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What does it mean to be an engineer? A creator of things? What makes engineers tick? Why should we care in the first place? Engineers matter because we physically create the future. We’re up late at night, writing the code for the next generation. We’re wiring the appliances that go into your pocket, your car, your home, and even your body. We’re hacking together the tools to eliminate global malnutrition. Water filters, cookstoves, and power grids on a budget; if there’s a need, you can bet that somewhere, there’s an engineer working on it. We’re sumo-tackling climate change, and wrenching together products to ensure that there’s a future in the first place. But when I check the news, I don’t get to hear about these people, these incredible people who work to erect the buildings I work in, sketch the car I drive, or model the energy I tap into every day. I hear about conspiracy theories, about the latest sports controversy, and especially about a certain president's latest gaffe. Not here. On this podcast, you’re going to hear from scientists and engineers about the world we’re building for you. You’re going to hear about the incredible work done by real heroes. We’re the Margaret Hamiltons of the world, creating the Neil Armstrongs of tomorrow.Read more »

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