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When you were 20, you dreamt of doing great things. Start a business, make money, travel the world, write books, play in a band, make movies. You swore you would live a life doing things that you were meant to do. Somewhere along the way, life took a different turn. You got yourself a 9-to-5 job. You had bills to pay, got married, started a family, and more bills to pay. The dream is reduced to a sorry 'someday'. On ‘The Freedom Show’ by Radical Tribe, Faheem Moosa talks to proven business founders who broke free of 9-to-5 life and created their own freedom. The goal of this podcast is to bring you real life, action-oriented case studies on how to start a business that is right for you, and practical strategies for waltzing out of your dead end job with minimum damage. Past guests started and run various types of online, offline, product and service businesses - writing, photography, music, sports, events, entertainment, travel, technology, health and many others. The idea is to introduce you to a wide range of businesses to show you what's possible, so you can choose to start your business in a domain that is right for you. You won't hear case studies of billion dollar businesses (who can relate, right?), but of founders that run independent small and micro businesses, started with less capital and few full-time employees…founders that run businesses so they can live the way they always wanted to live. For every single case study, get a 10-minute Summary and Action Guide so you don't forget the ideas, strategies, tips, resources and action items you hear on the show. Everything you need is at more »

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