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This show is about practical, useful, functional information on how to reduce pain and inflammation throughout your body, while becoming more active. Learn how to exercise, eat right, and navigate your way through life so as to reduce your pain and discomfort, and live more comfortably. You’ll learn how to exercise and eat right, sustainably. If your exercise causes pain, then you won’t be able to stick with it for the long term.brbr Learn how to eat healthy in a way that you can stick with, long term. We discuss how to exercise (and why you should exercise) if you are in pain. You’ll learn how what you eat affects your pain. You’ll learn why you should exercise gently and easily, why high intensity exercise isn’t the best for you, especially if you are in pain, and why low impact, low intensity exercise is generally the best for you long term, especially if you are in pain, or out of shape.brbr Exercise smarter, not harder.brbr Eat intelligently, don’t follow fads.Read more »

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