31 minutes | May 8, 2019

Soul & Success - Britt Waters (Trusting Your Process & Journey) - Eps. 8

Media Personality, Britt Waters joins Zeplyn for a discussion on Trusting Your Process & Journey, and how she has found success at such a young age in the media industry. The conversation began with the two of them discussing the Philadelphia 76ers mantra “Trust the Process” and, why Britt feels like all millennials should embrace this as a motto. Throughout the conversation the host & guest discuss; how Britt got her first shot at 22 years old on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show, how she has weathered difficult storms in her life, the importance of hitting rock-bottom, and her current mindset which allows her to continuously keep growing. Websites / Social Media: Neo Elite Website: www.theneoelite.com Britt Waters Website: https://www.BrittWaters.com Neo Elite Instagram: www.instagram.com/theneoelite Guest: Britt Waters Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsbrittwaters Host: Zeplyn Tillman Instagram: www.instagram.com/zeplyntillman Host: Rebecca Franklin Instagram: www.instagram.com/lil_babybeck Audio Engineer: Jarrell Bradley Audio Mixer: Chynna Holmes
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