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We know what you're thinking. "Why is this show called '& Rob's Your Uncle'? That's not the phrase." Well, it should be. What has Bob ever done done for you?? Bob is never there when you need him! Welcome to the anti-Bob-cast! Prime Targets: Barker, Saget, Dylan, Newhart, Orton Jr., Ross. Okay, well that's not true... I know a Bob and he's a great guy. That's also not what this show is about.Look — Do you ever have a problem? Look at you, of course, you do. You’re looking through the comedy section of a podcast app. There are SO many highly regarded shows in the Business, Politics, and Education categories and yet, you’re here. Well, Uncle Rob is here to help. That's right, your answer all along was two people you've never heard of. One of whom is an uncle of 10 and has more ideas and solutions in his head than his friends were willing to deal with anymore. So it's your problem now. Deal!Read more »

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