Step aside and I shall kill you quickly. VAN HELSING     Never.  Back, foul fiend! DRACULA     [hisses]  You believe you can tame me?  I have seared my flesh on your so-clever prison walls so many times, I have scars. VAN HELSING     And yet, you do not approach. DRACULA     Only a fool uses his hands to dig when he has a shovel... Gorvi! GORVI     [flying leap] Master! SOUND     BODY DROP - CROSS DROPS VAN HELSING     Unh! DRACULA     [evil laugh]  And now, my most precious enemy, prepare to meet your well-deserved fate! SOUND     DOOR SLAMS OPEN MICHAEL     No! SOUND     MICHAEL STORMS IN VAN HELSING     Dammit, boy!  You've ruined it!  Do what you want with me-- DRACULA     Of course, herr doktor!  You have always cared more for others than for yourself.  [commanding, hot] Come to me, my darling! MIRANDA     [breathless] I must go--! MICHAEL     No!  Get back! BRITT     Miss Miranda, you can't! GORVI     Britt! MIRANDA     [snarling]  Let me pass, strumpet! SOUND     SHORT CATFIGHT MIRANDA     Ugh! [hurling Britt] SOUND     BRITT ENDS UP IN DRAC'S ARMS GORVI     [upset] Britt! DRACULA     A gift?  For me?  You are too kind. MIRANDA     My love!  You don't want her! DRACULA     She is merely the aperitif, my dearest darling - [hot] you alone can satisfy me. MIRANDA     [ecstatic sigh] DRACULA     Now, my pale blonde flower.. BRITT     [struggles for a moment, then goes limp with a sigh, breathing hard] SOUND     FANGY NOISE GORVI     No!  Gorvi wants Britt! VAN HELSING     Wallace!  Ready! DRACULA     Imbecile! SOUND     THUMP AS GORVI HITS DRACULA SOUND     HEAVY THROW, BODY HITS WALL, NECK CRUNCH GORVI     [dying noises] DRACULA     Miranda, show your devotion - come and hold this delectable morsel for me. SOUND     RUNNING FEET WALLACE     Yaaaah! VAN HELSING     Kick him! DRACULA     [very slight] Oof.  WALLACE     [struggling] DRACULA     [chuckles nastily] And now what do you do?  I have your leg. WALLACE     [triumphant] Yes! SOUND     CLICK, SMALL EXPLOSION SOUND     MUCH WATER SPLASHES, HISSING BURNING NOISE DRACULA     What?  No!  [shrieking in agony] Ahhh! MICHAEL     Good God! VAN HELSING     Holy water!.  DRACULA     But how?  I would have seen a bottle.  Ahh! VAN HELSING     Wooden leg.  WALLACE     And a small blasting cap. DRACULA     Ahh! [receding] SOUND     LIQUIDY HORRIBLE PUDDLY NOISE WALLACE     Uh, Sir?  Can I get a hand? VAN HELSING     Certainly.  I'll even give you a leg up. MUSIC END  
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