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Welcome to The Happy Doc and I am Dr. Taylor Brana, your host. This show highlights physicians and health professionals who are inspired, fulfilled, innovative, and much more. By learning about these guests, you are joining me on a journey of understanding what it takes to be a happy doctor. It's time to pick up your earbuds and get ready to learn from guests who will transform your life. To give you some background, in my 3rd year of medical school, I reached a point of complete exhaustion. I felt concerned about my future, I was anxious, and many of the physicians I worked with weren't happy (more often, they were burnt out). Reading all of the articles about physician burnout and reflecting on my clinical experiences, I grew more and more concerned about my own life in the world of medicine. I wanted to understand if it was even possible to be a happy doctor. Fast forward and we have a podcast and website that has highlighted more than 50 physicians, and a team behind this podcast to help produce the show. We have learned so much and it truly has transformed my life and all of those who have been involved in this process. There is so much information beyond clinical medicine that we can learn to enhance the quality of our lives, and we call this "The Hidden Curriculum." We are on a mission to change the individual student, doctor, and the culture of medicine as a whole by providing this valuable education. As a Resident Physician, my life has already transformed by being a part of this process, I know learning from our awesome guests can do the same for you. Thank you for being a part of this journey towards a fulfilled and happy life as a doctor. The host website: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat handles: @happydocpodcast YouTube: E-mail: Please leave us a review on iTunes!Read more »

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