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Jesus Christ was the Architect of Christianity 1.0. It was a new religion entirely based on God's Love and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was 100% focused on spirituality, connecting directly with God and rejecting religious legalism. Again, this was the original blueprint that we call Christianity 1.0. But in 313 AD, a Roman emperor named Constantine began to modify Christianity 1.0 and in 325 AD a new version of Christianity was canonized. It stripped out spirituality as the focus, it introduced a fear of God, it used the threat of eternal damnation to control people, it established formal meetings to occur only on certain days and it placed the Clergy above the Laypersons. None of this is Biblical and TruthGrenade refers to this version as Christianity 2.0. It has been the prevailing version of Christianity practiced for almost 1700 years. TruthGrenade is calling for the return to the original version of Christianity that was established by Jesus Christ. Where once again spiritual growth is the primary goal and achieved only through a living, breathing relationship directly with God, the Father that begins with the Agape Baptism. This spiritual Baptism involves His unconditional love being poured IN, ON and AROUND a person's soul in a literal and life-changing experience. It is the true rebirth of a person as Jesus described. TruthGrenade calls this major paradigm change "Christianity 3.0". It is the return to the original version that Jesus Christ Himself established.Read more »

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