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The “Boldest Man On The ‘Net” LanceScurv has built an underground following in cyberspace with his multiple talents that is nothing short of phenomenal. He accomplished this by using his abilities to tackle the social issues of the day that the mainstream media is deathly afraid to touch, hence, his long period of incubation under the radar of the more traditional mediums of gaining exposure.His multiple roles as a Podcast Talk Show Host, Blogger, Editorial Cartoonist & Social Media Activist have struck the psyche of his fans with a pin point accuracy and assessment of the “social issue pulse” as well as a willingness to constantly remain accessible to those who take the time to sample his work.LanceScurv has become for many the “go to mouthpiece” of the people because this is the area of service where he draws his most inspiration and gains his most satisfaction from through his creative areas of expertise.“Most people feel a great frustration and a powerlessness to express their deepest social concerns in an ever changing world and are overjoyed to meet someone like myself who focuses on the very issues that affect their lives intimately in a very public way.”His online presence began back in 2002 on AOL and later BlackPlanet where he would share his hard hitting sketches with anyone who cared to sample them and soon found himself inundated with hundreds of e-mail messages from across the globe inquiring about the motivation and thoughts behind his work.The amount of time that it took for him to respond to each and every e-mail message sent to him led him to begin to write about what inspired each piece to meet the demand to understand the motivation behind his art with a deeper clarity.The demand for his style of writing soon took off on its own and his following grew because of it as he now writes a daily article on the many sides of the human experience in the same brutally honest raw gritty manner that he prided himself in the presentation of his artwork.For years his close contacts urged him after the popularity of his street videos proved what an engaging high energy comedic personality that he possessed to start an internet radio show as a means of mingling directly with those who enjoy his work worldwide and to add that extra dimension of intimacy that many artists are lacking with their most dedicated following.Amazingly, The LanceScurv Show has been a favorite to countless fans from many diverse backgrounds who look forward hi.Read more »

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