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Nov 8, 2021 | 96 minutes
PC RPG Quest - 1980s: The Rise of JRPGs w/ PC98 Audi
This week on Axe of the Blood God, Kat, Nadia, and Eric board the Magic School Bus and travel back to the very beginnings of JRPG development. PC98 Audi from Digital Foundry makes a guest appearance to delve deep into the machine that arguably started it all: The humble PC-88. Audi also has tons of history to share about the MSX, and other high-tech '80s stuff that was vital to the early evolution of JRPGs. Frankly, he's the proverbial Miss Frizzle on this trip. Without him, Kat, Nadia, and Eric would probably fall out of the bus and get eaten by a microprocessor. Also in this episode: Kat's in Super Robot War heaven, we have a trailer for Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher 2, and Square Enix is gonna make you wet with a new Star Ocean game. ["Hey Hey 16k" is by MJ Hibbett and the Validators. Enjoy your earworm]
Dec 8, 2019 | 41 minutes
Gifts for Gunnies; Ruger PC9 Carbine, Rem M700 Range Reports: Gun Talk Radio|12.8.19 After Show
In this After Show: - Hitting targets at 225 yards with the Ruger PC9 carbine, and thoughts of making that rifle a home defense gun - A successful Pennsylvania deer hunt using an older Remington Model 700 Classic in the classic .30-06 caliber. - Christmas gifts for gunnies Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 12.8.19 After Show
Dec 13, 2016 | 119 minutes
Nock On PC 90
PC90 is a podcast is with two of my great friends, EJ Pfister and Eric Gudgel. Get ready to Up your target game because we are dedicated to perfecting your PROCESS, getting your head into the game, learning how to LEARN. Then we start debating -baiting, growing deer and being efficient as a hunter and land manager and Brock Lesnar walking around in my woods.
Apr 27, 2020 | 45 minutes
GF 139 – 1852
Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 139. Today I’m going to chat with Matt Spafford from Smith & Wesson, talk about five new anti-gun bills signed by the Governor of Virginia, and discuss the Ruger PC9 Charger.
Jan 16, 2017 | 48 minutes
Nock On PC 97
PC97 is a post ATA show recap and also an informative podcast talking about important upcoming events. We also jump into why you miss right and left as well as high and low. We talk about shoulder position, tiller tuning and many other topics. Enjoy!
Oct 25, 2019 | 55 minutes
Gun and Gear Review Podcast Episode 296 – XS F8 sight review, NFA PCC side folder, Beretta 92X, Ruger PC9 chassis model
On this week’s episode, Chad goes over the XS sights F8 night sight review. Tony and Chad discuss the New Frontier Armory side folding PCC lower receiver, Beretta’s new line of 92X pistols, and Ruger’s new PC-9 Chassis model. For all the show notes and back episodes, head over to
Sep 3, 2021 | 75 minutes
Episode 52: Survivor Stories: Brooke
We change things up; Parks interviews a survivor for the first time. Brooke traveled all the way from Idaho to get to Woodstock 99. She had some great times and made some new friends, but the tone of her trip quickly changed from celebratory to one of caution. Brooke’s story is a first for PC99; she details some harrowing moments with some aggressive festival goers. She also happened to witness some pivotal moments in the chaos of the festival. This story is an essential listen.   
Oct 21, 2020 | 45 minutes
Culture Dumps-Episode 1: Hands Across America
It’s getting to be that time to move on. After over two years of Podcast 99, we have nearly exhausted the subject. We will always keep this door open for when we unearth a new Woodstock 99 gem. Until then we have started our new podcast, Culture Dumps. As a promotion, we are going to play the first few Culture Dumps episodes on the PC99 channel. If you like what you are hearing, then please subscribe to our new channel at Culture Dumps. Now please enjoy our take on the questionably successful 80s phenomenon known as Hands Across America.
Oct 2, 2020 | 12 minutes
Waššukanni: IG PC9
“I am sorry to report this, your Majesty, but the first shipment has been stopped.” Yuni was shocked. “What do you mean, stopped, Nizer?” she yelled. “The dye was stolen somewhere between Kadesh and Qatna.” Nizer held his ground as he was very familiar with his queen's quick temper. “Then move more troops into Qatna!” Yuni demanded. “What is Akizzi doing about this?” She asked. Akizzi was another relative and the ruler of Qatna. “Akizzi has Qatna well-fortified. The problem is the lawless region between Baalbek and Qatna.” “Have Kikkuli position more troops in Qatna,” Yuni replied. Kikkuli, the famous horse trainer was Yuni’s ace-in-the-hole. “He cannot leave Nuzi because of the Assyrians,” Nizer explained. “Shit! Is that all, Nizer?” She asked. She was weary of hearing bad news whenever the scribe reported to her. “No,” Nizer replied.” “The Ištar issue is resurfacing.” “I thought we were done with Ištar; I sent her statue to Egypt to get her out of here. Is Nineveh becoming restless? What do the priests say?” “The problem is in Lalish, at the temple of Ištar north of Nineveh,” Nizer explained. “I’ve heard from others about this,” Tušratta added. “There was an appearance in Ištar’s Lalish temple. It is making quite a stir inside the religious community.” “What appearance? Is it a person? Where does this person come from? Who sent him? What does he want?” “She, it is a she, Yuni.” “Well, Tush, is she a vagrant? What is the big deal? Why not just feed her and send her away? Most importantly, why is this your problem?” “There are things about the woman that cannot be explained. She just appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, at the end of the Sacrifice of the Bull. And she is different.” “Different? How? In what way, Tush?” “As you know, the people of Lalish are light skinned, like the Hittites; they have blue eyes and light hair. This woman is dark like us, more like you.” Being of Mediterranean descent, Tušratta’s skin was olive colored while Yuni’s copper color was from her Eastern origins.
Jan 30, 2019 | 49 minutes
Heal Your Pain - PC9
Pain. We all go through it. It's unavoidable. At the same time it's always curable. Mental Health, Mental Illness or whatever you label it as, it's something you can be freed from with your own self healing. BUT You need to take action and dedicate yourself to this 12 step process. It's not easy to convince yourself that healing it possible when you've been "diagnosed" with depression or been told you're going to live with anxiety for your entire life. I was medically diagnosed with depression and suggested medication for it. I said no. Over the years I have worked my butt off daily to help heal my pains to not overcome them, but to make them my ally. It's a blessing in disguise, something that I will touch on during this episode. The 12 step process talked on during this episode is taken from the traditional 12 steps used since 1935 to heal people from addiction be it alcohol or drugs. Tony Robbins a world class psychologist talks about our problems being the biggest addiction of all. Thus this process is the perfect tool to free us from our problems. The variation I have personally utilized is Russel Brand's 12 step process he uses in his book "Recovery". I then dive deep into the science based methods of each step to be actioned in order for you to heal yourself from your own pains. IG & FB @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley Fitness  --- Send in a voice message: