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Show Info: 347-945-7207 call in for the TJ Morris ET Radio Show with Theresa J Morris.TJ began the ACO Club for trusted friends interestedin media, metaphysics, news, pubishing, science, mysteries history A to Z. TJ does Tarot Readings and universal life. ACO is about US and alien civilizations exist in the cosmos. magazine. ACE Metaphysical Culture, education, spirituality, health, American Communications Online Information on Self-Help. Spiritual Path Journeys, Life & Death, Open Mind Exploration, Super Natural Unexplained Phenomena, Consciousness, Phenomenology, Metaphysicians speak on Integrative Medicine in USA. Metaphysics, Artists, Authors, ET Spirit Guide. Topics on the paranormal, near-death experience, climate change,cosmology, quantum physics, remote viewing, hauntings, contactees,extraterrestrials, psychics, ESP, remote reading, metaphysics, science and religion, conspiracies. Area 51, crop circles, cryptozoology, magic to mysteries, UFOS. Ancientt Origins Culture at, Earth hypothesis, science fiction literature, integrative medicine. Alien Civilizations Exist, Ancient Astronaut Clues & Views, Ascension Center Ascension Age, ERA COP Time Travel, Timeless TV Shows include Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, TV SHOWS. Art, Culture, Education Entertainment, Expanse Alternative ET Realities,Dimensions. Quantum Metaphysics, Mystic Minds Matrix, Authors, Researchers, Friends of Theresa J Morris,,,,, Join and share time on radio archives.

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