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Presented by Today’s Fastbreak and hosted by writers Jeff Berest & Trenton Jocz, ‘Trust the Podcast’ is a weekly basketball podcast following and reporting on all things NBA. We all know the Internet today needs more sports podcasts, so we had to give the people what they want, right? Jeff & Trenton delve into everything around the league, from player and coaching rumors, to team analysis’, to full breakdowns of LeBron James’ subtweets to his teammates. Plus of course there are plenty of scolding hot takes to go around for everyone. Jeff is a loyal Sixers fan, truster of “the process” (RIP), and cult follower of the church of Sam Hinkie (if you couldn’t already tell from the pun laden title of the podcast). Trenton is a Washington state native whose NBA allegiance lies with the Chicago Bulls and not with Pau Gasol. Although they live in different time zones and support separate Eastern Conference foes they still manage to get along and talk hoops on a weekly basis. Along with their glamorous amateur podcasting careers, Jeff & Trenton both are staff writers at Today’s Fastbreak and post their opinions on the NBA in column form from time to time. Trenton regularly writes news & features at TFB as well as reporting on the Tennis circuit at the FanRag Sports home site. While Jeff once penned a faux love letter to JaKarr Sampson. Their writing styles slightly differ, to say the least. ‘Trust the Podcast’ gives any typical NBA fan and in-depth, entertaining, and opinionated perspective of all the weekly developments inside the association. Jeff & Trenton are NBA fans first and foremost, and they deliver a relatable point of view to listeners of all ages. There’s the occasional pop-culture and Game of Thrones digression, but we try to be a well-rounded production. Whether it’s the regular season, playoffs, draft, off-season, free agency, combine, pre-season, uniform/logo change, Sacramento Kings firing their coach, Jahlil Okafor TMZ video, J.R. Smith DM mishap, Blake Griffin punching athletic trainers or D’Angelo Russell secretly recording his teammates; Jeff, Trenton, and ‘Trust the Podcast’ are here to break it down. To keep the show fresh, the podcast also frequents guest spots by many other NBA writers at Today’s Fastbreak, as well as some from other major NBA content providers. For our present and future listeners, here’s our ultimate sports cliché ‘Trust the Podcast’ Mission Statement: “We here.Read more »

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