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NOW WEEKLY STARTING FEBRUARY 2ND AT 1PM PACIFIC / 4PM EASTERN Tune in each Friday to Synergenetic Livingtrade Radio and hear Rick amp Grace Paris discuss the Synergenetic way of life. What it means to truly change your life and perspective. What it means to take control of your life and manifest your true desires.From a young age, Rick Paris was seen as a healer, which began as a child in kindergarten, working with school supervision to assist children with depression and separation/divorce anxiety. His gift as a healer was discouraged by his motherrsquos and familyrsquos religious views. Yet, he never lost his interest in the magic of healing. Rick always questioned the concepts and ideals that most children inherit from their parents as truth. He recognized the inhibitions inherent in Catholicism and left the Catholic Church at age 9. His perspective was one that didnrsquot fade and eventually led him on a journey of shamanic studies that changed his life. Rick is a sort-of mechanical savant, with an early ability to diagnose and repair most household items. At 8 years old he received his first motorcycle by a neighbor challenging his mechanical skills, ldquoIf you can fix it, you can have it.rdquo Two days later it was running. Rick has been hooked on motorcycles ever since. In high school, he invented and built the first variable outlet AC adapters so he could run all his toys off the AC outlets in his bedroom, rather than having to buy batteries. Rick was a Deanrsquos list recipient and the only one on the list who refused to attend college. For fun, he took the military entrance exam with a friend, and ended up scoring higher on the test than anyone from his city. He had also scored in the top 1 of people on an IQ test in the arena of Spatial Mathematics pattern recognition. He was offered, ldquoanything you want to do.rdquo So he became a Structural Jet Mechanic A-6 Intruder and a Nuclear Weapons Loader on the USS Nimitz. He received The Honor Man award out of boot camp for his company the highest award achievable, as well as placed number 2 out of approximately 600 recruits. On the flight deck of the USS Nimitz, ranked as an E-4, he was unofficially assigned an E-7 Billet a job which required a minimum of 8 years in service, held that for 2 years and was nominated the Navy Achievement Medal the highest award given in peacetime. That was awarded for his outstanding attention to detail, commitment to service, and his part in receiving the McClusky aw.Read more »

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