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Toe on the Trigger (TotT) is a podcast that tries to find the humor in some of the more tragic points in this world. A perfect cocktail: One part morbid, two parts cynical, but fully flavored with good-intentioned laughter. TotT is an attempt to question societal norms and to make those who feel ostracized by their “deviant” beliefs feel warm and safe in this fucked up world. The host, Daniel Repholz, temead with his sexy duo gather personal experience from odd circumstances they find themselves in, as well as events that have happened throughout the world. No matter what the event, there is comedic value in it. There’s Daniel, the boistrous one, who always has something to say – whether he’s right or wrong. Most of his life revolves around sex and root beer. He’s been accused many times of being an insufferable asshole, and I would like to think he embraces that and wears it proudly like stuffed head in a hunter’s cabin. He goes on wild tangents about politics or points out the pointless sensitivities of societies. He’s kind of a jackass. Mike is a bit more rational, he has his opinions and expresses them; but he’ll actually form an opinion based on fact unlike his neurotic co-hosts. He might be seen as the balance at times. He’s very dark though, deriving most of his comedy and personal experiences from pretty morbid places in his mind. He enjoys candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach, and long jack off sessions with bald, centaur amputee porn. It’s not quite known why the powers that be allowed these two to get together in one time and place; or better yet, why they were allowed to talk into open microphones. Their friendship spans the course of over four years. They have seen eachother through times both happy and sad; comedic and tragic. They have supported each other and had the courage to tell the other they were being fuckin’ idiots. They have gathered together to share with you their opinions and their “feelings” – yeah, feelings, who would’ve thought – about the world around them. ‘Cause let’s face it, no one should keep that shit inside. One day Mike got a brilliant idea “Hey, we should start a podcast!” and the idea has since spiraled out of control. The goal of TotT is to both let out their thoughts on things and to gather an audience of people who are just sick enough to laugh at their weird senses of humor. TotT contains many movie references, song lyrics (mostly from Daniel) and a lot of v.Read more »

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