52 minutes | Mar 5th 2020

Matt Chaplin - Optimising Human Performance For Longevity

Matt Chaplin is a performance coach with a focus on health and wellness. He has been working in the training arena for over twenty years. His passion and interests are driven by optimising health for the purpose of longevity. Matt combines ancestral and new age thinking and techniques to enhance his clients health and fitness journey. "What Ive learnt over the years is that being the best version of myself is more than just incorporating movement. Its a health-life wheel. Its about balance and embracing a holistic lifestyle that encompasses exercise, nutrition, sleep habits, breath work, the environment and many other factors and influences. Adapting these principles has helped me to create and develop the Health Matrix Program.Once balance comes into play, you can alleviate stress and live a life thats full and healthy and, as a result your overall life satisfaction and happiness levels increase. After all Health is for Life.

Questions we ask in this episode:

  • How can we determine the best methods of exercising for ourselves with so many options?
  • What are the biggest misconceptions you commonly encounter with your clients?
  • What are your thoughts on the importance of recovery?


This week, I'm excited to welcome Matt Chaplin to the show. Matt's a veteran of the fitness industry who transitioned from the pace of the city to set up a more holistic studio in Byron Bay. His vision is to promote health, wellness and optimize human performance with longevity as a constant focus. In this episode we discuss how to determine the best exercise and movement program for ourselves with so many options available.

01:09 We also dig deep into restoring the body for recovery and performance and discuss how to use our environment to optimize our health. Over to Matt.

01:21 Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Matt Chaplin to the podcast. Matt, how are you?


01:28 Good, thanks, Stu. Thank you for having me.


01:29 Matt, I'm very excited to dial in [inaudible 00:01:32] today, so really appreciative of your time. But first up, for all of those that may not be familiar with you, your work, I just wondered if you could tell us a little bit about yourself please.


01:45 So I'll go back to the start. I was born in a small country town, grew up in a small country town, which was just based around. You went to school, you played sport till it went dark, you had dinner, and you wanted to go play more sport. That was life up until I finished school. Then I moved to the big smoke of Melbourne and I originally went there to play cricket. But my body let me down really badly by the time I was 22. Shin splints, I tore muscles, osteo pubis, you name it. I was a broken man at 22 and that led me to the personal training career that I'm in now because I wanted to work out how to fix my body cause I knew I'd broken it down by training really hard push, push, push the work out.

02:34 Right. How do I fix this? So then I cut my teeth in personal training in Melbourne and I spent 20 years there.

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