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Whole Healthy Living will provide you with expert information, resources and products for clean living. The premise of all disease is inflammation. Inflammation is a result of toxicity, which comes from four physical sources: 1. Heavy Metals, such as dental materials, herbicides and pesticides, immunizations, baking powder, deodorant, hair dyes and many more. 2. Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, prions, fungus and mold. 3. Xenotoxins and endocrine disruptors like plastics, hair dyes, nail polish, dairy products and more. 4. Environmental toxins, such as electromagnetic fields, microwaves, radiation, radon and many more. Although these are 4 physical sources of toxins, our thoughts, emotions and excess stress can be toxic as well. Food, air, water and sunshine are essential for human life and it’s important our sources are clean.Read more »

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