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We (Will and Christian) started this show to help YOU find the freedom in YOUR life that you really want. In our podcast, in our coaching, in our live events and corporate training, we help people break free from mediocrity and find true freedom in life. You can listen to the show here —> We believe that ONLY achieving freedom in one area of your life is not enough. For example, if you have a great relationship with your life partner, but you are so BROKE that you’re constantly fighting or worried about money, that is NOT living a life of true freedom. On the other hand, if you earn $1 million a year, but your emotions or personal relationships are in ruins, you probably aren’t that happy either. Or if you have a ton of friends, but you are driving your health into the ground through bad habits or lack of attention, life can suck. It is hard to feel free when your body feels bad. We want YOU to be free. Truly free. To taste freedom in all areas of your life. We think that means mastering these five FREEDOMS. Emotional Freedom Social Freedom Physical Freedom Spiritual Freedom Financial Freedom Emotional freedom is mastering your internal world: taking command of your thoughts and emotions. Social freedom is having awesome relationships with the people that matter most in your life. Physical freedom is to be at peace with your body and the world around you. It means mastering your body and its environment. Spiritual freedom is following your conscience and finding peace. Financial freedom is having control of your money and the freedom to live the way you want to live. Our show airs three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can listen to the show here —> more »

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