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What is success? And what does it really mean to be successful today? The traditional concept of "set goals, execute, achieve" success falls short in the context of a digital, distracted, hyper-connected, social, global, information overloaded world we are living in today. We need a "new success" that is more relevant and realistic. Success in the digital age is more complex, and much more holistic. It's about feeling valued and making a difference, being purposeful, creating more "time freedom", being healthy and feeling energetic, cultivating real human connection and relationships, creating meaningful experiences, and ultimately finding fulfillment. I haven't cornered the market on what it means to be successful. I just want to share what I've learned over my 20 years in business. My idea of success has completely evolved. I'm a strategist and a realist. My goal with this podcast show is to help you save time, money, energy, and pain. I've learned a ton of lessons on my journey that have cost me all of these things. On the Smart Sane Success Show™, I share my "in the trenches" insights, tips, and strategies for building a better business and becoming a better person along the way. My tips are practical, realistic, and consistent with what small business owners and entrepreneurs are facing today on their quest for achieving more meaningful success. When you subscribe to the show, you'll discover my best advice on digitizing your business and marketing, attracting your ideal clients, growing your influence, improving your mindset, becoming a better leader, overcoming today's toughest challenges, getting healthy, defeating distraction, increasing your emotional and social intelligence, and so much more!Read more »

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