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Show Info: I'm Kuda Mtema. Born and raised in Sweden with a Zimbabwean heritage. I have 3 kids and a woman I love. I've been drawn to new challenges my entire life and I see adversity as the ultimate teacher alongside death. This is my 3rd podcast project. The 2 prior ones where gaming related (WoW and CoC). And I used them as a learning curve to finally end up with a podcast as myself rather than my gaming persona, Grayz. It's my 2nd free form podcast where I'll walk and talk or do other random things while recording various topics. First and foremost the podcast is a way for me to keep track of my processes and to make them public. Documenting my journey. Inspired by Garyvee. My ultimate goal is to change the world one person at a time. It's been a feeling I've had since I was a youngin and I'd say that September 2017 is when I began acting on that goal. How I'll do it is by doing a lot of different things simultaeneously that might seem completely unrelated to the outside world, but that I connect and use to build bigger and bigger stepping stones as I evolve. I don't believe in learning in order to finally become someone else. I believe in being more of oneself. My mindset is a mix of Daoism and Hardrock in whatever I do. Now. Witness me, Blood bag!

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