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Are you a bit of the restless type? Ever been asked, “Why can’t you just be satisfied?” Are you tired of playing the character everyone else has written for you? Are you sick of playing small when you know you’re bigger than your situation? Are you ready to seek and grab hold of your potential? Does the idea of average scare the hell out of you? If you’re nodding your head “yes” then we have a lot in common. My name is Adam and I’m the host of The Instigation Nation Podcast… the podcast for Instigators. Whether it was our parents, friends, school teachers, bosses or religious figures, we’ve all had experiences of being labeled, discouraged and manipulated in our pursuits by those who abuse their position of authority in our life rather than use it to help us fly. Instigators refuse to be satisfied with normal. Instigators want lives of fulfillment and freedom from all that hinders our pursuits. Instigators have a deep desire to be of value to others. The Instigation Nation Podcast is here to equip you to do just that. From drugs to divorce to near death, I have hit rock bottom in life and I learned how to bounce back. Now, I’m here with a new show to help you kick ass in your life and live as God created you to live. What if instead of learning how to “get back up” the way motivational gurus teach you to do after you fall down, you could actually be equipped and become an expert at staying up when life hits you and continue driving toward your goals and dreams with passion and excitement and actually grab hold of them? It’s time for you to instigate. Welcome to Instigation Nation.Read more »

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