12 minutes | Sep 30, 2018

Episode 63: Welcome to Season Three

Welcome to Season Three of 100 Creatives! I’m so glad you’re with us.Notes from today’s episode:We have new theme music. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you Carmilo! (I seriously can’t believe it took less than four days and just under $14 for me to get original theme music for the show. I should have done it ages ago!)Our theme for this season is ‘Curiosity about Creativity’ which is really just an excuse for me to continue doing what I love doing best: being nosy and getting to ask creative folks loads and loads of questions!There are going to be two mini episodes a week this season and we will be diving deep into different topics around creativity in each one.While you’re waiting for Episode 64 to drop, why not learn more about about amazing co-hosts? And don’t forget to follow the show @100.creatives so you don’t miss a thing!
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