44 minutes | Feb 17th 2020

Tristan Robitaille (D-Rev) - The Oral History of 20s & Change: San Francisco (Part 4)

20s & Change is a social change docuseries for underrepresented changemakers and the communities that rally around them. From Tenderloin to Sausalito to Oakland to Palo Alto, 20s & Change: San Francisco features impact storyteller and 180º of Impact creator Matt Scott along with Type 1 Diabetic filmmaker Erik Douds, and their conversations with 21 changemakers over 6 days during San Francisco Design Week and San Francisco Pride. Visit www.lets.care to learn more about the Let's Care journey and to sign up to the email list for news and updates on the 20s & Change film.

This week's episode features Tristan Robitaille, Electromechanical Engineering Intern (Autodesk Student Expert) at D-Rev. D-Rev is a non-profit product development company focused on the needs of the poor. They design and deliver world-class, affordable health technologies.