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The Investing Advantage podcast is devoted to helping highly skilled professionals and business owners who are stuck trading time for money. The GOAL of this podcast is to help you start living LIFE on your terms. And the best way to do that is to eliminate any FINANCIAL worries but taking responsibility for your money and how it's invested. I believe if you want to transfer your high income into real NET WORTH and generational WEALTH for you and your family, then investing in the right, VALUE ADD Commercial Real Estate is the key. As you listen to each episode, you'll discover real-world strategies on how to make more intelligent real estate investing decisions. If you don't yet know how to invest in commercial properties, don't think you have the capital to purchase or don't know where to start finding the right properties, then The INVESTING ADVANTAGE podcast is for you. In my 14 years of investing, developing, and working with some of the most successful real estate investors across North America, they all followed a similar framework to creating substantial WEALTH investing in commercial real estate. It didn't matter if they were investing in Multifamily buildings, Retail Properties, Industrial Warehouses or Office Buildings. they all used a system for finding the right properties, financing, and then fixing them. You're going to learn that same Real Estate Investing BLUEPRINT here. Make sure you check out the notes to each episode at were you can find my 8 Non-Negotiables for Investing in any Commercial Property along with other free resources on how to kickstart finding the right income producing properties to create recurring, passive income.Read more »

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