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Show Info: MONDAYS 2:30 PM PT Vibrant, Powerful Moms with Debbie Pokornik - Helping Everyday Women Create Extraordinary Lives Often it is the simple, little things you do every day that will have the greatest influence on your overall life experience. Your host, Debbie Pokornik, will share thoughts, tips and stories from her own life to help you become aware of things you might be doing to hold yourself back as well as to inspire and guide you to create a life you love. Debbie's shows will cover topics such as self-awareness, relationship building, healthy living, parenting, emotional intelligence, and spirituality. Debbie will also welcome guests who she believes will share helpful information for living a vibrant and powerful life. So, whether yoursquore a mom who feels stuck on autopilot a proactive learner whorsquos already well-versed in living an awakened life or a commuter whorsquos looking for something upbeat and informative to listen to during your travels, this show is created for you. About DebbieDebbie Pokornik is a semi-retired mother, green tea enthu siast, award-winning author, social worker and enlightenment guide. She is the Chief Empowerment Officer for her company, Empowering NRG which helps women reconnect with their personal power at work, at home an d at play. Never one to blindly conform, Debbie often found herself questioning why she had to do things a certain way. When the answers provided didn't resonate with her own sense of understanding she struggled to comply. As a result, she skimmed through high school with just enough credits to graduate, lucked into a job with a financial institution, and was nearly fired after 3 months in their employ. Rather than throw in the towel she realized she needed to ask better questions so that she could 'play nice with others' and figure out how to enjoy the many hours she was destined to spend at work. She did and after five years of shining at the bank discovered she was bored. Despite her record as a mediocre student, she left the security of her full-time position to apply as a mature student to university. With her new perspective on life, Debbie was determined to excel there as well and after 5 more years left school with two degrees, a husband, and a one-year-old son. Unable to find a job as a newly minted social worker she continued building her family. Debbie quickly realized that being the primary caregiver to a toddler and newborn was the toughest job she had ever taken on and that she needed.

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