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Everyone who’s played in the NFL this side of Elvis Grbac is now co-hosting a NFL Weekend preview show along with a random “professional announcer” type. I don’t personally know Elvis Grbac, and anyway, this is not that show. BLITZ & GIGGLES is an NFL preview program, but it’s not about X’s and O’s or random predictions; it has no sound bytes of coaches pretending to be impressed by this coming Sunday’s competition. The concept is to count down the weekend’s games, ranked from worst to best, giving each two-to-three minutes of attention. Within the game previews will be snarky John Oliver/Jon Stewart type-commentary… but about the players and teams, rather than global warming or Trump. There will also be some fascinating team- and player-specific factoids you can spit back out during cornhole to immediately become the smartest guy at your tailgate. It’s the show Jimmy Kimmel would host if he wasn’t already busy and rich. I am Josh Lewin, longtime San Diego Chargers play-by-play announcer, and this is my exciting new project. Hope you’ll make it part of your weekend!Read more »

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