31 minutes | Sep 18th 2017

S3 E5 - Flipping the Switch: Let’s Talk Biggest Wins!

Following on from the last episode, we flip the switch this time around and discuss our biggest wins as business owners. Above and beyond just celebrating out wins, there are a ton of takeaways here! Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Virtual Staff Finder: www.virtualstafffinder.com Chalene Johnson: www.chalenejohnson.com Chalene Johnson's Courses: www.courses.chalenejohnson.com/p/2017-open Smart From Scratch Course: courses.smartpassiveincome.com/p/smart-from-scratch Power Up Podcasting Course: courses.smartpassiveincome.com/p/power-up-podcasting Youpreneur: www.youpreneur.com Virtual Freedom: www.virtualfreedombook.com Youpreneur Summit: www.youpreneursummit.com The Mastery Journal: www.themasteryjournal.com