75 minutes | Oct 4, 2022

Caleb Parker | 10q Interview

In this episode of 10q Interview I talk to Bold founder and excellent podcast host, Caleb Parker.

Caleb was a terrific guest, we discussed so much good stuff, from his dreams of playing in the NFL to building a growth mindset and starting his life mission supporting entrepreneurs, he also mentioned his Vanilla Ice party trick and thoughts on being an eternal optimist.

Caleb also shares the story of his move from the US to London as well as one of the best life/business lessons I've ever heard.

He talks passionately about saying yes to opportunity , the importance of pursing a purpose and a big nod to a business just doing that, Interlude.

Go give Caleb a follow , say hi and let him know what you thought of the episode.

You can go to this link for further details: https://chrishutchings.online/10q-interview/caleb-parker-of-bold/

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