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This is a podcast experiment wherein your host Katie and a group of her friends (hereby known as “The Awesome Counsel for Awesome Talks Project”) attempt to capture the magic of those really awesome talks we all have with our friends. In an effort to keep these conversations as much like those unscripted, natural conversations we have set few ground rules. 1. The only editing ever done to this podcast will be for sound quality purposes (like removing background noise and leveling out everyone’s volume). The discussions themselves will be posted as they happened. 2. This is only a monthly podcast because if it becomes an obligation and time suck then the people involved would feel less like they were having awesome talks and more like they have a job they don’t get paid to do (which is not awesome). 3. As it stands now, there is no way for listeners to contact the host or show. We may change this later depending on how the experiment unfolds, but we do not want anyone to feel as if they have to sensor their contribution to the conversation in any way. 4. Although they will surely come up in conversation or as topics at some point, this is not a show about debating religion or politics (because that shit sucks). 5. Each episode will start out with a topic. That is it. No script. Just three people (sometimes more), coming together once a month for a good talk on a chosen subject. Only time will tell where the subject takes us or when the conversation will end (although we will do our best to keep shows between 45 minutes and an hour in length).Read more »

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