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I only thought I was an entrepreneur before. Before I even really knew what entrepreneur meant. Today we hear a lot of people use the terms “self-employed” and “entrepreneur.” It seems like it’s the new fad. It’s the next cool thing. The only problem is no one really knows who to follow. The Internet is full of these gurus who haven’t built anything. Everywhere you look on Instagram you see people flashing suits and “stacks” and cars, standing in front of enormous houses... The only problem is none of it belongs to them. They’re selling an image. A dream. What they’re not showing is the struggle. What they’re not showing is the failure. What they’re not showing is the stress and the pressure all the sleepless nights the fights with your loved one the doubt. The empty tanks of gas the overdue bills and the empty bank accounts... So who do we follow? Where do we turn? How do we know what’s real? The only thing that I know for sure is “I’m not there yet.” The only thing I promise is I’m going to show you what I’ve learned to this point the successes and the failures, the good, the bad, the ugly... in hopes I can shorten the learning cycle for you even if just a little bit. Everything me an my team are building right now is to serve others. From our business consulting to our employee benefits and our marketing it’s all centered around serving and service to others. Set is no different. The purpose and mission of mindset is to help others control the one most crucial thing that we can control.... our set To everyone who decides to follow along this journey everyone has followed to this point thank you we appreciate you and there’s much more to come and will all get there together.Read more »

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