119 minutes | Jun 26, 2020

Back And Forth Again

The boys are back together again! After a 4 week break, Atom and Jake do the show in the same location for the first time in months!  Since neither could come up with a good episode subject, they just hopped on the mic with Kyle in toe.  Talking about the issues that are going on in the world at the moment and more, Atom and Jake just have a good ol time jabber jawin. Goin back and forth with whats been going on in the world and their lives in the time since you last hear from them. At the end of the episode, stay tune to hear a brand new tune from frequent 12FU contributor, Samuel Dell, playing his new song, Junkyards in Hell. As always, thanks to our sponsors PACK RATS PAWN SHOP, STUPID RAD MERCH CO, and SHIPADICK
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