66 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork with Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Joe Polish, and Dan Sullivan - 10xTalk Episode #171

If you’ve still got your nose buried in how-to books, you’re doing something wrong. Ditch the Dummies book and learn the true formula for accelerated growth and success in today’s episode of 10xTalk with Ben Hardy, Dan Sullivan, and Joe Polish. Don't miss another episode of 10xTalk, subscribe today at www.10xtalk.com/subscribe. If you’d like access to the show notes or the exercise to help you take action on what was discussed, please visit www.10xtalk.com/171. Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Ben, Dan, and Joe in this episode: Why you never need to know “How” to achieve goals, you just need to find “WHO” can help you achieve them. The most important question billionaires and successful Entrepreneurs ask themselves to build incredible Businesses. How to free up THOUSANDS of hours, experience personal FREEDOM, and create massive success. Dan shares the origin of the “Who Not How” insight (PLUS: Why it gets you results and gives you an enjoyable life). “Remember: It’s not about you learning the ‘How’; It’s about you s____ t____ g____ so that other ‘Whos’ can do the ‘How’.” A secret to transforming your life in a few hours and making your future 10x bigger than your past. How “to-do” as much as you want simultaneously while almost NEVER experiencing overwhelm. “Entrepreneurs don’t do “How”; They identify the _____, get a feel for all the ____, and find ____ to do ____.” Why collaboration helps you create better outcomes when moving towards your most ambitious goals. The biggest difference in skill between an amateur achiever and a professional achiever. One of the easiest ways to have optimal focus in your mental state while loving what you do. What the happiest people on the planet do to create wealth beyond reason and total freedom. How to gain another 10 or 20 years of Business life and transform your thinking about your future. The most valuable book you can read this year (and why it will make every year after even greater).
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