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On today's The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor! radio show we have as our guest, nationally known Second Amendment Expert and renown Attorney Sean Maloney and we are frankly discussing an issue that is critically important to every gun-toting American and freedom loving Liberty-minded citizen… If you are currently a Concealed Carry Permit Holder, or you are considering carrying a gun, you CANNOT miss this show! If this is YOU, and you know people who are like you, you must listen to this show. We will equip you with the truth about carrying a firearm and we will dispel myths running rampant in America today. We will provide real solutions for WE the People! We the People, we are true Second Amendment Americans! The left is after your guns, we all should know that. The left is after your freedom and liberty... They, like other enemies of freedom and liberty won't back down. It is up to US to back them down. This show will tell you how. We are unapologetically politically incorrect. We are truthful. We won't back down. Are you with me? Want to hear the Truth? Tired of politically correct lies that turn your brain to mush? Are you tired of seeing our country being torn apart from the inside out? We deliver the unapologetic Truth AND Solutions that every Patriotic American can do right where they live. We teach you how to wrestle the greatest country ever known back from the death-grip of anti God and anti Liberty and anti-American liberals and our enemies, foreign and domestic. Decide. Be Resolved! Stand!Read more »

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