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Epicalyx Now
In this new endeavor by Minds Wide Open, Cool Hand lumke (@deificeduce) joins teams with his new cohost Daneel (@sharpcastle) on a whole new show/podcast based off of their sporadic conversations and chemistry. In this first episode Luke struggles to be lucid and the earliest chemistry experiments of this show have begun (fair warning, we don't start to hit our stride till episode 4) WELCOME TO "EPICALYX NOW"!
Design Now
In each episode of Design Now—the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s quarterly podcast—faculty, researchers, alumni, and students engage in dialogue on a single topic of global significance. Episodes on the climate crisis, social justice, public health, housing, technology, urbanization, and transportation present new research on design thinking and practice, and illuminate the many, sometimes unexpected, ways in which design is engaged in questions of global politics, culture, and society.
Lacrosse Now
Lax Sports Network's "Lacrosse Now" brings you analysis on the biggest topics in the sport, and interviews with some of lacrosse's biggest names. Follow @LaxSportsNet on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Educators NOW
Time to inspire educators and parents. Conversations at the cutting edge of 21st Century educational practice. Krisztina Wighardt, Wellbeing Coach and Iain Campbell, Head teacher of the adolescent group at the Edinburgh Montessori Arts School chat with a diverse group of educators fascinated by human development, discussing how today's education can be the key that unlocks happiness and success for future generations.
now and then
occaisonal chat and report about the comings and goings of performer and writer Bertie Marshall - music/ art / creativity/ poetry / philosophy.
Future Health NOW
Every day, there are public health crises threatening the livelihoods of our families and communities. While the novel coronavirus has taken center stage, there are several other escalating issues impacting our society, not limited to: mental health, generational poverty, inadequate nutrition access, and rising healthcare costs that widen the opportunity chasm. However, there’s still so much hope!  Our youngest consumers, Gen Z, are much more aware of the health risks of fast food, stress, sugary drinks, various medications, and social media than previous generations. This awareness has been leading them further away from choices that negatively impact their overall health. 🤔 What if we... awakened to solutions for a healthier future? became better guardians of our mind, body, and soul? helped save the lives of our loved ones before losing them too early? poured into and empowered the healthiest future generations to follow? 🤔 How will the future health of our families and communities look, if we start NOW? Subscribe to this podcast and join our host, Shavonne Reed, Founder of OPUA Agency, as she embarks on a journey of answering these questions by having crucial conversations with today’s top public health leaders who will edify us all on how to increase lifespans, pay less over time with preventative healthcare, lead more active lifestyles, and build a more sustainable tomorrow… starting today! Together… we can become more Optimistic People, Unified for Awareness that leads to action and better peace of mind towards the livelihood of our future generations.This is Future Health NOW!
She Leads Now
As natural leaders, we have a responsibility to continually develop our skills and gifts so we can serve as courageous and influential leaders. She Leads Now was created to help women grow and thrive as courageous leaders in all aspects of life. This podcast is for you, if you know that there's more to you, your life and your career. You're tired of holding yourself back and want to break free from the chains of fear self-doubt and overthinking. And of course, you're ready to step into the leader, you really are and create the impact you were destined to make.As a subscriber to She Leads Now, you'll gain the tools to develop a success mindset, create your own winning strategies, build collaborative relationships and take bold actions towards creating the impact and fulfillment that you want in your life and career. Join me, your host coach, author, and founder of She Leads Now Sabine Gedeon, as I help career and entrepreneurial women own their identity as courageous leaders, through sharing insights, expert interviews, and live coaching.
Computers 2K Now
Computers 2K Now - Computers and Technology Call-in Webcast
Hey there, name is Jenn and this is me speaking MY TRUTH and MY TRUTH ONLY. I just hope by some way some how blessed by and through God whatever I say helps another. We are all here on our own Personal Legend and sharing our experiences can shed light to help, thank you for taking the time to share space with me. Sending you all Love Light & Blessings 🧿💙✨💫