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The relationship of work to the rest of our lives has changed. There was no event to mark it, no single reason that caused it, and no single response to the changes of the last five-to-ten years. But work and the rest of our lives have changed, nonetheless. Many of us lost jobs, many have found new jobs, and many still are looking. And more significantly, many of us have changed the role that we gave our jobs and our careers in our lives. That’s true for people who urgently need a paycheck, and it’s true for those who are financially independent. What we have in common is a growing recognition that meaningful work is something all of us want and need. Someone who has to work to put food on the table and a roof over his or her family’s head needs the satisfaction of doing a job well just as much as a retired executive does. And retirees are un-retiring at a rapid rate, whether they want to do something that they’re passionate about, or because they need the paycheck. The work that we do towards the end of our careers – the last job, or one near it – is as important as the first job we got when we entered the work force. “Closing the Loop” presents the stories of people – in their own words – who are adapting to a changing world and changing work .Read more »

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