54 minutes | Apr 24, 2019

12 Purpose, Passion, Proof: Couplepreneur Stacey and Dan Lievens on Aligning Their True Purpose by Helping Entrepreneurs Find Theirs

Stacey and Dan Lievens met less than a year ago at a self-discovery boot camp for entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to clear away any limiting beliefs and find their true passion and purpose. The rules were simple over those four months: No romance. So they became accountability partners and it wasn’t long before they fell in love, married and started building a transformational business together. It’s called The Proof, akin to Ted Talk where ideas are worth sharing, a Proof talk is a journey of discovery about your purpose, the “why” behind the what. They share their entrepreneurial journeys, how they leverage purpose in their own family and love live, and the secrets of authentic marketing.
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