37 minutes | Aug 25th 2020

Thinking About Your Thinking During Scary Times: How To Better Think About Problems with Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan - 10xTalk Episode #170

You’ve got 99 problems...but have you considered the way you’re thinking about them?  Learn how to think about your problems in a way that actually creates solutions in today’s episode of 10xTalk with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Dan and Joe in this episode: 

  • What Entrepreneurs can do to more easily spot opportunities instead of what is lacking.
  • A simple method for immediately making a powerful connection with any Client or Prospect.
  • One valuable step Entrepreneurs can take during the pandemic to make 10x more progress.
  • How to think about problems and events during difficult times and turn any situation around.
  • Strategies for transforming complexities into simplicity and experiencing more gratitude.
  • The #1 most important idea when it comes to leveling up “Thinking About Your Thinking”.