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YES! You can lose weight without dieting, without counting calories, and without intermittent fasting! Learn from the best! Miss Skinny Skinny™, host of The Secrets of Skinny Show™, is the undisputed authority in natural weight loss. Having lost over 100 pounds herself in less than 6 months with the use of her all natural fat burners and weight loss techniques, Miss Skinny Skinny™ is ready to take you to the next level of your weight loss journey. Welcome to the wonderful world of WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS! Consider this your personal invitation to toss the scale and your synthetic commercial weight loss pills! Say goodbye to strenuous exercise! Forget your excuses for not losing weight. Now, you can finally have it all — the food you love and your figure. It's time to have the body, confidence, and life style of your dreams. The Secrets of Skinny Show™ is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and life skills to enjoy the food you love without gaining weight. Listen each week to achieve a healthier, incredibly confident, new you while you detox your body, lose weight, empower your mind, and renew your spirit. Each week, host Miss Skinny Skinny™, reveals the fat burning, metabolism igniting super foods, weight loss tips, and techniques that enabled her to lose OVER 100 POUNDS in less than 6 months. The weight loss system Miss Skinny Skinny™ created for herself is now available to you. So consider this the "NO DIET" Diet. Exercise is completely optional. Pull up a chair with your favorite cup of Joe as Miss Skinny Skinny™ transparently shares her personal life and weight loss journey so you can emulate her successes of a healthier life, effortless weight management, and increased confidence. With the help of The Secrets of Skinny Show™, learn how you may avoid the traditional weight gain and yo-yo dieting associated with weight loss failure and diet fads. The Secrets of Skinny Show™ walks you through the entire weight loss process with simple step-by-step instructions. Learn simple and natural methods to detoxify the body; how and when to eat the foods you love; how to use super foods, metabolism igniters, and fat burners for optimal weight loss results; and so much more. The Secrets of Skinny Show™ focuses heavily on weight loss strategy and is here to support you and your transitioning body. The topics of The Secrets of Skinny Show™ include — but are not limited to — *Skinnyisms™ (weight loss secret.Read more »

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