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These days, your calendar is supercharged and you find yourself having to pencil in when you need to breathe! As we’re always moving and grooving between our offices, home, studio and out, we could all take some moments to spend time and hear from our faves in pop culture on what they’re up to and how they keep it together as well.Thanks for joining us for Bungalow SK. Make sure to follow, rate and review us on Apple Podcast. You can also follow and listen on additional podcast platforms including – Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Himalaya, Soundcloud and Stitcher Premium. Bungalow SK is a member of the multimedia podcast network, Athleisure Studio, part of Athleisure Media and Athleisure Mag. You can see our show notes at AthleisureStudio.com/Bungalow-SK and follow us on Instagram at @Bungalow.SK to find out who we’re talking with as well as what our guests are up to. Bungalow SK is executive produced by myself and Paul Farkas with sound editing by the Athleisure Studio team. Our music is courtesy of Icons8, with FOREVERT performing Renaissance. I’m your host Kimmie Smith and I’ll see you next week at Bungalow SK.Read more »

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