13 minutes | Apr 18, 2018

#the100dayproject - Day 16

In today's episode, I'm taking you through the 'Compass Points' Visible Thinking Routine from Harvard's Project Zero as a way of reflecting on your project thus far and planning for the future.You can learn more about this routine and many others by visiting their website.Also, I mentioned that I wanted to talk more about the charity that I've chosen to donate to at the end of the project. For the past sixteen days I've been really thinking about which Australian charity would be a good fit and, just this morning, I think I've chosen.Stay tuned and I promise next show I'll talk about which one I've chosen and why!Next episode, I'll also update you with the financials of my project - how much has gone on postage so far and how much is already ready to be donated.I got my amazing foil mailers from ebay. I'm in love with them!Shout out to the awesome Cindy Wallach who bought me a cup of coffee this week and thank you to everyone who has already purchased their #100daysofsallysendsart piece. 
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