16 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

How to Improve Google Classroom & Remote Learning Experiences with Kasey Bell

Teaching online is challenging for many teachers. In this show, we talk about best practices to re-engage students, the common mistakes districts are making, and teachers' importance right now. You'll find this show encouraging, challenging, and relevant to right now - and you'll get some new ideas! www.coolcatteacher.com/e709 Sponsor: Hāpara Google Classroom is great, but as education standards evolve, there are a few things lacking. Admin teams require better analytics. Students need a one-shot view of their tasks and want everything on one page. And as you know, teachers desperately need better monitoring capabilities. All of this is possible with the Hāpara Instructional Suite that organizes teaching and learning workflows in G Suite and Google Classroom seamlessly. Go to www.hapara.com/coolcatteacher to learn more about how Hāpara can help your school. Resources Mentioned on the Show 10 Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning - Shake Up Learning
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