59 minutes | Oct 1st 2019

Why the Genius Network Annual Event Is the Highlight of Dan Sullivan's Calendar Year (And How You Can Benefit from It Too) - 10x Talk Episode #160

Are you wondering about the Genius Network Annual Event and if it’s worth it? In today’s episode, you’ll get your answer directly from Dan Sullivan, a successful coach for over 40 years.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dan and Joe in this episode: 

  • Entrepreneurial Express Elevator: The $25,000 investment Dan made that brought him $16 million (A 64x return!).
  • How to connect with the highest level entrepreneurs and be part of a room filled with people who are the very best in the world at what they do (this is the way to connect with some of the smartest, most capable entrepreneurs).
  • Your #1 job as an entrepreneur (do this one thing, and you will more easily have people pre-interested, pre-qualified, pre-interested and pre-motivated to do business with you).
  • Joe's favorite definition of "selling" (this one insight could transform the way you look at selling forever).
  • Where to go to get some of the greatest curated insights and ideas for your business and life so you don't have to spend hours searching for them.
  • The 3 biggest marketing "AHA's" Joe's had over the past year that you can use to multiply your entrepreneurial effectiveness.
  • The greatest Rolodex in the world for successful people: How to gain access to it for your personal and professional life.