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  • June 6, 2016
    Wall Street Journal: E.W. Scripps Buys Podcast Company Stitcher

    Media company E.W. Scripps Co. has continued its push into podcasting with the acquisition of Stitcher for $4.5 million in cash.

  • June 6, 2016
    USA Today: E.W. Scripps buys Stitcher podcasting app

    "The Stitcher brand is recognized to be an early mover and innovator in on-demand audio, especially with connected cars," said Adam Symson, chief digital officer for Scripps, in a news release. The staff of 12 Stitcher employees in San Francisco will continue to operate in the city, led by general manager Todd Pringle, according to Scripps.

  • June 6, 2016
    Mashable: One Company is Trying to Corner the Podcast Market

    Stitcher, meanwhile, has grown into one of the most ubiquitous spoken-word platforms not named iTunes. While Apple is still the biggest podcast distributor, Stitcher has carved out a sizable niche

  • October 31, 2014
    AppAdvice: Fresh off Deezer acquisition, Stitcher podcast app gains support for Apple's CarPlay

    Through its latest update, Stitcher for iOS has been enhanced with support for Apple’s automobile dashboard standard. Now, you can control Stitcher navigation and playback right on your CarPlay-enabled vehicle’s dashboard and CarPlay-enabled aftermarket stereo systems, including Pioneer’s in-dash multimedia receivers.

  • October 31, 2014
    9to5 Mac: Stitcher Radio podcast app updated with CarPlay support

    Stitcher Radio, one of Apple’s first CarPlay partners, has released an update that enables the dashboard interface in its popular podcast app. The update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements. The release comes just days after Stitcher was acquired by a music streaming company called Deezer.

  • October 24, 2014
    The Verge: Deezer buys podcast app Stitcher

    Deezer has purchased the talk radio and podcast app Stitcher, giving the widely used music service access to 35,000 radio shows and podcasts. Stitcher's iOS and Android apps will continue to be supported for those who just want to listen to talk radio, but TechCrunch reports that Deezer eventually plans to make all of those shows available through its core service too.

  • October 24, 2014
    VentureBeat: Deezer acquires Stitcher to get serious about talk radio and podcasts

    Stitcher, meanwhile, is the clear leader in non-music streaming audio content, with 35,000 shows from over 12,000 providers (including NPR, BBC, and Fox News). It also offers access to a number of podcasts and is much easier to access than apps from individual content providers or even Apple’s native Podcast app for iOS.

  • October 24, 2014
    TechCrunch: Deezer Buys Stitcher, Adds 35K Talk Radio Shows And Podcasts To Its Music Platform

    Deezer, the Paris-based music streaming service that competes against the likes of Spotify and Rdio, is switching up its game in the battle for more differentiation, more users and a higher profile in the U.S. It has acquired Stitcher, the San Francisco-based aggregator of podcasts and talk radio programming.

  • October 8, 2014
    Geekwire:Airbiquity adds Slacker Radio and Stitcher to its connected car platform

    The company announced today that it has added apps from Slacker Radio and Stitcher to its Choreo connected car platform which will allow drivers to access music and talk radio programming that’s shared over the internet. Choreo is used by a number of car manufacturers including Nissan to connect drivers and passengers with the web while they’re out on the go.

  • September 5, 2014
    Engadget: AT&T's connected car tech now delivers weather, radio and parking help

    If you're frustrated that many cars still don't have internet-savvy software built-in, take heart: AT&T just gave its Drive connected car platform a big boost with the addition of six big-name apps. Automakers who put Drive in their infotainment systems can now easily give you forecasts on the road through AccuWeather, as well as customized listening through iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Tribune's Newsbeat.

  • September 5, 2014
    CBS MarketWatch: Major App Developers Sign On to Build Connected Car Apps Through AT&T Drive

    Stitcher delivers the best radio shows and podcasts on demand. Listeners can stream the latest in news, sports, talk, and entertainment directly to their vehicle or mobile devices. Featuring personalized recommendations and custom playlists, Stitcher helps talk radio listeners stay informed and entertained while listening on their own schedule — not the schedule of traditional radio.

  • September 2, 2014
    Yahoo! Tech: 5 Commuter Apps You Should Not Live Without

    And for my talk show fix, I play podcasts. With Stitcher, I subscribe to podcasts I like so I always have something thought-provoking to listen to on a tedious commute. There’s also a car mode in the app with big onscreen buttons, which is safer if you want to control it when you’re on the move (not that I would recommend that).

  • July 11, 2014
    Fast Company: 5 Free Apps for Drowning Out Your Annoying Coworkers

    Make repetitive tasks or a long commute go faster, and learn something in the process. We named Stitcher an app to “destroy FM radio” last year, for its intelligent suggestions based on your preferences. The more you use it, the more it learns about your listening habits.

  • July 1, 2014
    Huffington Post: 12 Must-Pack Essentials for Your Summer Carry-On

    A tough rubberized shell protects the speaker, which comes in several fun colors (we're partial to the cheerful green), and the up/down volume controls are big and easy to adjust. We use it to listen to live radio or podcasts (using the Stitcher app on our smartphone or tablet) while getting ready for the day.

  • June 25, 2014
    GigaOm: Google's Android Auto joins the growing number of infotainment systems in the car

    Brady announced some of Android Auto’s first developer partners, which include Joyride, Stitcher, MLB At Bat, Pandora, TuneIn, Umano, PocketCasts, and iHeartRadio.

  • June 25, 2014
    TheNextWeb: Google Unveils Android Auto

    As part of its announcement, Google unveiled the Android Auto SDK so developers can quickly offer their apps in users’ vehicles. A number of partners have already signed on, including Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher and Songza.

  • June 24, 2014
    CBS MarketWatch: Pioneer Delivers Dynamic Content to the Car with AppRadioLIVE App

    Users have quick access and control over the music stored on their iPhone devices and also have access to streamed content through services like Stitcher, offering more than 25,000 on demand radio shows and podcasts, Rdio®, one of the largest music streaming services in the world with over 25 million songs available3, and Pioneer aggregated Internet Radio with access to several hundred pure play stations, sorted by genre.

  • May 29, 2014
    USA Today: Aether Cone Plays Music it Thinks You Want to Hear

    Cone also works with the Stitcher service, a supplier of on-demand Internet radio and podcasts.

  • May 8, 2014
    Fast Company: You Can Now Listen Later with Stitcher's "Instapaper for Audio"

    Starting today online audio has a new button: “Listen Later.”It’s part of a pilot project hatched over the last few months by on-demand radio app Stitcher, now operational on just a handful of websites in the podcast and radio world: the Financial Times, Fox News, Science Friday, StoryCorps, Smodcast Network, and Heritage Radio.

  • April 17, 2014
    The Verge: Here's what Apple's CarPlay Will Look Like in Your Next Car

    CarPlay has been in development at Apple for years, and it feels like we've been waiting even longer for this kind of integration with our vehicles. It's not clear if this will be the car interface of the future, but it's off to a promising, if slow, start.

  • April 17, 2014
    Mashable: Hands on with Apple's Carplay Integration with Volvo

    The first thing we noticed was that touchscreen and application-launch actions were as snappy and smooth as they are on the iPhone, so if you're already familiar with iOS, CarPlay will be a breeze to use.

  • March 4, 2014
    Engadget: Hands-on With Apple's CarPlay

    The first thing we noticed is how speedy everything is. Apps load quickly, and Siri's contextual algorithms hastily recognized our voice commands and responded appropriately. Apple has also implemented safety features to ensure services do not draw your attention away from the road and push forward its "hands-free" theme.

  • March 4, 2014
    The New York Times: Apple's CarPlay Captivates the Auto Industry

    CarPlay initially supports a few other apps, like Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Beats Music, Spotify and Stitcher, and more are promised soon

  • March 3, 2014
    USA Today: Apple Unveils Integrated Car Service CarPlay

    Along with native Apple apps like iTunes and Maps, CarPlay will work with a variety of third-party apps, primarily audio-focused. Options at launch will include Spotify, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher. Apple promises more compatible apps are coming soon.

  • March 3, 2014
    re/code: Apple's iOS in the Car Becomes CarPlay, Due In Models Later This Year

    Integration with maps allows turn-by-turn directions to show up on the vehicle’s infotainment system, while on the audio side, CarPlay supports iTunes radio, podcasts and certain third-party apps including Spotify and iHeartRadio. (Apple’s CarPlay website also lists Stitcher and Beats Radio, with more app support said to be in the works.)

  • March 3, 2014
    TechCrunch: Apple's New CarPlay System Will Turn Tens of Millions of Cars Into iPhone Accessories

    Finally, Apple touts that this will work with other apps, including Podcasts and a number of music services from third-parties including Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Stitcher.

  • March 3, 2014
    TechCrunch: First third-party CarPlay apps: Spotify, Beats, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, no maps alternatives

    CarPlay only grants access to select applications installed on the connected phone. At launch, CarPlay only works with Spotify, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher.

  • February 21, 2014
    The Next Web : Looking for offline podcasts? Stitcher for Android just got a whole lot better.

    We’ve previously noted that Stitcher Radio is one of 8 great apps for listening to podcasts on the move, letting you tap-in to your favorite online radio shows on demand, encompassing tens of thousands of live stations. And with its latest update for Android, you’ll now be able to download and make any podcast available for offline listening.

  • January 31, 2014
    Radio Survivor: Joe Rogan Takes Home Best Overall Show at 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards

    “If you and your friends didn’t know what podcasting was last year, that’s on you,” Glynn Washington told a Mission District audience of podcasters. “If you still don’t know this year, get yourself some new friends.”

  • January 10, 2014
    Autoweek: Jaguar/Land Rover Announce Stitcher Integration

    Stitcher is a another radio app for smartphones that gives talk radio and podcast fans an easier way to find and listen to more than 20,000 news, talk, and sports stations from media outlets like NPR, Fox, BBC, and the Wall Street Journal.

  • January 8, 2014
    Digital Trends Stitcher Launches on Volvo Vehicles

    Sensus is the first in infotainment system to have Pandora connectivity built in from the ground up. Not to mention Stitcher, Rdio, and TuneIn – the three other streaming audio services.

  • October 18, 2013
    RAIN Radio and Internet Newsletter: Stitcher earns bragging rights

    Specialization has benefits, for consumers and business. Stitcher, a listening app dedicated to podcasts and talk radio shows, announced that its mobile app has been downloaded over 12-million times, and its catalog now contains over 20,000 shows.

  • October 18, 2013
    MediaPost: The (Don't Call It) Podcasting Model And Self-Made Media Environments Get A Second Chance As On-Demand Radio

    As Stitcher announced its 12 millionth mobile download this week, it crowed about the ways in which mobile devices have reinvigorated a form that seemed stuck and narrow when it was mere “podcasting.” That term brought with it the woes of physical synching of device and PC, constant tending, and an absence of on-the-fly discovery of new content on the device itself.

  • October 17, 2013
    Yahoo! Finance: Podcast Listening Booming as Stitcher Radio Becomes Largest Listening Platform Behind iTunes; Top Shows Averaging 15X Audience Growth

    “From our metrics, Stitcher appears to be the largest platform for listening on Android and second largest on iOS behind only Apple."

  • October 17, 2013
    Pando Daily: Stitcher gives us exactly what we want in media — but is that a good thing?

    So many services know what we like well enough that it’s easier to let them work their secret magic than to seek new experiences on our own.Few companies know this better than Stitcher, an Internet radio service that helps its users find new talk shows to which they might like to listen while they work, drive, or walk. The company is today announcing that its mobile applications have been downloaded 12 million times and that the number of shows available through its service has doubled to 20,000 in just one year.

  • October 17, 2013
    All Access Media: Stitcher App Downoads Exceed 12 Million

    "When we started Stitcher, we wanted to make podcasts more accessible to all consumers and we're well on our way to achieving our goal," Stitcher CEO/Co-Founder Noah Shanok said.

  • October 17, 2013
    Folio: Streaming Radio App Stitcher Begins Ad Sales Buildout

    The rise of the mobile platform has caused a resurgence in podcasting popularity, says Shanok. It has also driven renewed interest from advertisers.

  • October 9, 2013
    AndroidGuys: Stitcher Radio gets offline listening with latest update

    Stitcher fans, wait no more, you asked for it and now you’ve got it. A newly updated release of the on demand news, entertainment, sports and talk radio app is out and it’s got some great new features. Chief among the details is the Offline Mode which allows users to select playlists and listen to them offline, anywhere.

  • October 9, 2013
    MobileSyrup: Stitcher for Android gains offline playback, new navigation scheme

    One of the longest-running radio and podcast apps on Android has received a nice update. Stitcher, which lets you accumulate a playlist of podcasts, radio show and other audio content, now supports offline playback. This allows users to download a set of material in the background and have it be available anywhere, not just when they have an internet connection.

  • October 2, 2013
    Yahoo! Finance: TVtalk Partners with Stitcher to Give Listeners Insights into Their Favorite TV Shows

    TVtalk, the world’s largest producer of television-focused podcast content, today announced a distribution partnership with Stitcher, the leader in on-demand news and talk radio for mobile phones.

  • September 24, 2013
    148Apps:Stitcher Now Lets Users Listen Later to Episodes They’re Interested In

    Stitcher Radio gets a new update that allows users to listen later; a feature that lets them save episodes they’re interested in for listening to at a later time. So, if someone finds something good but doesn’t have the time to listen to it, they can put it in the new Listen Later playlist.

  • September 16, 2013
    Yahoo! Finance:Stitcher Announces Mazda3 Integration for Seamless In-Car Entertainment

    Mazda3 drivers can now access Stitcher’s extensive collection of over 18,000 top programs on demand to create their own personal entertainment experience.

  • September 16, 2013
    RadioWorld: Stitcher Integrates with Mazda 3

    In-car entertainment options are proliferating, and as more vehicles with built-in apps hit the road, consumers are becoming more reliant on these personalized listening options. With that in mind, on-demand Internet news, talk, sports audio service Stitcher is now integrated with Mazda 3 vehicles.

  • September 13, 2013
    Amazon Blog:Amazon Web Services Case Study: Stitcher

    Stitcher researched both on-premises and service provider options, and used cost, ease of implementation, scalability and redundancy as decision criteria. Amazon Web Services (AWS) met all four criteria.

  • August 23, 2013
    TechNewsWorld: All Things Appy: 5 Best Radio Apps for Android

    Stitcher lets you "stitch" talk shows together to create a customized station, a la Pandora, and pulls together radio and news into visual playlists. Features include browse by political persuasion; recommendations based on "thumbing up" what you listen to; a Listen on Demand function; and breaking audio news alerts.

  • August 15, 2013
    USA Today: Remember podcasting? It's back - and booming

    The land of podcasting, once an esoteric outpost devoted to heavily tech-oriented chats, is booming. Actor Alec Baldwin, Extra's Maria Menounos and comedians Joan Rivers, Jeff Garlin and Tom Green all recently threw their hats into the podcasting ring alongside CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox, which now offer audio versions of many of their TV news shows.

  • August 1, 2013
    Fast Company: The 8 Audio Apps That Will Slowly Destroy FM Radio

    What most makes Stitcher Radio feel like a viable replacement for the FM dial isn't the app's personalized radio stations. Nor is it the smart discovery features built in throughout the interface. Those things are great, but what makes it feel like radio is something far simpler: The audio is infinite.

  • July 16, 2013
    Access Hollywood: Ben Affleck Reveals His Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps unveils Ben Affleck’s favorite phone apps and why he loves them so much! Stitcher Radio: Stitcher Radio helps me keep track of podcasts I’m into and suggests new ones based on what I’ve liked. It’s like Pandora for podcasts.

  • July 1, 2013
    TIME: 50 Best Android Apps for 2013

    Why settle for one talk-radio source when you can choose from thousands? Stitcher brings together live stations, recorded talk-radio shows and podcasts from around the web into a single app and lets you create custom stations based on your favorites. Plus, it doesn’t get all weird around power lines the way AM radio does.

  • June 20, 2013
    CNET: 8 great streaming apps: Which works best behind the wheel?

    If you're looking to get into listening to podcasts while driving, or are a fan of talk radio, Stitcher is a solid option. Set it and forget it.

  • June 12, 2013

    Tango Traffic's Stephanie Humphrey showcases Stitcher, an award winning and free mobile app that lets you listen to all of your favorite shows, news, entertainment, sports and now round the clock traffic reports- to keep you out of a jam.

    Watch the Tango/Stitcher Video!

  • June 5, 2013
    Wired: 5 Apps to Guarantee an Awesome Summer Road Trip

    Ditch the radio on your drive and instead feed your brain a never-ending stream of podcasts using Stitcher. You can browse the app’s selection of 15,000 On-Demand Shows for a podcast that’s entertaining, insightful or funny in just a few quick taps.

  • May 17, 2013
    VentureBeat: Stitcher Radio Comes to Your Dashboard with New ‘Car Mode’ Feature

    Stitcher Radio is rolling out a new feature on its iOS app today that makes it much easier to use the streaming service while driving in a vehicle — which is exactly where radio belongs.

  • May 15, 2013
    Marketing Charts: Millennials Like Their Entertainment Options On Demand

    Americans aged 18-34 are more likely than their older counterparts to prefer a range of entertainment types on-demand, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Stitcher.

  • May 15, 2013
    IP Carrier: Streaming Displacing Linear Radio, Stitcher Survey Suggests

    Mobile streaming service Stitcher conducted an online survey of 2,000 adults and found that 57 percent believe that in five years, Americans will primarily listen to streaming radio options over traditional AM/FM radio.

  • May 15, 2013 Radio Listening Habits: Who's Right? Old Media or New?

    Stitcher's survey says 57% of American adults believe that in five years most of us will primarily listen to streaming radio versus AM and FM. Harris Interactive did the survey for Stitcher in April of this year.

  • May 15, 2013
    Media Post: Streaming Radio Gaining Ground

    The traditional radio model is about to be upended. According to a survey from online media company Stitcher, a majority of adults believe Americans will be listening to streaming radio over AM/FM radio.

  • May 15, 2013
    BizReport: Survey: Americans want on-demand, not programmed content

    According to new data out from Stitcher about 60% of surveyed respondents believe AM/FM radio will be 'dead' within the next five years; 71% of Millennials and students believe this.

  • May 14, 2013
    FMQB: Stitcher Study: Americans Prefer On Demand Radio

    Mobile streaming service Stitcher has released a survey that claims an overwhelming preference for on demand radio, television and movies among younger Americans. The company's online survey of 2,000 adults reportedly found that 57 percent of respondents believe that in five years, Americans will primarily listen to streaming radio options over traditional AM/FM radio.

  • May 14, 2013
    The Detroit News: Harris Survey: 6 in 10 Predict Demise of Terrestrial Radio within 5 Years

    Market research firm Harris, on behalf of Stitcher, an on-demand Internet radio service, surveyed 2,066 U.S. adults last month, and found that most adults are choosing on-demand media sources such as Pandora and TuneIn over terrestrial radio options, citing the ability to avoid commercial advertisements as a heavy influence.

  • May 13, 2013
    All Access Music Group: AP News Updates Come To Mobile App Via Stitcher

    Associated Press's AP Mobile iOS app is now offering hourly 3-minute audio news updates powered by Stitcher, and the AP reports will also be available to Stitcher users.

  • May 13, 2013
    Inside Radio: AP Partners with Audio Aggregator Stitcher

    Stitcher Radio and the Associated Press have partnered to bring AP audio news to mobile listeners. The AP Mobile app now features 3-minute streaming audio updates powered by Stitcher. The audiocasts will be available on the iOS version of AP Mobile in addition to a special partner page on Stitcher’s iOS and Android apps.

  • May 8, 2013
    Associated Press: AP Mobile app features audio news updates, powered by Stitcher

    The award-winning AP Mobile application will now feature audio news updates, powered by Stitcher. These 3-minute top news summaries will be updated every hour, giving users another way of experiencing AP’s powerful journalism.

  • April 30, 2013
    TechCrunch: EdReach Teams Up With PBS And Stitcher

    EdReach has partnered with Stitcher, a startup that my colleague Josh Constine recently called the Pandora of talk radio, to help bring increased distribution and exposure to its educational programming. Stitcher offers over 15,000 podcasts on-demand across a range of subjects, which can be streamed directly to mobile devices

  • April 30, 2013
    PCMag: The 50 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

    If, like me, you have not been with the way Apple broke out podcast functionality from its Music and iTunes apps and into its own Podcast app, then Stitcher Radio is an app for you. It's a great alternative for keeping up with all your audio shows.

  • April 29, 2013
    Appolicious: appoLearning's App of the Week

    Why we love this app. Podcasts, news, and talk radio are growing in popularity, even for middle school students who use technology more and more to get their information. Stitcher combines all these things in one easy to use app.

  • April 26, 2013
    Android Rundown: Stitcher Radio Adds Media Link HD Compatibility

    Stitcher Radio is now compatible with Media Link HD. The latest update allows HTC smartphone owners to stream Stitcher to HDTVs and surround sound systems through a wireless connection.

  • April 24, 2013
    HTC Blog: App Spotlight: Stitcher Radio

    One of the featured apps in HTC Get Started, Stitcher delivers your latest news and podcasts directly to your phone every day. I recently spent some time with Beth Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer of Stitcher, to learn more about how Stitcher introduces the world of talk radio to our smartphones.

  • March 15, 2013
    The Recapp: 6 Best (and Free) News Apps for News Junkies

    You can forget about watching the news with Stitcher Radio. Download the app and you can tune in and listen to the news, any type of news, anytime you want to, from anywhere. Loaded with features, this app doesn't miss a beat when it comes to user-friendliness.

  • March 12, 2013
    SlashGear: Stitcher launches plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome browsers

    Stitcher says that fans can now listen to the streaming service any time on any browser thanks to the two new browser plug-ins. Using the new Chrome or Firefox plug-ins, users can stream their favorite programs along with over 15,000 shows using easy toolbar access providing full playback control.

  • March 11, 2013
    Engadget: Stitcher browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox now available

    Stitcher has lived comfortably on the web since late October, but now the audio streaming experience is expanding its territory with browser plugins. On Chrome, the freshly announced add-on offers quick access to the full-fledged HTML 5 app, while on Firefox it also serves up play and skip buttons to control audio, along with information about what's currently playing.

  • February 11, 2013
    Mashable: Hands-On With The Week's Top Apps

    Stitcher Radio released an update for iOS and full redesign for Android owners. The free radio app features a new topic search - browse by specific topics or even mentions about a show. The app now lets users jump directly to desired points during the show.

  • February 8, 2013
    The Next Web: Stitcher Radio Rolls Out Redesigned Android App and Adds ‘Topic Search’

    Stitcher has launched an interesting update to its iOS app too, rolling out a new ‘Topic Search’ feature, letting listeners discover trending topics across its featured stations. So, in the standard search bar you can now enter any topic and see their mentions within episodes, while using one-click audio links to skip to specific segments of the clip.

  • February 7, 2013
    Cult of Mac: Stitcher Radio for iOS Gets Topic Search Feature, Performance Improvements

    Stitcher Radio for iOS has today been updated to add a nifty new “Topic Search” feature that helps listeners discover trending topics across more than 15,000 shows.

  • February 7, 2013
    Android Central: Creating Beautiful and Functional Android Apps: An Interview with Stitcher Radio's Tyler Pearson

    With this update, Stitcher Radio has put itself back on top of the list of highly functional and beautifully designed apps available in the Play Store today.

  • February 6, 2013
    Android Central: Stitcher Radio Receives Complete UI Overhaul

    On top of a great selection of sources and content, Stitcher now wraps it all up in a beautifully designed interface that operates as well as it looks.

  • February 6, 2013
    The Droid Guy: Stitcher Radio Gets New UI

    One of the best radio apps of the Android platform is getting a well-deserved make over. Stitcher Radio has just been updated to version 3.0 and the most obvious change you will see is its new user interface. The previous version was already great but this new one is even better.

  • February 4, 2013
    PC Magazine: Stitcher Radio Update Adds Tighter Android OS Integration

    Stitcher is a great service to use if you want find what what's new in audio content on the web. From politics to pop-culture, to religion to tech, Stitcher offers programming from many genres from many popular and up-and-coming content providers.

  • February 4, 2013
    Engadget: Stitcher overhauls its Android app to dovetail with Google's interface world

    The new Stitcher app is more than just eye candy, though. The Android build now has a dedicated Smart Station to listen to recommendations, browsing that keeps interruptions to a minimum and Jelly Bean-specific playback controls in notifications.

  • February 4, 2013
    Android Guys: Stitcher Radio Gets Total Overhaul In 3.0 Release

    Stitcher Radio, one of our favorite apps of all time, just got even better today with a new 3.0 interface. Essentially recreated from the bottom up, the app looks stunning and very modern and makes for an excellent streaming audio option.

  • February 4, 2013
    Android Police: Stitcher Radio App Gets Major 3.0 Update

    Popular talk radio app Stitcher received a doozy of an update this morning - it's now sporting a brand-new UI, significant streaming and stability enhancements, and rich notifications on Android 4.1+.

  • February 4, 2013
    Mobile Syrup: Stitcher for Android version 3.0 released with Holo interface, rich notifications

    As with the iOS app, Stitcher 3.0 emphasizes browsing and content discovery. One of the app’s biggest draws has traditionally been that it accommodates users looking for something new in addition to the familiar.

  • February 4, 2013
    Droid Life: Stitcher Radio for Android Receives Full Makeover in Latest Update

    Stitcher, one of the most popular podcast services on the planet, gave its Android application a full makeover this morning. The app’s new UI takes notes from some of the new Android design guidelines, with its use of a fully swipe-able column style browsing experience and the action bar.

  • January 30, 2013
    Christian Science Monitor: 20 Best iPhone Apps To Get You Started

    Stitcher is your radio on demand app. The app lets you browse podcasts, tune in to live radio stations and play segments from already-aired radio shows. Stitcher also aggregates a list of the most listened to podcasts and radio segments of the day, and puts together a daily news roundup. Stitcher makes it very easy for the radio and podcast fan to access their favorite programs and find new ones.

  • January 11, 2013
    CNET: 10 Great Apps For New iPhone Owners

    Podcasts rock. Apple's Podcasts app? Not so much. If you're looking for an excellent replacement, try Stitcher Radio. With it you can build a playlist of the latest episodes from your favorite shows, thus making those long commutes something you might actually look forward to. Amazingly, Stitcher costs nothing.

  • January 2, 2013
    Xconomy: Stitcher, the Pandora of Talk, Works to Make Internet Radio Easier

    The four-year-old startup in downtown San Francisco has probably done more than any other firm to bring talk radio and podcasting into the smartphone era. (Shanok actually prefers the term “on-demand radio,” to distinguish Stitcher’s streaming model from traditional podcast apps, where an audio file is usually downloaded in its entirety before it’s played.)

  • December 23, 2012
    Techcrunch: The 20 Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2012

    Stitcher Radio (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android free) Digital audio files are a godsend to talk-radio junkies and anyone who appreciates the spoken word. From past episodes of This American Life and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! to comedy programs like The Nerdist and WTF with Marc Maron, to long-form interviews from your favorite sports commentators, there are podcasts that appeal to virtually every interest. Regrettably, the Podcasts app that Apple debuted earlier this year is buggy and – if not monitored correctly – can eat up a lot of storage. The best bet for podcast discovery on iOS and Android devices comes from the fifth-generation edition of Stitcher Radio, which rolled out earlier this year.

  • December 21, 2012
    Xconomy: 20 Must-Have Apps for That Tablet Under the Tree

    Available for both smartphones and tablets, Stitcher is the single best source for on-demand audio, offering just about every podcast on earth and quite a few live radio shows as well. (It's infinitely better than Apple's pitiful Podcasts app.) My personal Stitcher stations include NPR podcasts like This American Life, Freakonomics Radio, Planet Money, Radio Lab, and Fresh Air.

  • December 20, 2012
    RAIN: Stitcher Reviews News of 2012 with Year in Sound

    Stitcher analyzed compiled listening stats, social media metrics, and transcription data of the news clips it carried in the past year to identify the most popular and viral content of 2012. It's now assembled the information as Stitcher's Year in Sound 2012.

  • December 19, 2012
    Radio Ink: Stitcher Unveils Top Stories of 2012

    Stitcher has revealed its first audio mix of top headlines. Stitcher’s Year in Sound is a mix of the top stories, trends and pop culture from 2012. CMO Beth Murphy said, “2012 was a year of iconic moments best remembered and celebrated in sound. We’re hoping The 2012 Year in Sound gives listeners added perspective on the issues that they cared about this year – drawing on content from more than 15,000 partners.”

  • December 18, 2012
    NPR's Word of Mouth: The Best Podcasts of 2012

    Beth Murphy is chief marketing officer at, one of the biggest aggregators of internet radio and podcasts. Stitcher recently announced The Stitcher Awards for the best podcasts of 2012. For all of Stitcher's 2012 Podcast picks, check out The Stitcher Awards.

  • December 18, 2012
    Android Guys: 50 Android Apps You Must Install Before the World Ends

    Stitcher Radio – Browse and discover more than 10,000 radio shows, live stations, and podcasts on demand. Put the service to work and let it create curated channels based on listening preferences.

  • December 18, 2012
    Fast Company: The Most Popular Podcasts Of 2012

    Stitcher Radio has created a station and interactive infographic that recap the year 2012 in audio clips. The podcast streaming app, which has about 6 million registered listeners, selected news stories from each month based on unique episode listens for the month, social media clicks, and popular Front Page posts. Listening to the entire 2012 station, which feels a bit like opening a time capsule of sound, takes about 40 minutes.

  • December 12, 2012
    ReadWrite: 5 Companies That Will Define The Future Of Radio

    Stitcher Radio is amazing. The four-year-old company blends terrestrial broadcasts with popular podcasts to let users build a highly personalized, lean-back radio experience. Since I started using Stitcher, I've spent a little less time in the NPR iPhone app (though I haven't abandoned it completely) and Instacast, which I had used to subscribe to podcasts. Stitcher also streams other local, non-commercial radio stations in your locale, which you might miss if you don't have an FM radio in every room in the house. Like Pandora does with music, Stitcher builds smart radio stations based on your preferences, which are based on your listening history and the familiar thumbs up/down tapping. It's great. If I want to listen to audio hands-free, Stitcher will play back new episodes of my favorite podcasts and public radio shows without me having to fidget with a radio dial or smartphone app interface. Stitcher features content from CNN, NPR, BBC, Fox News and a host of providers large and small. How It's Looking Forward: Earlier this year, Stitcher Radio announced a partnership with Ford, who will build the service (along with Pandora) directly into its new cars. Smart.

  • December 10, 2012
    Daily Dot: 5 Lessons From The First Annual Stitcher Awards

    Movies have the Academy Awards. Popular music has the Grammy Awards. Television has the Emmy Awards. Theater has the Tony Awards. Stitcher, the popular Internet radio service and app that serves as something of a Pandora for podcasting, took a stab at establishing the medium’s equivalent with the first annual Stitcher Awards. With 200 attendees and 160,000 votes, and hosted by the venerable Marc Maron, the Stitcher Awards were (relatively speaking) a fairly high-profile event.

  • December 6, 2012
    Radio Survivor: Podcasts Dominate 1st Annual Stitcher Awards

    Popular podcaster and comedian Marc Maron hosted the 2012 Stitcher Awards Tuesday night in San Francisco. 160,000 Stitcher users voted for radio shows and podcasts across 20 categories for this first installment of the awards.

  • December 5, 2012
    USA Today: Presenting Podcasting's New Top Honors

    The podcasting community came out in numbers last night as Stitcher Smart Radio presented its awards for 2012's best podcasts. The popular listening app handed out honors in several categories at the ceremony, which was hosted by WTF's Marc Maron. Big winners included The Nerdist, This American Life, Kevin Smith's Smodcast, and All Songs Considered.

  • November 5, 2012
    Pando Daily: Data From Startups Show Good News for Obama on Eve of Election

    The people behind talk radio and podcasts app Stitcher have put together an infographic that shows how the election would shake out according to the listening habits of its users. Drawing on more than 50,000 hours of listening data from October 23–29, Stitcher, which has a dedicated Election Center, monitored preferences for liberal or conservative political shows and found Obama is likely to sneak to victory by a slender margin tomorrow.

  • November 1, 2012
    TIME: 25 Free Android Apps to Get You Started

    Why settle for one talk-radio source when you can choose from thousands? Stitcher brings together live stations, recorded talk-radio shows and podcasts from around the Web into a single app and lets you create custom stations based on your favorites. Plus, it doesn’t get all weird around power lines the way AM radio does.

  • November 1, 2012
    The Verge: Podcast aggregator Stitcher makes jump from mobile to the desktop

    Podcast aggregator and playback service Stitcher has arrived on the desktop with a new web app. Any HTML5-capable browser will be able to run the desktop version of Stitcher, with the web app pulling in any favorite stations and podcasts that you’re used to hearing on mobile devices once you log in. The browser-based variant shares some similarities to the mobile apps too, including Smart Stations, a feature first seen in June that recommends new shows depending on your listening habits. Additionally, users will be able to pick up on the desktop where they left off on mobile, with the service keeping track of the last listen position in any given show.

  • November 1, 2012
    Slash Gear: Stitcher Releases Web App for Desktop Users

    If you’re an avid podcast listener, you might happen to be using Stitcher’s podcast aggregation app on your mobile device. However, the company has expanded to the desktop by introducing their very own web app, complete with HTML5. It also works, and is optimized, for all major web browsers, so there’s no restrictions as far as what browser you have to use.

  • November 1, 2012
    Fast Company: Stitcher Aims To Build Talk Radio's First Search Engine

    With help from new transcription technologies, Stitcher is unlocking discovery features for audio content.

  • October 31, 2012
    Engadget: Stitcher Keeps the News Flowing for Desktop Users with New Web-based App

    Stitcher is already a heavy hitter in the world of mobile apps, but users will now find their favorite radio shows and podcasts are accessible from the desktop. Today, the company announced an HTML5 version of its popular app that's optimized for all of the major browsers. Upon login, Stitcher users will discover their existing favorites for on-demand listening, playback controls at the bottom of the screen, along with Stitcher's discovery and sharing tools. While still in beta, the service is integrated between the desktop and mobile platforms, which lets users resume listening from wherever they left off, regardless of the device or platform.

  • October 31, 2012
    Wired: Essential Driving Apps

    Stitcher makes finding verbal company for a late-night drive as easy as spotting Skynyrd on an Alabama jukebox. Browse On-Demand Shows—aka podcasts—and pick something funny, educational, or entertainingly infuriating in just a few taps. Or add shows to Favorites, then set the app to stream the newest episodes.

  • October 31, 2012
    All Facebook: Stitcher Improves Facebook Integration, Launches Web App

    Facebook users love listening to their favorite talk radio shows and podcasts on Stitcher Radio. The program has a strong presence on mobile devices, but announced Wednesday that it has improved the desktop experience and deepened its Facebook integration, allowing users’ listening choices to seamlessly connect with their profile.

  • October 21, 2012
    Radio Ink: Nominees For Stitcher Awards Announced

    Stitcher announced the nominees for the first annual Stitcher Awards. NPR leads the nominations and other nominees include BBC Radio, CNN, Fox News, KCRW, MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal. Six finalists were selected in each of the 20 categories based on over 55,000 votes. Starting today and running through November 5, the public will have the final say in who will be recognized for the best of 2012. Winners will be announced and honored at an awards ceremony in San Francisco.

  • October 17, 2012
    Mother Jones: 6 Must-Have Apps for Political Junkies

    Stitcher's Election Center 2012 is like TiVo for all the political talk radio you've been missing while canvassing door to door. This election-centric hub within the main Stitcher app scours more than 10,000 radio programs and podcasts for political buzzwords like "voter ID law" or "fiscal cliff," and then lets you fast forward to the specific mention in a broadcast, or listen from the beginning. It also has streams for all of the presidential candidates—third parties included—with audio of all of their recent appearances on the airwaves. (Free, available for iOS and Android.)

  • October 12, 2012
    The Boston Globe: Stitcher Radio uses the Pandora model

    Stitcher creates a personalized listening experience for every user, "stitching" together information from their actions and listening habits. While TuneIn and other radio apps do make recommendations based on your listening habits, Stitcher steps it up by taking on the Pandora model. While Pandora recommends new songs and bands, Stitcher finds new stations, podcasts, and shows. It even adopted the same "thumbs up," "thumbs down," and "skip" interface Pandora fans are familiar with.

  • October 9, 2012
    Radio Survivor: Radio Shows and Podcasts Eligible for First Annual Stitcher Awards

    Stitcher is a smartphone app that lets you aggregate radio shows and podcasts, stored on your phone for on demand listening or streaming from the web. The three year-old service is now launching the first Stitcher Awards across 20 different categories, like best comedy, best social commentary and most original show.

  • October 5, 2012
    RAIN: Stitcher Announces Awards to Recognize Best in Podcast and On-Demand Content

    Stitcher announced this week the first annual Stitcher Awards, to recognize "the best and brightest of on demand radio and podcasts for 2012."

  • October 4, 2012
    IAIB: Stitcher to hold First ever Stitcher Podcast Awards

    Today Stitcher Radio launched its first annual Stitcher Awards to seek out the best and brightest of on demand radio and podcasts for 2012. Listeners can nominate their favorite shows across 20 different categories – from Best Comedy to Best New Show. Stitcher has over 10,000 different shows streaming on demand and we’re excited to let our listeners help determine the best programming of 2102.

  • September 20, 2012
    The Boston Globe: In The App Era, Radio Goes Wi-Fi and 3G

    Stitcher, a free app for iPhones and Androids with a clean, simple interface. You can go directly to a news section that hooks you up with audio feeds from major network news shows such as “60 Minutes” and the “NBC Nightly News.” A special section is entirely devoted to 2012 election news, and there are podcasts aplenty on pretty much every topic. And of course there are links to hundreds of US radio stations.

  • September 19, 2012
    CNET: More than half of users polled would vote via mobile devices

    Would you use your mobile device to vote in an election? A majority of people recently polled said they would, at least under the right conditions. Among smartphone and tablet owners asked, 60 percent said they'd cast their vote for the next president through a mobile app or text message -- if they could do so without any fear of fraud. Conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Internet radio provider Stitcher, the poll also found that 49 percent of mobile device owners ages 18 to 34 are using more apps to stay up to date on election information than they did in 2008.

  • September 19, 2012
    VentureBeat: 56 percent of young Americans want to vote via their smartphones

    According to research by radio app company Stitcher, nearly half of both Democrats and Republicans agree, though Democrats have more interest with 54 percent. And, as to be expected, the younger you are, the more inclined you are the vote via a mobile application. But on of the biggest barriers between this reality and the voting booths at your local public school is the issue of identification. You need to be able to prove you are who you are, not to mention the fact that anyone can pick up your phone and pretend to be you.

  • September 19, 2012
    Mashable: 60% of Smartphone Owners Would Cast Their Ballot on a Mobile App

    Internet radio smartphone app Stitcher surveyed 2,129 American adults, 1,024 of whom are smartphone owners, and found that more than half of smartphone owners would make their Election Day choices on an app if it were possible to do so (it’s not). Breaking down the numbers, Stitcher found that Democrats are more willing to vote with an app than Republicans, 54% to 47%. As might be expected, younger voters are more likely to approve of mobile voting. Men are also more likely than women to be willing to vote with an app by a slim margin of 49% to 47%. Stitcher also found that 41% of smartphone and tablet owners are getting more information about the 2012 election via mobile apps, social media and web browsing than they did four years ago.

  • September 17, 2012
    Business Insider: 13 Underrated Apps You Need To Download Right Now

    Stitcher bundles talk radio, podcasts, and live radio all in one app. Stitcher was recently updated to include offline support, which lets you enjoy your favorite programs offline. Stitcher's channels include NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, WSJ, Adam Carolla, SModcast, Joe Rogan, Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Fresh Air, Freakonomics, Radiolab, and over 10,000+ other shows and live stations.

  • September 16, 2012
    San Francisco Chronicle: App of the Week: Stitcher Radio

    In a nutshell: This recently updated app from San Francisco's Stitcher lets you program your own Internet news and talk radio channels, with content from thousands of providers. Cool factor: The latest version has an offline mode, which means you can listen without being connected to the Net, and offers automatic updating of the shows you listen to.

  • September 11, 2012
    App Advice: Whether You're Online Or Off, You Can Listen To Your Favorite Shows With Stitcher Radio 5.0

    Following its Smart Station and BMW integration updates in the past few months, Stitcher Radio has once again received another significant update. This time around, the update is so significant as to move the app all the way to version 5.0. Stitcher Radio 5.0 introduces, most notably, a new offline mode. A much-requested feature, offline mode lets you listen to your shows in the popular universal radio app even without an Internet connection.

  • September 10, 2012
    Engadget: Stitcher updates its iOS app with offline mode for data-free radio

    Stitcher is all about giving the people what they want and, only days after introducing its popular lists, it's back with an offline mode for its iOS apps. Despite boasting one of the smallest data footprints in the streaming game (0.2MB per minute), you can now download over 10,000 radio shows for unconnected listening... Along with that major enhancement, there's a new comments system and other improvements in Facebook sharing, searching and AirPlay compatibility.

  • September 10, 2012
    Mobile Syrup: Stitcher Radio for iOS adds offline mode and improved AirPlay integration

    Stitcher is one of the best podcast apps out there. The service, as the name would suggest, “stitches” various programs together depending on your listening history and an intelligent recommendation engine. If you’re into music, sports, news or technology, there’s a huge database of stuff to listen to. Today’s update to version 5.0 brings a widely-requested feature in offline playback. This allows you to download entire programs and listen to them without a cell signal; you can also set the program to download only over WiFi to conserve cellular data. The update also brings improved AirPlay integration, comments on individual podcasts, better search and easier Facebook sharing.

  • September 10, 2012
    VentureBeat: Stitcher Radio adds offline listening mode

    Streaming service Stitcher Radio is trying to save you from moments of no connectivity and expensive overage charges from your wireless carrier. How? Through Stitcher new offline listening mode, which the company just launched today for its iOS apps. The Stitcher apps already consume a small amount of data, at 0.2MB per minute, but now you can download thousands of radio shows to your iPod/iPhone/iPad to listen offline at your convenience.

  • September 10, 2012
    All Access Music Group: Stitcher Unveils Offline Mode for Anywhere, Anytime Listening

    A recent survey of Stitcher listeners found that 38% prefer offline listening to protect against potential mobile data overages. The ability to listen offline is critical on the go, as the majority of listeners tune in away from home during their daily commutes, workouts, travels and at the office, with 38% of listeners indicating they will listen offline in the car, 23% when flying and 15% when traveling abroad. "Our goal is to make on-demand radio more accessible than ever,” said Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok. "Our most requested feature, offline mode, solves the biggest obstacle to listening on the go or when users would prefer to use Wi-Fi and conserve mobile data usage."

  • August 30, 2012
    Philadelphia Inquirer: Apptitude: Cast your ballot for an election app, early and often

    Stitcher Election Center 2012 is an area featured prominently on the Stitcher Smart Radio app for Android and Apple devices. It pulls together political coverage from podcasts and radio and television-audio streams. For the GOP convention, Stitcher is providing the live audio feed from CBS Radio news.

  • August 24, 2012
    Android Guys: Behind the Curtain: A conversation with Stitcher

    One app that we’ve really come to appreciate over the last year or so is Stitcher Radio. In fact, we’re such big fans of the app and service that we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to speak to their team. We recently had the pleasure of talking to Todd Pringle, VP of Product Management, where we learned about the special ingredients that go into their sauce.

  • August 23, 2012
    Laptop Magazine: 2013 Chevy Spark Test Drive: A Mini Car with Mighty Tech

    The most important feature of MyLink is its Smartphone Link. From here, users can control apps such as Pandora and Stitcher, as well as Chevy’s own BringGo navigation app. To access Pandora or Stitcher, you’ll first have to install the apps on your smartphone. Connect your iPhone or Android device to MyLink and you can start using Stitcher or Pandora as you please.

  • August 21, 2012
    Mashable: Inform Your Vote With These 6 Presidential Campaign Apps

    Staying in the know about the latest campaign news and poll results is easy, thanks to a slew of politics-themed mobile apps available in time for election season. If you’re looking for the best politics apps for your smartphone or tablet, look no further. The apps in the above gallery will help you stay informed about the issues that matter to you. Make political predictions before Election Day and even access interesting historical election data... Stitcher gives users access to talk radio, podcasts and local radio stations right on their mobile devices. For the 2012 election season, Stitcher has opened Election Center, which lets users follow particular candidates, commentators or issues across audio election news sources, such as C-SPAN and Fox News Radio.

  • August 14, 2012
    AllFacebook: Through Stitcher And Facebook, Talk Radio Fans Unite

    After using social music applications such as Spotify and Pandora, Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher Radio, wanted to find some way for talk radio fans to share their favorite podcasts and programs. Thus, the Stitcher Radio application was born. Since Stitcher deepened its Facebook integration in February, the app has taken off, earning a featured story in the site’s developers blog. Shanok told AllFacebook that the future sounds pretty sweet for Stitcher Radio.

  • August 9, 2012
    Motor Trend: BMW, Ford Unveil In-Dash Apps Including Daily Deal and Stitcher Smart Radio

    BMW’s newest application won’t find you an inexpensive pizza, but it will play you episodes of “This American Life.” BMW announced this week that all BMW Apps- and Mini Connected-equipped cars now have Stitcher Smart Radio connectivity, which connects to the Stitcher Smart Radio application for iOS and plays radio stations and programs on demand.

  • August 8, 2012
    Facebook: Developer Spotlight: Stitcher

    Stitcher is a mobile app that enables people to discover the podcasts their friends are listening to and share their favorite selections. People can also receive recommendations for new radio shows based on their listening activity. Stitcher uses Login with Facebook, so people can easily find the content their friends are sharing, whether on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

  • August 7, 2012
    WorldCarFans: BMW introduces Stitcher Smart Radio application

    The German carmaker BMW has announced at the beginning of this week that all models fitted with the Apps option, along with the MINI models that have MINI Connected can now benefit from the fully-integrated Stitcher Smart Radio application available for the iPhone. Owners of such cars can now make their own radio station experience by adding episodes from entertainment, talk, or live radio programs that are streamed to the car's infotainment system with the help of the Stitcher Smart Radio app installed on an iPhone.

  • August 7, 2012
    The Motor Report: BMW To Stream Stitcher Smart Radio Into Cars, But Not For Australia

    Overseas owners of suitably-equipped BMW and MINI models can now stream the Stitcher Smart Radio service directly to their car. Like Honda's recent US-market tie-up with Aha Radio, Stitcher Smart Radio streams digital radio stations across the internet to your phone, and then into your car stereo. BMW and MINI owners can preset their streaming radio stations on their iPhone, and also receive recommendations via the SmartStation feature.

  • August 6, 2012
    BMW Blog: Newest Personalized Radio App for BMW and MINI: Stitcher Smart Radio

    Beginning today, drivers of BMW models equipped with BMW Apps and MINI drivers with MINI Connected can enjoy a fully-integrated Stitcher Smart Radio app experience in the vehicle. Stitcher Smart Radio is the mobile leader in on demand news, entertainment, sports and talk radio, delivering over 10,000 radio shows and live stations to customers around the globe.

  • August 6, 2012
    Engadget: Stitcher List burrows into Radio app, gets you in the loop quicker

    Like web peanut butter, the Stitcher List site is a tasty way to find popular radio streams but was begging to be stirred into the chocolate of the main Stitcher Radio app. Luckily, that confection is now done and can be downloaded in iOS or Android flavors from each platform's store. The list addition lets you see popular podcasts or streams ranked in their category's top 50; new programs trending fast; and the most popular shows on social media.

  • August 1, 2012
    RadioWorld: Stitcher Connect Launches in Chevrolet Sonic, Spark

    Internet audio company Stitcher has released Stitcher Connect, an API linking Stitcher’s existing Smart Radio mobile device app with a car’s entertainment system. Stitcher Connect can now aggregate what it says is the best of talk radio and similar media seamlessly via automobiles. The Stitcher Connect platform integrates the features of on-demand web audio into the automobile and launches in the Chevrolet Sonic and Spark.

  • July 30, 2012
    Automotive Electronics News: Stitcher Connect API launches in Chevrolet Sonic and Spark models

    News, entertainment, sports and talk radio content aggregator Stitcher Smart Radio has launched Stitcher Connect, described as talk radio’s first API developed for the car. The Stitcher Connect platform integrates the features of on-demand radio directly into the automobile and launches in Chevrolet’s Sonic and Spark models. Listeners can seamlessly access and discover over 10,000 shows on Stitcher in their car.

  • July 30, 2012
    Wired Autopia: Exclusive: Stitcher Smart Radio Coming to Chevy Spark, Sonic

    When we got our hands on Chevrolet’s MyLink system for the all-new Spark and Sonic, the system’s ease-of-use, clutter-free interface, range of connectivity options, and quick responses won us over. And that’s before we found out about its sub-$300 price-point. But the one thing missing was apps. That’s being rectified with the inclusion of Stitcher, the talk radio and podcast app, which joins Pandora with the launch of MyLink.

  • July 30, 2012
    GigaOm: Stitcher launches connected car API; lands in Chevy Sonic, Spark

    As connected car platforms become more fragmented, Stitcher has an answer to the problem of developing for so many different vehicles. Instead of building to automaker’s in-dash APIs, it’s asking automakers to tap into its own API.

  • July 27, 2012
    Mashable: Listen to Talk Radio on Your iPhone? You’re Probably a Liberal

    Do you use your smartphone to listen to political talk radio? Then you’re more likely to be a liberal than a conservative, according to a new study. Internet radio smartphone app Stitcher sampled 5 million hours during a six-week period to determine the political leanings of its users, 70% of whom consume news and politics content. It found that users tuning into political content are much more likely to be listening to liberal commentators — especially if they’re using an iPhone. About 62% of iPhone listeners and 55% of Android users favored Liberal content.

  • July 17, 2012
    Gizmodo: The Best Android Tablet Apps

    With the Nexus 7 now available, Android tablets are no longer poor iPad copycats. They're real, banging for your buck affordable and most importantly, really good. But to make it even better, you'll need to get some apps. Here are the best Android tablet apps ... Stitcher Radio plays over 10000 radio stations, shows and podcasts from the best of NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Freakonomics, Adam Carolla and more.

  • July 14, 2012
    Time: Nexus 7 Niceties: 15 Best Apps for Google's New 7-Inch Tablet

    The Nexus 7′s built-in speakers aren’t stellar for listening to music, but they’re just fine for talk radio. Stitcher aggregates shows from sources around the web, including NPR, CNN, Fox and the BBC. The interface takes full advantage of the Nexus 7′s display, with menus on the margins that surround the content.

  • June 27, 2012
    PCWorld: Stitcher Tops List of 2012's Best Mobile Apps

    With more than 10,000 podcasts and radio shows to choose from on Stitcher, you’re bound to find something you like. The app can suggest stations based on topics that matter to you. For example, if you’re following the 2012 presidential election, you’ll appreciate Stitcher’s Election Center, where you can see which political issues are trending and hear podcasts that mention them.

  • June 27, 2012
    The Wall Street Journal: Stitcher: A Smart Choice for Discovering Podcasts

    Video: WSJ's Katie Boehret reviews Stitcher's new Smart Station feature.

  • June 26, 2012
    The Wall Street Journal: Podcast Hunter Tracks Down the Web's Best

    What do Alec Baldwin interviewing David Letterman, an explanation of why mimes replaced traffic police in Bogotá, Colombia, and a story about burping have in common? They are all free podcasts that were, until now, difficult to discover and hear. I've been testing Smart Station, a new feature in an app called Stitcher, that aims to simplify the hunt for great podcasts. Smart Station fills a station with audio content on a variety of topics that it thinks you'll like, finding this content using an algorithm that compares your listening patterns with tens of millions of listening hours from other users. It is designed to improve as you listen to more podcasts.

  • June 21, 2012
    Engadget: Stitcher Adds Smart Station to its Redesigned iOS and Android Apps, Makes Finding Radiolab Even Easier

    Stitcher has redesigned its streaming radio app for iOS and Android, fitting it with a raft of new features to make finding new content easy. Smart Station offers personalized recommendations to let you hop between shows you'll enjoy, while album art will now display on your lock screen as you enjoy the latest Fresh Air.

  • June 21, 2012
    Radio Ink: Stitcher Unveils Redesigned App

    Never be in the dark about which shows and programs you should be listening to. An industry first for talk radio, the Stitcher Smart Station makes recommendations based on your listening activity. By culling your listening history, favorite shows, and thumbs up, the Smart Station recommends shows you’re most likely to enjoy.

  • June 20, 2012
    TechCrunch: Stitcher Adds “Smart Station” To Help Listeners Discover Podcasts

    Podcast aggregator Stitcher has just added Stitcher Smart Station to their updated mobile app, effectively creating a recommendation engine for podcasts. The service scans 10,000 shows for content, style, and other factors and recommends podcasts that are similar to podcasts you already enjoy. On average, new users will discover five new podcasts they like in the first month.

  • June 20, 2012
    The Verge: Stitcher for iOS and Android Adds Smart Stations, Sleep Timer, and Lock Screen Art

    Streaming radio and podcast aggregator app Stitcher is today updating both its Android and iOS apps. The new Smart Station feature is similar to iTunes Genius or Pandora, and offers recommendations based on the stations and podcasts that you've been listening to and rating. Additionally, the app now displays the cover art for what you're currently listening to on your lock screen, and Stitcher finally added a sleep timer to automatically mute playback after a set period of time.

  • June 20, 2012
    The Wrap: Pandora for Talking: Stitcher Updates App How You Like It

    Stitcher, the leading mobile app for news and talk radio, has launched an update aimed at impacting talk radio as Pandora has done for music radio ... Available as an app on Apple products, those that run the Android operating system and the Kindle Fire, the most significant feature in the update is the “Smart Station,” which recommends new shows based on your listening history and what other people are listening to.

  • June 20, 2012
    IntoMobile: Stitcher Radio App Gets Updated with Smart Station for Personalized Show Recommendations

    Stitcher Radio redesigned its app today for iOS and Android to include a handful of new features such as Smart Station ... “Stitcher Smart Station is designed to give our listeners more tools for discovery and personalization,” Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher, commented. “Our goal is to make talk radio more accessible than ever, and listeners are responding. Since our launch of the Stitcher Election Center in May, we’ve seen an increase in listening by an average of an hour per month. We’re hoping Stitcher Smart Station gives listeners just as much, if not more, access to new, relevant content within the app.”

  • June 20, 2012
    Life Hacker: Stitcher Creates Streaming Radio Stations from Your Favorite Podcasts, Pandora-Style

    If you're a podcast junkie, you're probably always on the hunt for new shows, not to mention tuning into your favorites all day long. Stitcher Radio takes a new approach to podcasts, creating Pandora-like stations and playlists with your favorite shows, so you always have something to listen to.

  • June 20, 2012
    Ubergizmo: Sticher Radio App Redesigned

    Stitcher, the mobile radio service that provides news, talk shows, sport and entertainment launched its revamped application. Smart Station, the key new feature, will allow listeners to discover their preferred shows among the 10,000 offered on Stitcher, thanks to personalized recommendations based on your listening history. According to the company, Smart Station, is an update of the ‘Listeners Also Like’ feature released last year, and Stitcher currently generates over 10 million recommendations a day.

  • May 30, 2012
    Freakonomics: Freakonomics Radio on Stitcher

    Stitcher is a “smart radio” app that lets you listen to podcasts and live radio on demand. I only heard of it once Stitcher began advertising on Freakonomics Radio, but then I started using it and I have to say I do love it. As of today, I love Stitcher even a little bit more because it has just launched a Stitcher List of top programs around the world, and guess which program resides at No. 1?

  • May 29, 2012
    Engadget: Stitcher Radio Debuts The Stitcher List, a New Way to Discover Podcasts Worth Listening to

    The creators of Stitcher are looking to bring a bit of insight to the discovery process with a new service known as The Stitcher List. Here, users may browse 15 different categories to find weekly updates of trending shows, along with the most popular and the most shared broadcasts of the week.

  • May 25, 2012
    The Globe and Mail: 31 Apps that Make News Reading Better

    Stitcher Radio helps you build a library of talk radio shows and podcasts. Search news programs by category and source and save them for offline listening.

  • May 2, 2012
    GigaOM: Stitcher Gets Political, Lets Users Follow Presidential Candidates

    News and talk radio app Stitcher, is gearing up for the presidential elections with a dedicated election service that allows users to follow their favorite candidate and get elections news from select sources. The Mobile Election Center tab inside the Stitcher app will give users a chance to get information directly from the different campaigns and also gather election-related news from outlets like Slate, CBS News, Marketplace, Bloomberg, PRI and MSNBC and others.

  • May 2, 2012
    TechCrunch: Talk Radio Startup Stitcher Adds an Election Center

    As the Republican primaries wrap up and we head into the Obama vs. Romney stage of the presidential campaign, Stitcher has updated its talk radio app with an Election Center where anyone can track the latest political news. It seems pretty natural for any news-focused app to add an election center, but CEO Noah Shanok says it’s a particularly good fit for Stitcher’s audience, of which 70 percent has engaged with news and political content.

  • May 2, 2012
    VentureBeat: Stitcher’s Election Center App Gives Obama, Romney Yet Another Outlet

    Stitcher, the iOS and Android radio app that is trying improve the state of non-music streaming content, has added an Election Center section to its app to keep people in the loop on the contentious 2012 U.S. elections. Stitcher’s in-app programming already includes high-profile shows like NPR’s Fresh Air, Rush Limbaugh, CNN News, Chelsea Lately, Marc Maron, and Fox Sports. But now the application will have a section dedicated purely to the election that can keep political watchers up-to-the-minute with news and updates.

  • May 2, 2012
    PandoDaily: Stitcher Radio Capitalizes on the Presidential Race with an Election Center and New Transcription Technology

    Popular radio app Stitcher is today launching new features that will allow deeper user engagement around the US Presidential campaign. The additions include an Election Center, which collects politically-relevant audio into a central location and a leaderboard that lets listeners isolate and jump to specific soundbites.

  • May 2, 2012
    148Apps: Stitcher Update Includes 2012 Election Focus Section

    Stitcher has always been a great app to go to for audio content. They have now implemented a new feature that allows then to create focus sections on a particular category. The first of these sections to launch will the a 2012 Presidential election that includes audio endorsed by the candidates themselves.

  • April 24, 2012
    PC World: The 12 Best Free Entertainment Services and Apps of 2012

    Stitcher was named among PC World's picks for the dozen best free entertainment services of the year for the app's ability to "create customized playlists" and give users the ability to listen to thousands of podcasts and live radio channels from their phones.

  • March 31, 2012
    Mashable: Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

    Stitcher Radio minimizes the confusion by offering a virtual buffet of the best podcasts available. Once you've found a show you like, add it to your favorites, and you'll be notified whenever new episodes are available.

  • March 16, 2012
    IntoMobile: BMW to Bring Stitcher Radio iPhone App to BMW Apps and MINI Connected

    The BMW Group and Stitcher are teaming-up to make the Stitcher Smart Radio iPhone app compatible with vehicles equipped with BMW Apps and MINI Connected technologies. Once completed, folks with BMW and MINI vehicles will be able to access Stitcher’s on-demand streaming service in vehicles equipped with the BMW Apps or MINI Connected options.

  • March 14, 2012
    MacWorld: Stitcher Review

    Stitcher Radio is remarkable. Where most audio apps for iPad and iPhone focus either on delivering Internet radio or offering a channel for your favorite podcasts, this free app for iPhone and iPad blends both offerings —and displays them all in a unique, magazine-style user interface with social networking options that go beyond the standard.

  • March 13, 2012
    Satellite Radio Playground: BMW to Offer Stitcher Internet Radio

    BMW announced at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference that it is adding Stitcher — on-demand radio for news, talk and live programming — to the list of apps that work with its infotainment systems.

  • March 12, 2012
    egmCarTech: Stitcher Radio Becomes BMW Apps and MINI Connected Ready

    Following the integration of Pandora into its vehicles, BMW announced today that it is adding Stitcher Smart Radio iPhone App compatibility to vehicles equipped with BMW Apps and Mini Connected.

  • March 12, 2012
    Engadget: BMW launches Stitcher integration at SXSW (hands-on video)

    BMW announced today at SXSW that it's teaming up with Stitcher to integrate the popular iPhone app's on-demand streaming functionality into vehicles equipped with the BMW Apps and Mini Connected technologies. We ran into BMW's Robert Passaro in the halls of Austin's Convention Center and he was kind enough to give us an exclusive demo of Stitcher inside a lovely BMW 650i convertible ahead of today's launch.

  • March 2, 2012
    PC Mag: The 100 Best Android Apps of 2012

    For those of us who prefer podcasts and talk radio to music, Stitcher is an excellent app. You can listen to the news from a wide variety of channels and stations, as well as get all your favorite podcasts.

  • February 21, 2012
    The Verge: Stitcher Podcast and News Radio App Adds Support for Facebook's Timeline

    Stitcher, the popular podcast aggregation and playback app for iOS and Android, has just added integration with Facebook's Timeline to its feature set. Now, you can have your listening habits posted to your Timeline and see exactly what your friends are listening to in real-time.

  • February 21, 2012
    IntoMobile: Stitcher Radio iPhone App Gets Friendly with Facebook Timeline

    I’m a big fan of the Stitcher Radio app (I have over 800 hours of usage, it tells me) and the company just released an updated iPhone app which will guarantee that my friends know how much I dig it because it now includes integration with Facebook’s Timeline.

  • February 20, 2012
    CNET: Stitcher First with Facebook Timeline News Radio Integration

    Dozens of apps tie in seamlessly, but on the audio front, music has led the way. Now, radio news shows and podcasts are available by the thousands, and discovery is the goal. Stitcher, an app that is essentially Pandora for news radio, says it is now the first service to tightly integrate such programming with Facebook's Timeline. The move could be the biggest mobile implementation of Timeline to date, the company says.

  • February 17, 2012
    Rob Greenlee: On-Demand and Time-Shifted Talk Radio is the Future of Audio Podcasting

    I need to say that the lack of podcast aggregator platform revenue is number 1# limiting issue around podcast distribution platform innovation and improvement. The answer to this question looks a lot like Stitcher with more integration with internet radio in the car and on mobile/wifi devices.

  • January 4, 2012
    Mobile Mouse: Stitcher – Internet Radio and Podcast App for Kindle Fire

    Many people have come to associate their mobile devices as being audio devices. We download our music and podcasts to listen to while we are traveling and generally mobile. The Kindle Fire was designed as an e-reader first and tablet second. As such, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have an inherent ability to listen to podcasts. Stitcher has been available for the iOS devices for awhile, and now is available on the Kindle Fire to fill this podcast void. In general, the Stitcher app is designed to provide streaming access to radio stations and podcasts ... Overall, this is a great app to use as a portal to online media, and doesn’t force you to use the limited storage space on your Kindle Fire. They seem to have spent time to make a clean usable interface, without cluttering it with a lot of junk.

  • December 27, 2011
    SpeedTV: Top Automotive Technologies Of 2011

    We'll likely look back on 2011 as the year that the app truly entered our automobiles, becoming integrated with our Bluetooth-connected smart phones and in some cases, fully integrated with vehicle infotainment systems ... As custom streaming sites Pandora and Stitcher have shown us, the way we listen is changing with the technology. Programming in your own audio system beamed in from the cloud is most likely the way of the future. Over the past year, we've seen a rapid revolution with a host of models offering integrated controls of your custom stations, while you use the data connection from your smart phone.

  • December 2, 2011
    Daily Mail: Podcasts I Have Loved

    Sometimes I wish I were a big city commuter. Usually that’s when I’m listening to a podcast I enjoy. The best podcasts are like a fun, smart conversation that you don’t have to say a word to take part in. Usually I listen on my iPhone using Stitcher radio, which is this handy little app where a whole world of podcasts live.

  • November 23, 2011 Stitcher Radio - News & Talk

    The Stitcher Radio – News & Talk Android Widget lets you listen to thousands of radio stations, as well as all your favorite news, sports, comedy, talk, and storytelling programs in a single, easy-to-use Android widget. Stitcher Radio gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite AM/FM stations without any trouble and watch your favorite podcasts without ever needing to download them. That’s right – by seamlessly “stitching” together everything into a nifty playlist, this Android widget lets you stream all of this on the fly.

  • November 10, 2011
    Detroit News: Verano's Quiet Luxury

    Powered by General Motors Co.'s 2.4-liter dual overhead cam Ecotec engine, the Verano provides a solid ride, a new easy-to-use infotainment system, really comfortable seats and just enough razzle-dazzle to impress some but go unnoticed by others ... Additionally, the Verano features Buick's newest infotainment system, known as IntelliLink, with Bose Premium Audio and OnStar ... The IntelliLink allows the car's system to operate some apps found on smartphones such as Pandora and Stitcher, both big audio apps that play music and radio programs on demand.

  • November 9, 2011
    Into Mobile: What’s on Your Home Screen?

    From time to time, I like to spotlight apps that I’m digging lately but the truth is, I’ll generally stop using them after a week or so unless it has something really valuable to offer. I do have a core set of apps that I use every single day and these are the ones that are on my main home screen ... Stitcher is filled with thousands of interesting podcasts and radio programs.

  • November 8, 2011
    PadGadget Weekly App Series - Apps for Radio Streaming

    For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found eight great apps to add to your iPad collection. We have included eight essential apps for radio streaming in this week’s bundle ... Stitcher’s content is impressive, as it includes popular news, comedy, sports, talk and storytelling radio shows, so there is something for everybody.

  • October 27, 2011
    Toyota Touch Life: New Apps in Your Car Dash, Via Your Smartphone

    Cool navigation and social networking apps show up on smartphones years before automakers can build them into custom infotainment systems that cost hundreds or thousands dollars, and so now they’re partnering with smartphone makers to mirror some apps on a car’s center stack LCD display. Toyota’s Touch Life infotainment system lets you run Garmin StreetPilot, Stitcher, Twitter, and other apps that show up on the larger display of your dashboard display.

  • October 25, 2011
    PC Mag: The 50 Best Android Apps

    The 50 apps that made the cut for this list are the ones that have shown outstanding performance, have been almost universally liked by users young and old, or have had a solid history of being among the first apps we'd recommend new users download ... For those of us who prefer podcasts and talk radio to music, Stitcher is an excellent app. You can listen to the news from a wide variety of channels and stations, as well as get all your favorite podcasts.

  • October 21, 2011
    GM Reinvests Dashboard Entertainment

    General Motors a real laggard here compared to Ford's MyFord Touch and Toyota's Entune -- is ready to give smartphone owners new ways to entertain themselves on the open road ... Now let's get to the audio features. Pandora is embedded into CUE. That's not groundbreaking. Entune beat them in making Pandora a prominent icon feature. However, Engadget also claims that CUE will support Stitcher.

  • September 28, 2011
    Appolicious: Personalized Internet radio provider Stitcher raises $10 million

    In an effort to further bring radio into the 21st century, web-based personalized radio provider Stitcher has secured $10 million in Series C funding, thanks to New Enterprise Associates, Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures and others. The company has now gathered a total investment of $18.7 million in three rounds of funding. Rather than turn to individual streaming apps of content providers such as CNN and NPR, this free app, available on Android iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm devices, gives users the opportunity to use one central hub to switch between many different programs.

  • September 28, 2011
    Inc. Tech: Stitcher Raises $10 Million for Online Talk Radio

    An Internet start-up that wants to take talk radio onto the web announced last week that it raised $10 million. San Francisco-based Stitcher completed a funding round led by New Enterprise Associates along with a number of other venture firms. The company has now raised a total of $20 million.

  • September 22, 2011
    Tech Crunch: New Enterprise, Benchmark, Ron Conway And More Pour $10 Million Into Web Talk Radio Startup Stitcher

    Last we heard, video had killed the radio star. But thanks to the Web, radio is finding new distribution channels and a new mobile home.

    Quote: “When you think of web radio, you might think of Pandora — and for good reason. Stitcher is looking to find its way into your podcast playlist by becoming the Pandora of web talk radio. So far, so good. The startup’s apps currently stream over 6,000 shows that cover everything from news and entertainment to sports and comedy.”

  • September 22, 2011
    All Things D: Stitcher Raises $10 Million to Turn Your iPhone Into a Talk Radio Receiver

    Stitcher, which helps mobile-phone users stream talk shows, news updates and podcasts to their iPhones, BlackBerrys, etc., has raised a $10 million C round led by New Enterprise Associates. Earlier investors Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, and Ron Conway re-upped as well. Stitcher promises users it can help them get their content more quickly than downloading via intermediaries like iTunes; it tells advertisers it can aggregate large groups of listeners. It has raised $20 million to date.

  • September 22, 2011
    gigaom: Stitcher gets $10M to personalize Internet talk radio

    Stitcher, the Pandora of Internet talk radio, has raised $10 million as it capitalizes on the opportunity in non-music streaming radio. The San Francisco company raised the money from New Enterprise Associates, which led the round, along with money from existing investors Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, and other individual investors, including Ron Conway.

    Quote: “Shanok said talk radio represents 35 percent of the terrestrial radio market and generates $5 billion in annual advertising revenue. While Pandora and Spotify are exploiting the music side of Internet radio, he said Stitcher has much less competition on the talk side. It’s too early to talk about a Pandora style IPO, said Shanok. But with the way things are going, it could be on the horizon.”

  • September 22, 2011
    INSIDE RADIO: New funding to fuel Stitcher growth

    Stitcher, the San Francisco-based personalized internet talk radio service, has closed on a new round of venture capital financing. The company that’s the spoken word equivalent of Pandora will use the funding to build out its platforms, hire a sales team to target national advertisers and accelerate automotive integration.

  • September 22, 2011
    VentureBeat: Stitcher raises $10M to improve web-based talk radio

    Personalized web talk radio company Stitcher on Wednesday announced it has raised $10 million to improve the state of non-musical streaming content on the Web. Stitcher wants to tap into the $5 billion in annual revenues generated by talk radio advertising. The service lets users build personalized talk radio stations from more than 6,000 different shows that cover news, sports, entertainment, comedy and more.

  • September 22, 2011
    CNN Money: Stitcher Raises $10 Million

    Stitcher, a San Francisco-based provider of personalized Internet talk radio, has raised $10 million in Series C funding. New Enterprise Associates led the round, and was joined by return backers Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures and Ron Conway.

  • September 22, 2011
    TALKERS: Internet Talk Radio Company Stitcher Raises $10 Million in New Funding

    Stitcher reports it has closed a Series C round of venture capital financing, led by New Enterprise Associates (whose general partner Ravi Viswanathan joins Stitcher’s board of directors) that allows the company to “fuel growth, build out a direct sales team and drive product development including enhancing its platform for content partners.”

  • September 22, 2011
    Dow Jones VentureWire: Stitcher Sews Up $10M Series C For Online Talk Radio

    With its application available across most of the popular mobile devices and implementations in vehicles offered by two top automakers, Internet talk radio service Stitcher Inc. has raised a $10 million Series C round of funding. New Enterprise Associates led the round, which included investments from return investors Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures and Ron Conway. Ravi Viswanathan, general partner at NEA, will join Stitcher's board of directors.

  • September 21, 2011
    Stitcher Secures $10 Million in Series C Funding Led by New Enterprise Associates

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 21, 2011 — Stitcher, a company that offers personalized Internet talk radio, announced today that it has closed a Series C round of venture capital financing. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) led the $10 million round, which included investments from return investors Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, and tech veterans including Ron Conway. Ravi Viswanathan, general partner, NEA, will join Stitcher’s board of directors. Stitcher will use the funding to fuel growth, build out a direct sales team, and drive product development, including enhancing its platform for content partners.

  • September 16, 2011
    Stitcher Debuts Redesigned iPhone and iPad Apps

    LAUNCH captured Stitcher's new design overhaul, calling the new look "cleaner." Check out this post to see a play-by-play series of images highlighting changes in Stitcher's interface.

  • August 15, 2011
    Ford Drives Away From VC Deals In 'Connected Car' Push

    Dow Jones VentureWire featured Stitcher SmartRadio in it's series of profiles that analyze the strategies of publicly traded companies plugged into the start-up community.

    Quote: "Stitcher Inc. is another venture-backed company drawn to Ford's SYNC platform. The company, which provides customized talk radio online and is backed by Benchmark Capital and New Atlantic Ventures, reached out to Ford before its connected-car strategy was public, said Noah Shanok, Stitcher co-founder and chief executive."

  • July 7, 2011
    Stitcher Streams Podcasts On Demand to Make Old Radio Even More Irrelevant

    LAUNCH profiled Stitcher SmartRadio and the company's CEO, Noah Shanok, in this interesting overview of Stitcher's back story, business model, and future. “We want to be there for users with content that makes you laugh, informs you, appeals to whatever your interests are,” said Shanok.

  • July 1, 2011
    Stitcher CEO Discusses Definition of 'Talk' During Interview on 'Life, Love & Health'

    On the Path Productions' Executive Producer Christopher Springmann interviewed Stitcher CEO and Founder Noah Shanok on the latest episode of Life Love & Health as the pair discussed the evolving definition of "talk."

    Quote: " delivers on-demand talk programming directly to mobile devices and iPads," said Springmann. "And Noah is furthering the movement to bring personalized, on-demand quality and always-current talk audio content to listeners everywhere, in their cars, on the job, at home, on vacation -- at their convenience wherever they are. Essentially, he's redefined what on-demand talk programming is and isn't. He's suggesting that 'talk' is everything other than music. That's a bold concept."

  • June 22, 2011
    Ford Adds SYNC AppLink to 10 Vehicles, Quadruples Connectivity Team, and Grows App Developer Community

    The award-winning Ford SYNC® AppLink™ software program is migrating to a new group of 2012 Ford vehicles, giving more vehicle owners the opportunity to enjoy intuitive voice control of and access to their smartphone apps on the go. In late 2010, Ford began offering AppLink as a download on, available exclusively to 2011 Ford Fiesta owners for popular mobile apps, such as Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio.

  • June 20, 2011
    The Future for Talk Radio is Mobile

    News, Talk, Sports Media Online featured Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok in its daily digest, highlighting recent media interviews in which Shanok outlines talk radio's future. “Talk is different (from music),” he says. “Talk programming requires continuous updating for fresh content; it needs to be delivered on-demand when we want to listen to a program; and it must follow us around during all those times that our bodies are occupied but our minds are free: in the car, making dinner, working out.”

  • June 16, 2011
    New York Times: Quick Calls

    New York Times technology writer Bob Tedeschi calls out Stitcher as one of the best free mobile apps on the market.

  • June 8, 2011
    Talk Radio: Why This Last Old Media Frontier Is Finally Shifting Digital

    Stitcher CEO and Founder Noah Shanok offers in-depth insight on how services like Stitcher and its peers will change the landscape of radio in this exclusive All Things D blog post.

  • June 1, 2011
    Stitcher SmartRadio Now Playing on Sonos

    Sonos, the leading developer of wireless music systems for the home, today took another step in streaming all the music, radio, news and podcasts on the planet by adding two innovative and global radio services to the Sonos experience - AUPEO! Personal Radio and Stitcher SmartRadio™.

  • May 23, 2011
    Stitcher CEO on the Evolution of Podcasting and his Company’s Android Success

    Stitcher CEO and Founder Noah Shanok sounds off on everything from the future of podcasting to the history of Stitcher in this interview with Brad Spirrison of Appolicious.

  • May 3, 2011
    Review: Stitcher Makes On-Demand Streaming Simple

    Quote: Stitcher takes the best parts of podcasting – the ability to listen to high quality, mainly talk programming, on-demand, and makes it much more convenient by eliminating the need for syncing or updating ... Stitcher is also a great option for content providers. They’ve just announced a new deal with SModcast, one of the biggest podcast shows on iTunes that will create a 24/7 Internet radio station that will feature live and archived radio programs from Kevin Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach and Jason Mewes and be available on Stitcher’s free mobile and iPad™ apps.

  • May 2, 2011
    Stitcher Named Exclusive Mobile Provider for Kevin Smith’s New SModcast Internet Radio

    Stitcher today announced that its Stitcher SmartRadio app has been named the official mobile partner for the upcoming launch of SModcast Internet Radio (S.I.R.) on Monday, May 9. S.I.R. is a new Internet radio station evolving from the current suite of shows released on the SModcast podcast network as well as new shows created specifically for S.I.R.

    S.I.R. will carry audio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will feature live and archived radio programs from Kevin Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach and Jason Mewes. The suite of shows will be available exclusively through and Stitcher’s free mobile and iPad™ apps.

  • April 29, 2011
    Stitcher Named a Top App for 'Listening to the Radio Without the Radio' gave Stitcher SmartRadio top billing in its recent list of the best new methods to listen to the radio -- without an actual radio.

  • April 28, 2011
    Video: Consumer Reporters Test Drive Buick IntelliLink

    WKYC Channel 3 News reporters examined the fledgling relationship between smartphones and vehicle dashboards, including Buick's recently announced IntelliLink, which lets drivers listen to Stitcher by connecting their smartphones to a high-resolution, full-color touch-screen car radio.

  • April 27, 2011
    CNET: A closer look at GM's MyLink and IntelliLink

    CNET Review: After enjoying a healthy lead with Sync, Ford may finally have to watch its back. GM officially debuted MyLink and IntelliLink at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, and its new smartphone-integrated infotainment platform could be a game changer for the industry ... For now, Pandora and Stitcher are the only two mobile apps allowed into the new platform.

  • April 20, 2011
    Buick Unveils Stitcher on IntelliLink

    Buick announced in New York this week that the brand is exited to bring a higher level of in-vehicle wireless connectivity and customizable infotainment options to its 2012 Verano, Regal and LaCrosse models. Buick IntelliLink uses Bluetooth or USB to connect the driver’s smartphone to a new 7- or 8-inch color touch screen display radio; it also enables streaming stereo audio from the phone through services like Stitcher SmartRadio® and PANDORA® Internet radio .

  • April 19, 2011
    Review: New Stitcher Update Lands on iPad

    Blake Grundman, senior writer at, gave Stitcher's newly released ipad app his seal of approval, capping off his review with the statement, "I would highly recommend giving this a download, and seeing if it helps to expand your podcasting horizons."

    Check out his review for a pictorial tour of the iPad app's unique new features.

  • April 14, 2011
    Review: Stitcher iPad App Brings On-Demand Streaming Audio to Your Tablet Senior Editor Marin Perez test-drove Stitcher's newly released iPad app Wednesday, describing the app as "rock solid" with "a nice user interface." Take a tour through the app by checking out Perez' video at the end of the article.

  • April 13, 2011
    Stitcher SmartRadio™ Now Available for Free on the iPad

    Stitcher today announced that its popular Stitcher SmartRadio™ app is now available for free on the Apple iPad™. Unique to the iPad version, Stitcher’s app combines on-demand news, live radio stations, and content discovery in one easy-to-navigate page for a more visually engaging experience than is possible on a mobile phone.

  • March 16, 2011
    Stitcher Adds Imus in the Morning to its line-up

    Stitcher, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Imus in the Morning, expanding Imus fans’ listening experience to mobile phones. Stitcher is thrilled to announce the exciting new partnership with Don Imus, one of America's top radio and television humorists and interviewers, with an audience of more than 10 million listeners and viewers across the country. Members of Inside Imus will now have instant access to daily programming on their mobile phones using the Stitcher SmartRadio app.

  • February 17, 2011
    Chevrolet MyLink Creates Smart Phones on Wheels

    Consumers who seek a higher level of in-vehicle wireless connectivity and customized infotainment options, plus the unmatched safety and security of OnStar need look no further than the 2012 Chevy Volt and Equinox.

    When these vehicles go on sale later this year, they will be the first to offer Chevy MyLink – an in-car infotainment package that builds on the safety and security of OnStar and seamlessly integrates online services like Pandora® internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio® using hands-free voice and touch-screen controls via Bluetooth device connectivity.

  • January 5, 2011
    OnStar Expanding Services to Include Stitcher

    OnStar announces plans to include features like Stitcher and Pandora at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

  • December 22, 2010
    SYNC AppLink Now Available as Free Download; Ford Fiesta Owners First With Voice Control of Stitcher Radio

    Press Release: SYNC® AppLink, the industry-first software application that gives SYNC users hands-free voice control of Stitcher and their smartphone apps, is now available as a free download for 2011 Ford Fiesta owners.

  • November 22, 2010
    Stitcher Adds Impressive Group of Subscription-Based Progressive Talkers to its Line-Up

    Stitcher, Inc. and Mike Malloy Radio Productions LLC, SM Radio Productions Inc, Ring of Fire Productions, Bill Press Partners, The Leslie Marshall Show LLC, together with 921 Associates LLC, inked an exciting new partnership. Subscribers of the shows’ premium content will now have instant access to daily programming on their mobile phones using the Stitcher Radio app.

  • September 17, 2010
    GM Relaunches OnStar with WiFi, News Podcasts and More to Challenge Ford Sync

    General Motors' OnStar is fighting back. Next year, GM will provide in-car access to Pandora online radio, Stitcher news podcasts and WiFi. Voice-activated Facebook, texting, e-mail and MP3 player control also may come soon.

  • August 16, 2010
    Bloomberg Video Exclusive: Stitcher CEO Calls Ford 'Natural Choice'

    Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok talks about Stitcher's partnership with Ford Motor Co. -- and chats about the future of on-demand radio in this exclusive Bloomberg interview.

  • August 10, 2010
    Ford Overcomes Alien Status in Silicon Valley as Carmakers Clamor for Apps

    Bloomberg examines the new influx of partnerships forged between Detroit's biggest automakers and Northern California tech startups, like Stitcher.

    Quote:When Ford Motor Co. came to Noah Shanok’s San Francisco startup about using his technology, he expected it to be like meeting strangers from another planet. “We thought we might have been like aliens,” said Shanok, the 35-year-old chief executive officer of Stitcher, whose software lets users collect talk-radio programs on one custom channel. “It became quickly clear when talking to the leadership at Ford that we were smart people looking at problems together.”

  • July 28, 2010
    Stitcher Signs with Adam Carolla

    Since leaving CBS Radio in February 2009, Adam Carolla has created one of the most popular podcasts — getting more than five million downloads per month. Looking to expand distribution, Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting has struck a deal with Stitcher.

  • June 10, 2010
    Stitcher Introduces Live Streaming to its Popular Palm Pre App

    Stitcher now offers live streaming radio to Palm Pre and Palm Pixi owners. Just released, the latest version of Stitcher’s Palm webOS app represents a significant advancement in how users can listen to talk radio on the go: Palm Pre and Pixi owners can now toggle between their favorite on-demand shows and hundreds of popular talk-radio stations streamed live. Listeners can tune in to their favorite terrestrial or Internet radio stations and listen live on their Palm phone from anywhere in the world where wi-fi or 3G is available.

  • May 5, 2010
    Stitcher is Deemed a "Friend to Radio" by INSIDE RADIO

    INSIDE RADIO examines Stitcher's role in radio's future -- and why content providers are eager to partner with the popular app.

    Quote: “While it is often referred to as the spoken word equivalent of Pandora, mobile content aggregator Stitcher is increasingly being viewed by radio networks as more of an ally than an enemy. A growing number of radio companies agree."

  • April 20, 2010
    Ford’s Sync AppLink Revolutionizes the Way Users Listen to Stitcher in their Cars

    Ford SYNC Product Manager Julius Marchwicki offers an exclusive look at how Stitcher, Pandora, and OpenBeak can be operated through voice-recognition software in 2011 Ford vehicles. Check out these videos for a unique glimpse of radio's future.

  • April 20, 2010
    Ford Becomes First to Deliver Voice Control of Smartphone Apps, Including Stitcher

    Ford today introduced the new SYNC AppLink software that will allow hands-free voice control of popular smartphone apps. Stitcher, Pandora and Orangatame’s OpenBeak are the first three SYNC-enabled mobile applications.

    Quote: "AppLink will allow drivers to control some of the most popular apps through SYNC’s voice commands and steering wheel buttons, helping drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”

  • April 12, 2010
    Stitcher Pioneers New Techniques to Personalize Talk Radio

    Stitcher, the leader in on-demand news and talk radio for mobile devices, rolled out Version 3.2 of its popular iPhone app this week. This latest version represents a significant advancement in how users are able to personalize talk radio to fit their unique preferences.

  • April 6, 2010
    GigaOM: Stitcher Raises $6M for Streaming Talk Radio

    "Stitcher, a company that creates personalized talk radio streams out of shows from providers such as NPR, PRI and the BBC, is trying to help people like me bring audio content to our mobile devices and cars, and along the way introduce us to new shows. The company, which bills itself as a Pandora for news and talk radio, has just raised a $6 million Series B round led by Benchmark Capital and including New Atlantic Ventures, Ed Scott and Ron Conway."

  • April 6, 2010
    Stitcher Secures $6 Million in Series B Venture Funding

    Today, Stitcher, a service that allows users to customize talk radio programming on their mobile devices, announced that it has completed its Series B round of financing. Led by Benchmark Capital, with participation from previous investor New Atlantic Ventures and tech veterans including Ed Scott and Ron Conway, the funding will be used to further Stitcher's product and platform development. Bob Kagle of Benchmark will join Stitcher's board of directors.

  • April 6, 2010
    All Things Digital: What Do Rush and NPR Have in Common? Internet Talk Radio Hub Stitcher Nabs $6 Million From Benchmark.

    "Online talk radio aggregator Stitcher nabbed $6 million from Benchmark Capital ... The San Francisco-based start-up often describes itself as the the Pandora of online talk radio. And like the digital music site, Stitcher lets its users create and customize their own free personalized talk/information/news radio stations."

  • April 6, 2010
    TechCrunch: Benchmark Helps Web Talk Radio Startup Stitcher Turn Up The Volume By $6 Million

    "Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok wants his company to become the Pandora of Web talk radio, and he just raised a $6 million Series B to help him get there. The round was led by Benchmark Capital, and follows a $2.7 million Series A in 2008. Existing investor New Atlantic Ventures put in more money as well."

  • March 9, 2010
    Stitcher Now Available for Storm 2

    The wait is over: Stitcher is now available for the Blackberry® Storm 2™ (9520 and 9550). Additionally, this update will support all BlackBerry touch-screen devices running BlackBerry OS v.5.0. The update is available as a free download from BlackBerry App World™ or at

  • February 12, 2010
    App Review: Stitcher for Android

    "Androids Talk" gives Stitcher a rave review, citing the app as the best way to listen to podcasts and audio shows on Android devices.

    Quote: "For those addicted to podcasts, there is an app for you. The Stitcher podcast streamer allows for your favorite podcasts to be sent directly to your phone. The comprehensive list allows an almost guaranteed hit when searching for your preferred podcast and lightning fast streaming means almost instant gratification ... (Stitcher takes) feedback of wanted podcasts and adds them in record time."

  • January 27, 2010
    MyFord Touch: Bringing the App Revolution to Cars

    Digital Media Buzz's Sheila Shayon investigates the innovative apps coming soon to a dashboard near you through the MyFord Touch. Stitcher, Pandora and OpenBeak compose the high-powered trio of apps slated to change the way people enjoy in-car entertainment.

    Stitcher communicates with the Ford head unit via Bluetooth. For the driver/listener, the experience is simply to get into her car, push a button, and ask the car to play content she wants from Stitcher. Any functionality that is available via the Stitcher touch UI is available via voice and the head unit in the car,” says Noah Shanok, co-founder and CEO.

  • January 8, 2010
    Video: See Stitcher for MyFord Touch Come to Life at CES

    CES keynote speakers get behind the wheel of a 2010 Ford equipped with MyFord Touch capabilities to sample the latest SYNC technology. Check out this CES video clip to watch mobile apps like Pandora and Stitcher come to life on a dashboard. Mentions of Stitcher begin at the 53-minute mark.

  • January 7, 2010
    The WSJ Compiles Early CES Highlights, Including the Announcement of Ford's Partnership with Stitcher

    The Wall Street Journal chronicled the major events of 2010's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as CES presenters focused on the increasing use of the Web to connect more media content to more devices. Ford's partnerships with Stitcher, Pandora, and OpenBeak, announced Jan. 7 at CES, follow the the theme of the show, observe early WSJ reports.

  • January 7, 2010
    New Ford Partners Stitcher, Pandora, OpenBeak Bring New Wave of In-Car Entertainment

    USA Today reports on Ford's new trio of partners -- Stitcher, Pandora and OpenBeak -- bringing tech-minded motorists the latest in on-demand radio and in-car entertainment.

    Quote: "It's not a trend. It's a tsunami," says Doug VanDagens, connected services director for Ford, of how apps are revolutionizing entertainment.
    Pandora's founder is equally thrilled. Listeners in cars "is kind of the Holy Grail for us," Tim Westergren says. "Half of all radio listening happens in the car."
    Adds Stitcher co-founder Noah Shanok: "This is huge for us."

  • January 7, 2010
    Ford and Stitcher Partnership to Advance Mobile Talk-Radio Experience

    Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Ford announced its partnership with Stitcher, making the on-demand talk-radio service a core addition to the Ford SYNC, a hands-free information and entertainment system for drivers. Stitcher will support a SYNC-specific Bluetooth protocol that will let drivers control the application on a mobile device from a SYNC dashboard.

  • December 10, 2009
    Gizmodo Names Stitcher 'Essential iPhone App'

    Gizmodo adds Stitcher to the free-apps edition of its Essential iPhone Apps directory, a famously brief, poignant and helpful list of the best ways to optimize your phone.

    Quote: "Stitcher collects and stitches together spoken word radio content from a healthy range of news and opinion sources, creating an effectively unlimited stream of stuff to listen to. Think of it as your local public radio station, times 400."

  • December 4, 2009
    PC Mag Ranks Stitcher Among the Top 10 Apps of 2009

    PC Mag's Sascha Segan lists Stitcher as one of his favorite apps of the year, giving the Smart Radio application places both on his Top BlackBerry Apps list and on his Top Palm webOS Apps list.

    Quote: Pandora is great for music, but it doesn't do podcasts. Enter Stitcher, a podcast client with a twist; it collects groups of similar podcasts together and plays them in sequence as virtual radio stations, so you never run out of content. You can "stitch" together your own channels made up of your favorite podcasts, too.

  • December 3, 2009
    MacWorld: Stitcher iPhone app offers live streaming radio programs

    MacWorld's Ramu Nagappan reviews Stitcher 3.0, the latest version of the popular iPhone app, which now allows users to toggle between live programming and on-demand content.

    Quote: "Like the popular music radio app, Pandora, you don’t need to sync to a desktop; content is streamed via the cellular network or WiFi. Programs in your Favorites list are updated when new episodes become available. Stitcher calls itself “Smart Radio” and has a recommendation algorithm that analyzes the programs you like in order to suggest new ones."

  • December 2, 2009
    Stitcher Introduces Live Streaming to its Popular iPhone App

    Stitcher, the leader in on-demand news and talk radio for mobile phones, now offers iPhone users live streaming. Thanks to the release of Stitcher 3.0 for the iPhone, listeners can toggle between their favorite on-demand shows and popular talk-radio programming streamed live.

  • December 2, 2009
    Android Authority App Review: Stitcher Radio

    Android Authority's Susan Ellery gives Stitcher's new Android application a rave review, citing Stitcher's recommendation engine and simple alphabetical listing of podcasts among her favorite features.

    Quote: "We are happy to report that Stitcher does an excellent job at streaming podcasts over a cellular and/or Wi-Fi connection. It detects your connection speed prior to launch and will only run when your connection is fast enough to support streaming."

  • December 1, 2009
    Today's Guest on 'The App Show,' Stitcher CTO Peter de Vroede, Reveals Exciting Plans for Stitcher's Future

    Stitcher Co-Founder and CTO Peter de Vroede chats with Steve Bostedor and Dave Buchanan, hosts of the popular "App Show" podcast. The three delve into everything from Stitcher's origins to how the app functions, and De Vroede explains the projects on Stitcher's horizon.

  • November 30, 2009
    Stitcher Now on Android

    Stitcher, the leader in on-demand news and talk radio for mobile phones, is now available on Android’s most popular devices. Instantly download the free app from the Android Market or at onto the newly released Droid, the HTC myTouch 3G, the G1, the MILESTONE and any device running at least version 1.6 of the Android operating system.

  • November 6, 2009
    Stitcher Now Available on Verizon’s Most Popular BlackBerrys

    Stitcher, the leader in on-demand news and talk radio for mobile phones, is now available on Verizon’s best-selling BlackBerrys, including the Tour 9630, Storm 9530, Curve 8330 and 8830. Verizon customers can download the free Stitcher app at This version of Stitcher is also available in BlackBerry’s App World.

  • November 2, 2009
    BBC World Service Inks a Deal with Stitcher

    Media Daily News highlights Stitcher's recent partnership with the BBC in this piece about content producers' introduction to mobile phone apps.

    Quote: "Big content producers are going mobile with smartphone apps, and BBC World Service is the latest to join the club through a deal with Stitcher, a company that has created a free "Smart Radio" app for mobile devices."

  • October 21, 2009
    Stitcher Named a Top Palm Pre App by 'Attack of the Show'

    G4 TV's "Attack of the Show" highlights Stitcher as one of the best apps for the Palm Pre in this exclusive video clip from the network.

  • October 20, 2009
    Stitcher Becomes Exclusive Home to 'Fernando and Greg Show'

    After a month of being off the San Francisco airwaves, the immensely popular "Fernando and Greg Show" has found a new home: Stitcher Radio.

    Quote: “Fernando and I are very excited about having a new outlet for our voices,” said Co-Host Greg the Gay Sports Caster. “We've missed being on the air and interacting with listeners. Stitcher provides a new and exciting venue for our voices!”

  • October 19, 2009
    Fernando and Greg Return to Radio on Stitcher

    Stitcher is thrilled to announce the return of Bay Area institutes Fernando and Greg. Through an innovative partnership, new episodes of “The Fernando and Greg Show” will be available on-demand on Stitcher after 3pm PST three to five times per week.

  • October 9, 2009
    Palm Pre Review: Stitcher is a 'Must Have' Podcast Listening App

    Senior Treonaut RichC gives Stitcher's new Palm Pre app a rave review.

    Quote: "The interface is smooth and seems to run great ... even battery use while listening seems good (suspect it downloads the audio quickly and disconnect the power use of the radio connection and just plays audio). I've found it is a perfect way to catch up on the latest audio newsbrief, favorite podcast or just find something different to listen to."

  • October 5, 2009
    Stitcher Brings Talk Radio to Palm® webOS™

    Stitcher announces one of the first talk-radio apps for the Palm® Pre™. To download Stitcher’s app, visit the Palm App Catalog on your Palm Pre phone and search for “stitcher.”

  • October 2, 2009
    VOA Audiences Can Now Get News Through Stitcher

    Voice of America (VOA) is partnering with Stitcher to introduce another way for English, Mandarin and Spanish audiences around the world to listen to news on smart phones and the Internet.

  • October 1, 2009
    Stitcher Introduces Location-based Content to its iPhone App

    Stitcher 2.3 was released today for the iPhone, bringing several highly anticipated features to the App Store’s most popular audio news app. Highlights of the new version include Premium Shows, alarm-clock capabilities, and location-based content.

  • September 11, 2009
    AppShouter Names Stitcher a Top App selects Stitcher as "app of the day" after the Web site's reviewers took it for a test drive.

    Quote: "I think this app is great for anyone who wants a comprehensive news source that they can rely on and is tailored to fit their needs. Users will be impressed with the sleek and simple interface as well as the ability to choose from over ten different popular news sources."

  • August 27, 2009
    How Smart is Your Phone and Your Favorite Podcast?

    Albert Maruggi, host of Marketing Edge Podcast, interviews Colin Billings, Stitcher's director of User Acquisition & User Experience, and the pair examine the future of podcasting.

    Quote: "Enter Stitcher Radio -- a smartphone application that eliminates the task of downloading and moving podcasts to your mobile device. It is essentially just as easy as listening to the radio. You download the app to your phone, pick a category of shows, then select the shows you want to listen and they play on your phone. There is also a Stitcher Radio Web site to listen from your computer." -- Maruggi

  • August 20, 2009
    From Apple to Microsoft, Keep Current on Tech Talk with Stitcher Radio

    Lesley Blicker, the Director of IMS Learning and Next Generation Technology at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, names Stitcher among her favorite iPhone apps.

    Quote: "I find I no longer have time or patience to download podcasts to my portable device. I want them streamed, on demand. And with Stitcher, that’s exactly what you can get."

  • August 11, 2009
    Stitcher Ad-Supported Streaming-Audio App Expands Smartphone Availability

    Mobile Marketer's Dan Butcher delves into Stitcher's advertising strategy in this exclusive piece chronicling the company's recent growth.

    Quote: “Traditionally stations have put out content over the airwaves and have no idea who’s listening to it, but by knowing what you’re listening to on Stitcher, we improve the user experience and can sell higher-value ads to our advertisers,” Mr. Billings said. “Users actually hear fewer ads as a percentage of their listening experience, because they’re more targeted to each user’s interests."

  • July 28, 2009
    Stitcher Now Available for BlackBerry 8800 and 8820

    Stitcher, an award-winning provider of news and talk radio for smartphone users, is now available for the BlackBerry 8800 and 8820, two models for which the app has been in great demand recently. 8800 and 8820 users can download the Stitcher app at This version of Stitcher will soon be available in BlackBerry App World™.

  • July 21, 2009
    Smart Phone Users Gain Greater Access to Premium Audio Content through Stitcher

    Stitcher today announced partnerships with several leading publishing and media companies, including CNBC, BBC World Service, National Geographic, Public Radio International, Revision3, and

  • July 17, 2009
    Staying 'in the Know' for 2009

    Tech Pundit writers name Stitcher as an innovative way to stay on top of the news in 2009.

    Quote: "The beauty about Stitcher is once you choose your programs, they are updated immediately when a new episode becomes available. No plugging in your device or syncing. Some episodes are updated hourly. It is like having talking information right in your pocket."

  • July 15, 2009
    Stitcher Receives "Best of '09" Award from San Francisco Magazine

    San Francisco magazine honors Stitcher in the pages of its special "Best of '09" edition.

    Quote: "(Stitcher) is the best way to make every minute between the treadmill and the traffic jam count."

  • July 13, 2009
    New Stitcher Podcast Gives Twitter Users Greater Insight into Daily Trending Topics

    Stitcher’s new “Trending Now Daily Wrap” podcast keeps listeners informed about Twitter’s hottest topics – and why people are tweeting about them

  • June 23, 2009
    Stitcher Now Available for BlackBerry Curve 8900

    Stitcher announces the release of its streaming-audio application for the Curve 8900.

  • June 15, 2009
    June: The Month in BlackBerry Apps

    Gizmodo's technology writers feature Stitcher in their roundup of BlackBerry Apps shortly after Stitcher becomes available for the Storm.

  • June 11, 2009
    Stitcher Now Available for BlackBerry Storm

    Stitcher announces the release of its streaming-audio application for the BlackBerry Storm. Stitcher BlackBerry version 1.1 is available today at, and the app will be launched in the BlackBerry App World™ for the Storm within the week.

  • June 1, 2009
    SURF THIS: Stitcher is More Than Just Pandora for News Junkies

    Tech journalist Jim Cota explains why Stitcher is one of a handful of apps he uses daily, describing the product as "DVR for radio."

    Quote: "I have it on my iPhone, and it’s one of a handful of applications I use nearly every day. At its core, it’s simply an access point for pre-recorded radio programs. But in use, it’s so much more. The Stitcher staff has compiled a few “station pre-sets” to help you easily make the most of the service. "

  • May 20, 2009
    Stitcher 2.0, Now with 100 Percent More TUAW

    TUAW, the unofficial Apple Weblog, publishes a glowing review of Stitcher 2.0, highlighting some of the app's diverse content and personalization capabilities.

  • May 19, 2009
    iPhone Developer Spotlight: Peter DeVroede of Stitcher

    AppCraver's Barbara Holbrook interviews Stitcher's CTO on his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • May 16, 2009
    Stitcher Launched in App World reviews Stitcher's recently released BlackBerry app, and users sound off on their first impressions of the product.

  • May 14, 2009
    Stitcher Introduces App for BlackBerry Smartphones

    Stitcher today announced the release of its streaming-audio application into BlackBerry’s App World. The new app is available free of charge for AT&T and T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve series smartphones from Research in Motion (RIM).

  • May 6, 2009
    Stitcher Wins People's Voice Webby in Mobile News Category

    The 13th Annual Webby Awards today announced Stitcher as the winner of the 2009 People’s Voice Award in the mobile news category.

  • April 17, 2009
    Stitcher Nominated in Best Mobile News Category for the 13th Annual Webby Awards

    Stitcher announces nomination in the Best Mobile News category for the 13th Annual Webby Awards, alongside industry leaders: The New York Times, NPR, BBC and The Associated Press.” The Webby Award is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

  • April 7, 2009
    Press Release: Stitcher Partners with Leading Content Companies

    Stitcher, Inc. Announces Partnerships with Leading Publishers and Content Providers: Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Fox News Radio, Air America Media, POLITICO,, TechCrunch, Quick & Dirty Tips and AOL Weblogs including Engadget, Switched, The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Joystiq.

  • March 30, 2009
    Sirius Threats to Sirius Radio (BusinessWeek)

    BusinessWeek journalist Olga Kharif delves into the evolution of radio, a continual progression aided by Stitcher's ability to thread together personalized audio content.

    Quote: "Web outfits like Pandora, Foneshow, Stitcher, and Slacker broadcast portable and mobile content that makes Sirius look overpriced and stodgy."

  • August 11, 2008
    First Look: Stitcher's iPhone app beta (CNET)

    CNET celebrates the beta version of Stitcher’s iPhone app as CNET blogger Harrison Hoffman gives the product his thumbs-up.

    Quote: "Stitcher provides a slick solution to those looking for customized audio programming. … (It is) to news and information what Pandora is to music. The service provides you with a variety of audio programming, broken down by topics, such as sports, technology, and world news. Sources for the app include CNN, CNET, ESPN, AP, WSJ, Reuters, and a variety of local sources. As you rate the various audio streams and podcasts, Stitcher learns what you might like and serves up content."

  • July 11, 2008
    IPhone’s Killer App (Reuters)

    Software, not the iPhone itself, puts the gadget into a class of its own, according to this Reuters article praising the innovative way in which Stitcher uses GPS to deliver local news, weather, and sports.

    Quote: "San Francisco start-up Stitcher introduced software in February that detects what streaming audio news iPhone users like and lets them "stitch" audio programs into personalized radio stations."

  • May 14, 2008
    Stitcher Streams Customized Audio Feeds to Your iPhone (TechCrunch)

    TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid examines Sticher's beta iPhone app, reveling in its ability to easily stream customizable and continuous news, talk, and sports to your phone.

    Quote: "The prospect of having my favorite blogs and podcasts streamed to my iPhone without ever having to sync up with a computer is very appealing."