54 minutes | Mar 23rd 2020

Susie Garden - Understanding & Addressing Anxiety

Susie Garden has had a varied career but always with one thing in common – health and caring for people. She started off her career as a Registered Nurse and from there has held numerous healthcare related roles in the hospital, industrial and corporate sectors. She’s survived two redundancies and corporate burnout and is currently absolutely committed to mentoring women and supporting their health journeys Having worked in the ‘sickness’ model where illness is treated once it presents, she is convinced that the ‘wellness’ model is the most sustainable option moving forward. Preventing disease in our bodies with nutritious food, functional movement and connecting the body and mind, allows us to lead longer and happier lives. Susie has founded The Wellness Clinic in Brisbane, is host of the popular podcast The Wellness Glow® and has created the transformational group online program, The Anxiety Taming Method. Susie is now a regular contributor to One Green Planet and her work has been featured on fitandhealthytravel.com, Silent Earth and Kylie Pax’s Ditch the Diet Bootcamp.   Questions asked in the episode   - Where might we start when wanting to tackle anxiety? - Do certain foods feed anxiety? - How important is gut health for a calm and controlled mind?   for more interview and transcript: https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/susie-garden-interview/  
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